Medical Centre Updates

Byfield Medical Centre is currently campaigning to be able to expand on a new site in Byfield. It is working with the land owner and trying to gain planning approval for a joint development.

The Centre & Your Parish Council

Byfield Medical CentreWoodford Halse Parish Council is only able to comment on planning applications as they are put forward and has supported the application.

The Council understands that this is an issue of continuing interest to local residents and so all posts relating to the Centre and the ongoing efforts to gain planning approval are collected here.Byfield Medical Centre Development Plan

The final decision on this planning application will be taken by Daventry District  Council.

The position as at the 12th February 2020 is that an outline planning application was considered by them at a meeting in January but that a decision to approve or reject it was deferred.

DDC asked the Byfield Medical Centre for further work (especially on issues relating to the continuing ownership of the site and on traffic management on Byfield Road) before making their decision.

Helpful Links

The Medical Centre now has its own page dedicated to their new on this: Planning Application Page.

The Planning Application documents can be seen at the DDC page here: Planning Application DA/2017/0826

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Here are all posts from the Signpost relating to his application:-