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Footpath News

Here’s an update from our footpath warden, Joe Pitt…..

“The footpath (FN5) that leads from the Byfield Road (opposite the top of Kitchen Lane) alongside the football pitch and bowling green has been getting dangerous for some time. Northants County Council Highways Department has recently cut back the vegetation and trimmed the hedge so that the pathway has been imporved. Once the weather improvesHighways will return and do some work to improve the levels on the path. Meanwhile, access up this pathway has been made a lot better.”

You can see local rights of way by entering your post code into this map provided by Northants County Council.

Don’t forget , with Spring and the lighter evenings coming, you can always try one of our local walks. Details here: opens in a new windowWoodford Walks

Footpath News

Here’s an update from our footpath warden, Joe Pitt…..

“A follow up on the problems on the footpath (FN5) which runs from opposite the top of Kitchen Lane alongside the football pitch, past the bowling green and out to the Sara Field. Judith Gardiner sent a comment to the Village Signpost pointing out that it was overgrown and dangerous. Nick Wedgbrow for Northants County Council has confirmed that vegetation will be cut back and the surface mowed in the New Year to address these problems. At a later point the plan is to grade the path with a mini-digger to provide a more level surface on the path.

“The footpath leading down from the Eydon Road to Harley Equestrian and beyond (FN20) is to get a new waymarker post pointing down the drive to Dairy Farm.

“And finally, good news after a long battle! The  Eydon to West Farndon Bridleway (FN24 / AL7) that starts at Butterfly Lane was closed as a result of an unsafe bridge over the Cherwell. This has now reopened by rerouting it over a new crossing. ( opens in a new windowHere are the details of the original closure ).”

You can see local rights of way by entering your post code into this map provided by Northants County Council.

Don’t forget, over the Christmas Break you can always try one of our local walks. The ideal way to shake off all that turkey and Christams pudding. Details here: opens in a new windowWoodford Walks

Bridleway Update

News on the Farndon – Eydon Bridleway Closure

JOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoe Pitt, our Footpath Warden, has provided an update on the progress of re-opening the Farndon – Eydon Bridleway bridge:-

The bridleway has been closed for some time now because the bridge over the River Cherwell by the site of the former Burnt Mill was surveyed and found to be unsafe.

The landowner has now allowed a “ opens in a new windowpermissive path” for walkers and it is now possible once again to walk up to Eydon along Butterfly Lane using a diversion across his land and via a private bridge that he has built.

Discussions are now on-going with the County Council with the possibility of re-routing the bridleway.

This is very good news, so that when the weather improves, I hope walkers will once again take advantage of this excellent walk between Farndon & Eydon.

Our previous posts can be found here: opens in a new windowBridleway Closure News

Latest Woodford Walk

We’ve added the latest of Footpath Warden Joe Pitt’s Woodford Walk (from the July /August WOW), to our collected Village Walks.

walk #4This one takes you a round trip from Eydon down to Jack’s Forge and the Cherwell Valley.

Woodford Walk #4

Latest “Woodford Walk”

Cherry Tree Farm Walk Added

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe walk from this month’s WOW has been added to the Woodford Walks page. Thanks to our Footpath Warden, Joe Pitt, for this new stroll taking in some of Woodford’s railway heritage.

You can find the walk details here.

New Feature: Woodford Walks

Walk Guides & Maps On The Web Site

opens in a new windowbootsIn this month’s WOW there was the first of a series of local walks in the countryside around Woodford. Joe Pitt, our Footpath Warden has provided a short description of the walk and there’s a simple guide map too. For the web site we’ve added links to other information of interest.

We hope to publish more soon so you can get the most out of the wonderful countryside we live in.

The Woodford Walks page can be found here.

Also see our opens in a new windowLocal Footpaths page.

Bridleway Closure News

Update on the FN24 Bridleway Bridge Closure

In next month’s WoW there is an item on the Eydon-Farndon bridleway closure.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the WoW went to press, Joe Pitt, our footpath warden, received more information from Northampton County Council. According to the NCC the bridge cannot be economically repaired and the intention is to demolish it and replace it with a new footpath / bridleway bridge.

Work on the bridge has been delayed due to difficulties being raised by one of the landowners involved over access to the bridge for repair work and uncertainty over who owns the existing bridge. Assuming that these matters can be resolved, the County Council
believe that the work could be completed in July or August 2014.

Their full response is available here:

NCC Footpath Response 03 October 2013

Our original article is here:

opens in a new windowEydon-Farndon Bridleway

Eydon – Farndon Bridleway

Closure of Bridleway FN24 /AL7

The Eydon to Farndon bridleway is currently closed because of fears that the bridge over the Cherwell is unsafe.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur Footpath Warden advises that the County Council has identified the work needed and allocated the budget needed to carry out the necessary repairs. There is no date yet for when this work will be carried out, although the original closure order only runs to the 22nd of October.

The full details of the closure are on the Northamptonshire County Council web site here:-

Temporary Closure Order

Map Showing Restriction

Details of public rights of way, temporary closures of footpaths or bridleways and the County Council’s Improvement Plan can be found on the NCC web site:-

Rights of Way