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What’s On In Woodford (WOW) is the newsletter published by your Parish Council. WOW is delivered free, ten times a year, to all Woodford households.

WOW carries news, articles, and a handy local directory of services. If you miss your copy you can always get a digital version of it here.

If you want to make sure your group has its contact details mentioned or your have an event that needs to be included make sure you get the details in before the copy date (see the latest WOW for the next copy date).

Send copy to:

or leave it at Top to Toe or at 12 Farndon Road.

WOW first appeared in 2001. You can learn about the original WOW and its precursors here.

Back numbers are available as PDF’s via the posts listed below.

5 Responses to WoW

  1. Anja Harrison says:

    I have not revived my WOW for 2 month now , can anyone help I live in Phipps road

  2. Maggie Humphrey says:

    Please can you tell me why the WOW has not been delivered to Barnett Crescent this month. My neighbour usually distributes them to the dwellings but non have been received for him to deliver.

    • johnwillimas says:

      I’ll pass on your question to the WOW distribution team.

    • Gary Denby (Editor) says:

      I (Gary Denby) collected 1,700 WOWs from the printers in Banbury at the end of February. Julie Williams sorted them into 50 sets of road deliveries, each with a header sheet indicating street, delivery person and any extra messages of thanks. These were then sorted back into six sacks for the Super-distributors. I collected the sacks from Julie and delivered them by car out to the Super-distributors, spread throughout the village, in your case to Fred. The Super-distributors then distribute over the next couple of days (according to weather and their availability) to the individual doorstep deliverers (one road’s worth each), who then get to post it through your door (hopefully). ALL THESE 50 PEOPLE ARE VOLUNTEERS. Sometimes this takes longer than the 3 days which your post indicates (which is why the EVENTS list goes into the first week of the following month!). We could always do with more help, especially for holidays and sickness cover. Are you available, Maggie? If so, please contact Julie Williams on 262371. Thank you.

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