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Crime Prevention Guide

Neighbourhood Watch Guide Available Here

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales) has just published a comprehensive collection of crime prevention and safety advice.  You can download a copy at:  Guide_to_Crime_Prevention_Safety_Advice

opens in a new windowAt present, it is only available in electronic format. The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network is looking into ways of producing it in hard copy (e.g. securing a sponsor), and will update you with further details if hard copies become available.  If NHW groups want to have their own copies professionally printed in the meantime, the the print-ready high resolution file is available – just email enquiries@ourwatch.org.uk.

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network extends thanks to their partners the Police Service, the Association of Chief Police Officers, Crimestoppers, Get Safe Online, the Master Locksmiths Association, Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the Fire & Rescue Service, Secured by Design, Action Fraud and Avocet Hardware Ltd, and to Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch members, who have all provided valuable input into this document.

Keep Secure at Xmas

Festive Security from Neighbourhood & Home Watch

Northamptonshire Community Connect and the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network have some suggestions on security at Christmas time.

opens in a new windowSanta Parking Only

Santa Parking Only (Photo credits: www.myparkingsign.com)

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, you are probably in the process of buying presents and stocking up on supplies for the festive season. However, at this time of year offers rich pickings to criminals.
Here are some useful tips to ensure that you don’t become a victim to an opportunist thief so that you can relax and enjoy the festive season,

Make sure gifts and valuables, wrapped and unwrapped, are out of view and not visible from any windows. This applies in the car as well as in the home.

  • Photograph valuable property and log any serial numbers. Don’t store the information on a laptop, as that might be stolen too – keep it on a memory stick in a safe place.
  • Don’t put gift packaging out for recycling or leave it sticking out of your bin – thieves will notice boxes for branded products like laptops, TVs or accessories that could indicate an expensive piece of kit somewhere in the house. The safest thing to do is to break down any cardboard boxes or fold them inside out so that you cannot see the branding. You can then store them out of sight inside your home until you can dispose of them at a local recycling site.
  • Mark any expensive gifts you receive for Christmas with a UV pen or property marking service. This will make it harder for burglars to sell the items and allow police to return them to you. Call your local policing team on 101 for advice about property marking products. You can register your property with opens in a new windowwww.immobilise.com which is endorsed by a number of police forces.
  • Lock all doors and windows, leave a light on and draw the curtains when you go out at night. Keep your doors and windows locked from the inside even when you are inside your home.
  • Visible burglar alarms, exterior security lighting, timer lighting switches and leaving the radio on help to deter thieves and give the impression that somebody is at home.
  • Bolt and padlock garden gates and make sure you don’t leave ladders out, or other things that burglars could easily use to climb on. Remember to lock your garden shed and store your tools inside; it stops burglars using your tools to break into your house. Consider fitting extra padlocks to gates, sheds and garages. Don’t keep presents in the garage or shed.

If you’re going away, we always recommend asking a trusted neighbour to pop in to your home every now and then to turn the lights on and off, draw the curtains, collect the mail and make the house look occupied. It goes without saying, make sure everything is properly locked up before you leave and the burglar alarm – if you have one – is set. We advise cancelling your newspapers, magazines and milk deliveries. We also recommend that you don’t advertise the fact you are away from your home on Social Networking sites – thieves use Social Media too!

You don’t have to be a member of a Neighbourhood or Home Watch scheme to be a good neighbour, and even if you don’t have much contact with your neighbours, Christmas could be the perfect time to break the ice, have a friendly chat and get to know them a bit better.

Burglars wander around looking for chances. The best opportunity for the police to catch them in the act is for you to spot them before they break in. Wherever you live, remain vigilant and if you see anything suspicious, call 999 immediately. You can also call 101 to contact your police in a non-emergency situation.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has also produced a guide on how to keep safe during the Festive season, which can be viewed and downloaded here:


Local Crime Map

Neighbourhood Watch have made available a local directory of their schemes and a map of crimes reported in our area.

You can get it here: opens in a new windowNeighbourhood Watch for Woodford. Click on the tab “Crimes and Outcomes in this area”)

You can also get details for other areas by entering the appropriate post code.

We’ve also added this link to the opens in a new windowPolicing page.

Police & Crime Commissioner Survey

What Are Your Views on the PCC?

In November 2012, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were elected to help cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service across England and Wales.

PCCs are expected to engage with the public and ensure that community needs are met as effectively as possible, improve local relationships and increase police accountability.

One year on,  Neighbourhood Watch would like to invite you to participate in their survey to assess your experiences so far.

The survey should take no longer than five minutes, responses will remain anonymous and no specialist knowledge will be required.

The closing date for this survey is Friday 8th November 2013.

To take part in the survey, please click here.

The Neighbourhood Watch movement issued a preliminary PCC survey in March 2013 (the results from this survey can be seen here).

Thefts From Cars

A Warning From Northants Police

Warning after thefts from vehicles in Daventry

Drivers in and around Daventry are being reminded to think about the security of their vehicles after 19 thefts from the vehicles took place over two weeks in August. The vehicles, which include cars, vans and caravans, had various items stolen including tools and a sat- nav, between 1 August and 16 August.

A number of the cars had been left insecure, making it easier for thieves to target them.

In some cases, items from on the vehicle were stolen such as hub caps and wiper blades.

Owners are being given the following advice:

  • Always keep your car locked, closing both the windows and sunroof – even if you are only leaving the vehicle for a few moments.
  • Always remove all items from your vehicle when parked; even an old coat can tempt a thief.
  • Ensure when removing your sat-nav that the cradle and suction pad are also removed.
  • Store your car in your garage, and keep both the car and garage locked and secure.
  • If you do not have a garage, park on your driveway, in well-lit areas or where it is overlooked.
  • If you park on the street, tuck in wing mirrors and put the aerial down to avoid criminal damage to your vehicle.

Sector Inspector Helen Pritchett, said: “Although we have seen a small spike in thefts, the figures show that there are still fewer offences than there were for the same time last year, which is positive. However, we want to nip this spike in the bud. If somebody is acting suspiciously around cars, we want to know about it. If anyone has any information that could help, we want them to report it.  We advise people to make sure they protect their vehicles as much as they can.”