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Broadband – Are You Superfast?

The first stage of the Superfast Northamptonshire project was completed at the end of December 2015, three months ahead of target.  Over 57,600 additional premises in the county can now access superfast broadband.  Information on these areas can be found on the opens in a new windowRoll Out Schedule – see “Superfast Broadband Now Available”.

Some areas within the parish can now benefit: most of Woodford Halse and Hinton is covered. Parts of West Farndon may be covered. Places outside the village, however, may still not be able to be served, although plans exists to resolve this as part of the projects third phase.You can use the Superfast Broadband map to click on areas and find out more.

You may have already received a Superfast Northamptonshire postcard through their door.


The aim is to raise awareness that superfast broadband can now be ordered and where to go to find out more.  There is also advice on the project website’s opens in a new windowGet Connected page.

Benefiting from faster speeds is not automatic – if you are able to access superfast broadband, you still need to contact an internet service provider to upgrade your broadband service at a higher cost.

Broadband Update

792__300x300_bt_fttc_fttp_fibre_broadband_cabinet_ukAs many of you will be aware, fibre-based superfast broadband services are now available in parts (most?) of the Parish.

If you want to be informed of Northamptonshire’s continuing plans for broadband you can find out more in their opens in a new windowNewsletter which is available here, or you can learn more at the opens in a new windowSuperfast Northamptonshire web site.

They have links to a number of useful services including the comparison sites opens in a new windowChoose.net and opens in a new windowBroadband Genie which let you compare different offers for your post code.

Broadband Update

Latest News From Superfast Northants

Here is the latest newsletter on the progress towards implementing superfast broadband across Northamptonshire.

300px-InternetThe BT web site (linked in this newsletter) forecasts that the Byfield Exchange (which serves Woodford’s internet providers) will be upgraded to fibre broadband this month but we don’t yet know what that will mean for when people in different parts of the village will be able to order superfast broadband.

Superfast Northamptonshire Newsletter 13 (September2014)

Broadband News

Update from Superfast Northamptonshire

300px-InternetHere’s the latest news from the Superfast Northamptonshire project giving details of how fibre based broadband is being rolled out across the county.

opens in a new windowSuperfast Northamptonshire Newsletter 11 March 2014

There’s also a link to the opens in a new windowWhen & Where Deployment Map.

Broadband Survey Still Open

Business & Home Input Needed

Rate your Broadband at www.speedtest.net

Rate your Broadband at www.speedtest.net

Northants CC is still looking for responses on broadband usage to help plan improvements in business and home broadband services.

If you haven’t already responded make sure your input is considered before the deadline of September 30th.

Find out more here: Superfast Northamptonshire

And complete the survey at  www.superfastnorthamptonshire.net


Broader Band – Latest News

What’s Happening Regarding Northamptonshire Broadband?

Thanks to everyone that contributed to the Village Broad Band Survey (We were in the “Top 10” of parishes responding).

opens in a new windowBT Ireland logo (2005 - Present)

Northamptonshire County Council have now published their intended strategy for Next Generation Access (“NGA”) broadband across the county based on an investment strategy in partnership with BT that will deliver,  subject to funding fibre-optic cable based broadband speeds to all Northamptonshire homes and businesses by 2017.

What will this mean?  Eventually, assuming the project succeeds, we should all be able to get access to broadband speeds of up to 30M bps, giving better service for movies and TV on-demand, better facilities for businesses and home working and the like. Currently properties around the village get between 0.5M and 3.0M bps.

When will we see any changes? It’s not easy to say at the present stage of the project. Woodford Halse cum Membris is definitely in the “intervention area” covered by the plan (other places are already expected to receive superfast broadband without the Council’s involvement). The plan suggests that people with less than 2M bps will have access to at least that level by 2015 and that the remainder of properties in Northamptonshire will be able to receive at least 30M bps by 2017. The Northamptonshire Broadband Project map is not an exact guide but it looks from this that Woodford Halse and West Farndon would be in the 2015 – 2017 time frame.

What does “subject to funding” mean? The first phase or work to deliver superfast broadband to 90% of Northamptonshire premises by 2015 (does not include us) is covered by existing funding arrangements of £4.08M from Broadband UK and an equal amount from the County Council. BT is contributing £8M to the project over 9 years. The rest is expected to be raised from a range of sources and will be the subject of a prospectus to be issued in Autumn 2013

How can I find out more? We will try to keep you up to date with news here as we see it but you can get the latest copy of the project newsletter here and you can also follow the project forum at superfastnorthamptonshire.net. The strategy document detailing the plans for the project can be found here: Northamptonshire Next-Generation Strategy.pdf


Broadband Update

Thanks to all that responded to the village broadband survey. If you didn’t get your views in already we can still take account of them if you complete the survey here….. Broadband Survey.

opens in a new windowbroadband

broadband (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The Government has announced an additional £20M funding programme (known as “Round 3 of the Rural Community Broadband Fund”) for rural broadband and the Parish Council intends to put in a bid to improve the service we can get here.  Watch out for more news here.

Fed up with slow broadband?

We have a working party for the village and we need your help. We are exploring two routes:

1. Superfast Northampton – a Government run scheme looking for bids from villages to have better broad band access.

2 Community WiFi – commercial companies could offer wifi coverage for the village and these carry a regular subscription cost so we need to identify both businesses and individual needs.

Central Government has declared it wants Britain to have super fast broadband brought to 90% of consumers by the end of 2015. Northampton County Council has asked Parish Councils to identify the requirements in their local areas.

curseWoodford Parish currently has broadband service at the bottom end of that which can currently be described as broadband, at less than 2Mbs.

Rate your Broadband at www.speedtest.net

Rate your Broadband at www.speedtest.net

The  Parish Council wants to know if you and/or your business would benefit from a faster broadband connection, so that they can lobby for funding to improve the infrastructure.

In particular they need to know if your business activities would be enhanced by a faster service, or if a faster connection would enable you to work from home more frequently reducing the need to commute.

Please fill in a short questionnaire on NCC Parish Broadband Survey (please make sure on Question 2 you put “Woodford Halse”) or http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CN2C7WJ so that we can lobby effectively for an improved service.

Please complete by 25th March so that we can advise you of our progress in April’s WOW.