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Find out about the past of Woodford, Hinton and Farndon and learn more about local places of interest.

The Cherwell on its way to Oxford and the Thames

The Cherwell on its way to Oxford and the Thames

Woodford Halse is a curious place. It has a School Street without a school, a High Street with no shops, a Station Road without a Station and a Parsons Street with four clerics… (The Old Vicarage, the New Vicarage, Vicarage Cottage and The Manse!)

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  1. Charles herald says:

    Map to pocket park. Is not very clear I would love to visit but am unable to find out how to get there

    • johnwillimas says:

      Yes, I agree, the map isn’t great. However, here’s how to get there.

      (1) From the Woodford Halse to Eydon road just before the second/third (depends how you count them…) railway bridge there is a footpath to the right signposted “Woodford Halse Nature Reserve”…….

      Access to the


      (2) From the Woodford to Eydon Road cross the second railway bridge and take the first track right, signposted to Harley Equestrian. At the end of the lane there is access to the Pocket Park including a notice board about wildlife in the park.

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