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  • Ladies Football

    Restarting for 2021-22 Season

    soccer club logoWoodford United ladies football team are looking for players for the 21/22 season.

    You must be 16+.  Any footballing ability is welcome.

    Training starts again on the 1st of July and will be every Thursday 7-8 at Woodford United football club, Byfield Road.

    For further information, contact Woodford United ladies on their Facebook page or email Richelle Hall at

  • Play Area Maintenance

    The Parish Council advises that repairs and updates to the Ryfields play area will begin later today.

    Hopefully they will be completed quickly.

    Play Park on the Ryfields Estate

  • Local Newspaper Deliveries

    While Bobby’s Newsagents remains closed, villagers might like to know of an alternative newspaper delivery service.

    Smiths Newsagents in Banbury offer a delivery service in the village and you can choose as many or as few days per week as you like.

    Find out more from Smiths Newsagents, 5 Beaumont Business Centre, Beaumont Close, Banbury, OX16 1TN.

    Or call Robert on 01295 268499 (email:

    smiths newagents logo

    Business Directory

    We will add Smiths Newsagents to the Business Directory with our next update.

  • Parish Council Accounts 2020-21

    Each year Parish Councils like Woodford cum Membris have to prepare an Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) which is reviewed by an external auditor. Your Council spent over £240,000 in 2020-21 and manages over £3.9 million in community assets (such as the Woodland, the Village Centre and the Memorial Hall). Although each month’s Parish Council expenditure statement (included in the Minutes of Council Meetings) let you see how your local taxes are spent in the village, these accounts summarise the picture and provide details such as loan repayments and the balance of assets held.

    This and previous annual accounts can also be viewed on the Council’s Budget & Accounts page and the Accounts for Previous Years page.

    Annual Governance and Accountability Return

    You can view the annual statement here:-

    20210614 wcmpc a-c 31 march 2021


    Or you can download the 2020-2021 Annual Return here. Once the accounts have been audited, the details will also be posted.

    What The AGAR Includes

    This document makes available:-

    • The notice of Public Rights and publication of unaudited accountability and governance return for the year ended 31st March 2021.
    • A summary of your rights in respect of the accounts of the Parish Council.
    • Section 1, the annual Governance Statement.
    • Section 2, the Accounting Statement for 2020-21
    • The Parish Council’s balance sheet, notes to the accounts and a summary of the principal assets held by the Council, together with a summary of income and expenditure for the year.

    If You Wish To View The Original Documents

    For the year ended 31 March 2021, these documents will be available on reasonable notice by application to Gary Smith, Parish Clerk, The Retreat, High Street, Woodford Halse, NN11 3RQ Email: from Monday 15th June until Friday 23rd July 2021.

  • Church Readings: 13/06/21

    Second Sunday After Trinity

    Here is the pew sheet and readings for this Sunday. Also included is an inivation to join autmun classes in preparation for a confirmation service on November 21st.

    Don’t forget to inform a churchwarden if you wish to attend a service as numbers are still

    The  Fiveways Benefice website, Facebook page and Twitter page have gone live. The Chuch pages will be updated with these details. We hope that you will find these sites interesting and useful.

    Website – opens in a new windowFiveWays Benefice (

    Facebook – opens in a new windowThe Fiveways Benefice

    Twitter –  opens in a new window5WaysChurches (@5_churches)

    Pew Sheet 6th June

    Pew sheet 13.6.2021


    Download the 13th June Pew Sheet to save or print.


    The Church In Lockdown

    Some churches in the benefice are also open for private prayer. See notices outside each church for days and times. Plans for church services open to the public are included in the Pew Sheet.

    The Church of England has a free dial-in worship service to bring prayer to people’s homes while churches are closed because of the corona virus pandemic.

    Daily Hope offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line.

    The national line is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044.

    CofE "Hope" phone: 0800 804 8044


  • Fun Dog Show Is Back

    At Stable Mates: 10th July 2021

    It’s the return of the ‘Woodford Halse Fun DOG SHOW’!excited dog

    Save the date for a fun event with rural market stalls.

    All profits will go to the Nutkin Ward, the local wild animal rescue service.

    More details on classes and timings below…..




    dog show programme

  • Summer Reading Challenge 2021

    Six Books In The Summer Holidays

    Every year Northamptonshire Libraries deliver the Summer Reading Challenge.

    The challenge is for children to read 6 books during the summer holidays.
    2021 Summer Reading Challenge
    It’s important to keep on reading. Children who don’t keep reading during the summer have a lower reading age when they return to school in September than they had before the summer.

    You can find out more about the challenge on the webpage: Northamptonshire Summer Reading Challenge (not yet updated for this year) or on the Summer Reading Challenge facebook page: Summer Reading Challenge on

    The challenge starts on the 10th July and runs until September, when children return to school.

    For Adults Too!

    There is also an adult reading challenge this year, called Fully Booked. This runs for 6 months, from the 10th July.  Full information about this, and the companion podcast, can be found at For The Love Of Books

    Fully Booked Challenge

  • Byfield High Street Closed Tonight is showing that Byfield High Street (A361) will be closed between 8:00pm tonight and 6:00am tomorrow.

    This will be in the area of the petrol station.

    Byfield Roadworks Map


  • Help Build The Sensory Garden

    Volunteers Meeting 9th June, 6:00pm

    Could you or your family help to create the sensory garden planned for Woodford?Kindness Group logo

    • Could you help clear a patch, large or small?
    • Could you sponsor part of the garden?
    • Could you provide plants or cash to help build it?
    • Donations of time, money and skills welcome!

    Find out more by coming along to the outdoor meeting. 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 9th just by the Co-op.

    Sensory Garden Plan

    Plan for Woodford’s Sensory Garden

  • Woodford Halse School Works

    Ed Newton, the Head Teacher at Woodford Halse Primary Academy has just posted the following on Facebook. We are reposting it here for those of you that aren’t Facebook users, especially if you are in High Street or Scrivens Hill….

    Building Work May Cause Some Inconvenience

    woodford halse primary school“We are pleased to announce that our fabulous primary school is having some more work done to help ensure it adds many more years to the existing 154 years of being here in the village. The school is, over the coming three months, having extensive work done on the heating and electrics throughout the school to bring it up to modern standards and be more efficient.

    Over the next three months this does mean we may have a slight increase in deliveries of equipment and skips to the school site. We have briefed the contractors on our expectations and hope this slight increase in traffic will not affect school, our neighbours and village life too much.

    “We have reminded our own school community to park safely around the village, particularly at school drop off and pick up times and hope we can all use common sense to keep each other safe.

    “I hope you are all safe and looking out for one and other and hope we can soon invite visitors back to our site to show off all the fabulous work that is going on.

    “Many thanks for your time and understanding.”

    Mr Ed Newton

    Headteacher, Woodford Halse Primary Academy