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Woodford Halse Library is managed by the community with access to Northampton County Council Library Servicers.  The service is run by volunteers and the Parish Council is providing WiFi and computer services.

Opening Times

Current opening times are:

Wednesdays  10am to 2pm

Thursdays 2pm to 6pm

Fridays   2pm to 6pm

Rhymetime:  Tuesdays 2pm to 2.30pm (restarts October 2019)

WiFi & Computer Facilities

Internet access  is available using wifi from your own laptop or phone.

The Parish Council has provided a computer, printer and scanner. These are available for use for web searches, photocopying (scan & print), scan documents to your own USB stick or for using you own email  accounts.  The Microsoft Office applications (Word/Excel etc.) will be available shortly.


Charges for library IT and other services are as follows:

Use of wifi services with your own devices: free of charge

Use of Library Computer for web searches – bus pass renewal etc, free of charge, but printing is chargeable.

Use of Library Computer for web searches etc. Including Microsoft Office 2016 – £1 for 20 minutes, printing extra.

Print & Copy charges per sheet

A4  B/W:      £0.20

A4 Colour:   £0.50

A3 B/W:       £0.30

A3 Colour:   £1.00

Contact Details

web site address:  www.woodfordhalselibrary.org

e-mail:   librarian@woodfordhalselibrary.org