Plan Documents

The “made” version of the Plan, the one on which planning decisions in our village will now be based,  is available here:

Neighbourhood Development Plan (Made Version)    PDF E-Book

Other documents relating to the decision on the plan can be found here:- Daventry District Made Neighbourhood Plans


Earlier versions of the plan can be found below:

The Referendum version of the plan and related documents are available here….

Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version) PDF  E-Book
Report of the Examiner PDF  
Summary of Representations Made To The Examiner PDF  
Basic Conditions & Compliance Statement PDF  
General Statement About Planning & Neighbourhood Plans PDF  
Information Statement PDF  

The above version of the plan supercedes all earlier versions. Remaining versions are available as a historical record only.

The Regulation 16 version on the plan is available here:-

July 2017 Version of the Plan (Regulation 16) (includes corrected map) PDF E-Book
Consultation Statement PDF E-Book
Basic Conditions Statement PDF E-Book
Environmental Screening PDF E-Book

Here are the most important documents related to the earlier versions of plan. Documents are available in two versions, either as a PDF down load or as on-line e-books.

Regulation 14 Plan Version PDF E-Book
Plan Summary PDF E-Book
Consultation Comment Form PDF E-Book

Supporting papers are also available:-

Environmental Analysis Report PDF E-Book