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Latest Web Site Report

Every so often I do a report for the Council on how the Village Signpost web site is doing and it might be of wider interest too.

Here is the latest report: Web Site Report to Council January 2016.

Don’t forget to let us know about your event or business – we are always keen to include details of what’s going on locally.

Web Site News

Fourth Web Site Update

This report was provided to Parish Council at the meeting yesterday as part of the regular review of the Woodford Halse Village Signpost.

The Woodford Halse Village Signpost web site has now been running for just over a year 300px-Internetand a half. This report updates the details from the report in July with information from July to December 2014.

This is a summary of the report. opens in a new windowThe full version can be found here.


  • There were over 9600 web site visits in the six months July to December viewing over 21,000 pages.
  • The Signpost web site is still ranked #2 (after our Wikipedia entry) on searches for “Woodford Halse” on Google, Google search is still how most people find us.

  • We have 208 Facebook “Likes” (up from 164 in June) – these people get all our updates on their Facebook feed automatically.

  • 144 news items were put on the site between July and December.

  • We still need to improve interaction with the community with more groups contributing material to the web site.

  • Most users access the site through mobile phones or tablets (53% of users with these compared with 47% using a laptop or desktop computer). The design of the site is a compromise layout intended to work reasonably on both types of device.

  • The three most popular pages were Village News, Parish Council Minutes and WOW.

  • The three most popular news items were Northampton’s sale of the Egyptian statue, Harley Equestrian’s new shop & cafe, and Fawsley Hall Jobs.


Who’s Responsible?

Councillors & Council Services

We’ve added a new page to the web site showing which Parish Councillors are involved in the business groups that look after each area of Parish Council business. You can use this list to find out who is best to help with any particular problem you may have.

Parish Council : Who Does What?

You’ll find this page under the Parish Council menu at the top of the page….


Signpost Problems 09/12/14

Yesterday evening the web site was off-line for some time. This was due to a fault with the computers on which our site is run.

opens in a new windowEnglish: www,domain,internet,web,netThese problems appear to have now been rectified and the site is operating normally.

Our apologies if this caused you any problems.

In future, if we are aware of faults on the site we will post a note on our opens in a new windowFacebook page which is kept on different computers.

And, don’t forget that you can always contact the editor  by sending an email to: woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com if you cannot see the site.


On-Line Library

We are trying a new way of publishing documents on the site. Some of you may have noticed that the latest WOW is available as a downloadable document as usual or as a “flip book” that you can read on-line. Now we’ve added a Flip Book Bookcase where commonly read documents will also be available.

You can get to it from our top menu via Local Directory : On-Line Library or directly here: Bookcase.

Let us know what you think about this new facility. Drop us an email to the editor.

Latest Woodford Walk

We’ve added the latest of Footpath Warden Joe Pitt’s Woodford Walk (from the July /August WOW), to our collected Village Walks.

walk #4This one takes you a round trip from Eydon down to Jack’s Forge and the Cherwell Valley.

Woodford Walk #4

Web Site Report

Six Month Update.

Each six months we do a report on the Village Web site for the Parish Council and we have just produced one for the six months from January to June 2014 for the September meeting of the Parish Council.

signpostsSince it might be of wider interest we are happy to publish it here.

Web Site Report July 2014

If you have any comments on the report or you would like to make any suggestions for the Village Signpost we would be happy to hear from you.

Just email us at:  woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com

Earlier reports are available on the About This Site page.

Community Group Web Sites

Support For Building Your Own

300px-InternetThe Village Signpost web site is built using a free tool called WordPress. This lets any group get a web site on-line easily and quickly.

Northampton ACRE helped us to get started and other community groups might be interested to set up your own sites.

If you would like to learn more there is a workshop on 17th July to explain more.

Details here:-  ACRE Workshop Poster 17-07-14

A Few Web Site Updates

Mainly things from this month’s WOW…

Don’t forget we are only too happy to carry details of your events, club or other organisation here on the web site. Just email us at: woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com.

Signpost Survey Feedback

What We Learned

300px-InternetFirst of all, many thanks to those that completed the web site survey. Although the numbers weren’t great there were some useful responses and some helpful ideas.

We’ve put together the data from the survey and some additional information that we get from the statistics collected by the site and by Google and tried to draw some conclusions.

Here’s the report that was provided for the Parish Council meeting last week:

Web Site Report October 2013

What are we going to do about it?

Some things are relatively easy to do. Ideas such as “Quick Contacts” for essential telephone numbers and a better guide to local planning can easily be done and we will try to put those in place as quickly as we can.

Other things that would be useful such as dedicated pages for local societies could be done if the societies want to put forward someone to maintain the area in question (we can easily make access available to parts of the site to allow this).

Generally we don’t want to reproduce things that people are doing in other ways (e.g. the Old Pictures of Woodford or the Things for Sale Facebook pages) and there are many things that Twitter and Facebook are much better for.

Some of things that people felt were unimportant we will either not put any further effort into or remove if we find it helps to make the rest of the site more useful.

BUT we do want to be a place where people can find the local information they need easily, so we will be looking at implementing as many of the ideas suggested as we can, given the resources available to us.

If you have any additional ideas you can always email me at: woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com

Survey : Thanks!

Thanks to all those that took part in our web site survey.

We’ll be analysing the results from the survey and putting those together with data from the actual use that people make of the site.

Then we can see what that all means for future developments.  Watch out for news in a week or two. We plan to summarise the results and set out some sort of road map for future work, although everything depends on time and skills available.

Of course we’re always open to ideas. You can reach the web site editor at woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com

We’re #1 At On-line Engagement

Village Signpost Wins Northants Award of Excellence!

awards-manAvid readers of our site will know that our new web site was made possible by the initiative of Northants ACRE in running training and organising an on-line forum and discussion sessions to help the development of new community web sites. As part of this, ACRE has been running a competition to find the best Northamptonshire parish web site in various categories and we are among the winners!

Woodford Halse Village Signpost won the “Website with most on-line engagement” category and came third in the “Best Overall Website” (Geddington was the overall winner).

Web site award 001

To find out more about the competition you can visit the opens in a new windowACRE Web Site.

Our prize was an activity session for up to 16 young people at the Frontier Centre. The Parish Council is deciding how to organise this. Since part of the criteria for this award was the number of clicks through from Facebook and other media, everyone who has visited the site has helped us to win and has helped to make it possible for some Woodford young folk to have a great day out. Thanks everyone!


Web Site News

Two quick pieces of web site news….

1. We’ve added some useful links to the opens in a new windowlocal history page  about English Heritage’s list of local historic sites, details of the village census from 1851 to 1951 and Woodford’s listed buildings.

2. Many thanks to all those that have responded to opens in a new windowour survey about the web site. We’ve had some very interesting feedback and some excellent suggestions about things you’d like to see. There’s still time to give your views : we’ll be keeping it open and promoting it in the next issue of WoW so that people who don’t necessarily know the site yet get a chance too. If you’ve got friends that haven’t responded ask them to let us have their views.

Support Group Page

We’ve added a new page to provide links to the range of support groups that help those with health issues and their carers. If you know others that you think we should add, please send the details to: woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com.

ACRE Hosts Village Web Authors

Northants ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) hosted a second evening for village web site authors as part of their programme to promote local web sites in rural areas.

We went along to see what tips we could pick up and hopefully you’ll see the results over the coming weeks and months.

One thing you will see soon is a banner about our cookies policy which we have to include to comply with EU law and the regulations of the UK Information Commissioner (the e-Privacy Directive). More news on this soon.

Community Web Sites – Update

Northamptonshire ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) are the organisation running the Community Web Site program that we are part of. Last night they ran a session to allow those involved to meet up and hear how the project is going. June Irani and John Williams went along to Hunsbury Centre for the meeting.

The hunsburyevening was attended by nearly 40 people from all over the county. We did wonder if there was going to be enough room but everyone managed to get a seat. Elaine O’Leary from ACRE managed the evening and was kept busy meeting, greeting and introducing the various speakers. Steve McCarthy – who developed the Rothersthorpe site – introduced the session with a history of the project and the progress to date. There were presentations on work done by Walgrave, Wilby and Milton Malsor and we got some ideas on things we might do to further develop this site. (Your suggestions very much welcomed too!)

There was also an update on the county-wide web site competition that we have entered.

Photo Comp – Entries Please!

Taken a great photo of life in Woodford?

We’d love to see it and to add it to our web site gallery here. Photos can be of any aspect of Woodford life. All we ask is that they are taken inside the parish boundary around Woodford Halse, Hinton and West Farndon.

There are prizes for two groups; under 16 and 16 and above. The winners will be the pictures considered by the judges to be the best representation of Woodford and life in the village.cartoon_with_camera

Entrants retain the copyright of these pictures but in entering the competition you allow the Parish Council to use your photograph on this web site. Photographs used on the web site will be credited to the entrant. Photographs must be the entrant’s own work and can be colour or black and white, original or “photoshopped”. Pictures must be submitted in a digital format (.JPG or .PNG preferred) and no larger than 5M bytes. Entrants can submit up to three pictures.

To enter, send an email with your photo(s) attached to: info@woodford-halse-villagesignpost.co.uk.  Please put “Life in Woodford Photo Competition” in the subject line, add a title for each of your pictures and let us know if you are under 16.

Closing date for entries will be 5:00p.m. on Wednesday 31st of July, so you can wait for some sunshine (Fingers crossed!). The competition will be judged by members of the Parish Council. Winners will be notified by Friday 30th August. We’ll announce the prizes here soon.

Old Woodford Halse Web Site

Please note that the old Woodford Halse web site is no longer being used for Parish Notices or for the WoW.

This means that only comments on this site and this email adoldsitedress – info@woodford-halse-villagesignpost.co.uk – are monitored by the Parish Council and the WoW editors. Please do not use the WhatsOn@ or WOW@  email addresses after this time as we will not be able to respond to them.

The old Parish Council minutes, agendas and editions of WoW published on-line at www.woodfordhalse.co.uk will not be available after 30th April and at present we do not intend to reload them here. Minutes of Parish Council meetings for and after October 2012 are available here. Minutes of earlier meeting continue to be available at the Library.

Welcome & Thanks

Well here it is! Our new village web site!

It’s not perfect and there’s room for improvement but special thanks to Northampton ACRE for supporting the community web sites scheme and Northampton Library for providing our training, I am not a techy but we have learnt a lot along the way.  Extra special thanks to our helpers John Williams and Lynda Jones who have put a lot of hours into gathering information and putting the site together but we do need your help to fill the gaps so if there is something obvious that we have missed we will be pleased to hear from you.

Thanks must also go to David Curtis for the original village web site and the hours that he had put in to maintaining the site, we know from putting this one together it takes time!

We will be launching a photographic competition during April with more details to follow.

June Irani

Chair of the Council

Woodford Parish Council