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Signpost Survey Feedback

What We Learned

300px-InternetFirst of all, many thanks to those that completed the web site survey. Although the numbers weren’t great there were some useful responses and some helpful ideas.

We’ve put together the data from the survey and some additional information that we get from the statistics collected by the site and by Google and tried to draw some conclusions.

Here’s the report that was provided for the Parish Council meeting last week:

Web Site Report October 2013

What are we going to do about it?

Some things are relatively easy to do. Ideas such as “Quick Contacts” for essential telephone numbers and a better guide to local planning can easily be done and we will try to put those in place as quickly as we can.

Other things that would be useful such as dedicated pages for local societies could be done if the societies want to put forward someone to maintain the area in question (we can easily make access available to parts of the site to allow this).

Generally we don’t want to reproduce things that people are doing in other ways (e.g. the Old Pictures of Woodford or the Things for Sale Facebook pages) and there are many things that Twitter and Facebook are much better for.

Some of things that people felt were unimportant we will either not put any further effort into or remove if we find it helps to make the rest of the site more useful.

BUT we do want to be a place where people can find the local information they need easily, so we will be looking at implementing as many of the ideas suggested as we can, given the resources available to us.

If you have any additional ideas you can always email me at: woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com

Survey : Thanks!

Thanks to all those that took part in our web site survey.

We’ll be analysing the results from the survey and putting those together with data from the actual use that people make of the site.

Then we can see what that all means for future developments.  Watch out for news in a week or two. We plan to summarise the results and set out some sort of road map for future work, although everything depends on time and skills available.

Of course we’re always open to ideas. You can reach the web site editor at woodfordsignposteditor@gmail.com

We Want Your Views!

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The Woodford Halse Village Signpost web site has been running for more than three months now. We want your views on how we should improve it.

Please complete our 7 question survey to help us make it better for village users.

Many thanks.

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