You can now book using our on-line 24/7 “Hallmaster” booking system or, if you cannot use the on-line booking system or need further information, please contact Beverley Blackwell on 07579 050003 or by email:

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Click on the  + to make a booking request.

For Hall Hire Charges click here. To view Hall Hire Terms and Conditions click here. To view the Booking-System-User-Guide click here.

Note: After October 1st 2019, the Dryden Hall will use a keyless entry system. You will need a unique PIN code for your booking.

This is the week-per view for any venue page: just pick the room you are interested in. To see an entire month for a specific room for a particular date click here.

You can view any selected date by using the pull down date menus  and pressing the button marked “Go” or you can navigate back and forward in time by using the “next” and “previous” links. You can take a print of the part of the diary that you are viewing by clicking the “Print (Customer)” button which allows you to print without having to be logged in to the system. Although the Hall Booking system should work on any Internet browser such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, it works best (especially when printing) with Google Chrome.

In the table below the colour code for each day is – Fully Available    –    Partially Booked    –    Fully Booked