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Bikes In The Village

Watch Out For Cyclists on 17/10/2020

On 17th October 202, the Cobbler Classic, a non-competitive cycling event organised by UK Cycling, will be passing through the village between 10:00am and 12:00.

Cobbler Classic LogoCyclists will be starting from Turweston Aerodrome and by the time they reach Woodford they will have covered just over 30 miles of a 75 mile route. The organisers will start participants in groups and you can expect to see bunches of riders at various times during the late morning.

The route will bring cyclists into the village along South Street from Eydon, down High Street and Scrivens Hill and out again along the road to Preston Capes.

If you’re traveling in the countryide around Woodford, this route map (which shows the two routes being used) may be helpful.




Monday’s Buses

Are Not Running

Stagecoach busDon’t forget that as Monday next week is a Bank Holiday, Stagecoach buses will be running a Sunday service.

As a result their will be NO service 200 bus in the village on Monday 31st August.

A361 Closures – 25/08 to 3/09 2020

Resurfacing From Byfield to Chipping Warden

Road Works Warning advises of road closures on the A361 between 25th August and 3rd September.

Resurfacing work will be taking place between Solden Hill and Redhill House between the 25th and August and the 3rd September and from The Twistle to the Welsh Road (Aston Le Walls Crossroads) between 28th August and 3rd September. (Yes, I know these overlap – I’m not sure what they will actually do but it’s what the website says!!!!)

It looks like the road will be closed for some or all of this time. Watch out for yellow boards on the road for information on actual closure times.

More details at



Road Works – 13th to 17th August 2020

Traffic Lights On Byfield Road

Road Works Warning SignAnglian Water advises that road works will be taking place at the junction of Byfield Raoad and the access to Hinton House.

There will be two way traffic control with traffic lights.

More details at



Byfield Road Residents: 19th to 25th August

Access To Some Driveways May Be Blocked

Road Works Warning SignSouthern Gas have advised that road works between 19th and 25th August 2020 will mean access to some residents’ drives will be obstructed and the Membris Way and Fire Station bus stops will be suspended. Residents between the fire station and the edge of the village heading towards Byfield are asked to move vehicles where necessary to prevent them being blocked in.

More details are included in the following letter…

gas road works 20200806

Download a copy of the letter.

Byfield Road Closures – 20th to 31st July 2020

Starts On Monday (UPDATED!)

Don’t forget road closures on the Byfield Road start on Monday. This is for work on the River Cherwell Culvert.

Byfield Road Closed Sign

Northamptonshire Highways is now advising that times and dates for the closure will be as follows….

Twenty four hours a day closure: 20th July  to 24th July

Daytime closure (08:00 to 17:00): 27th July to 31st July.

Access may be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists as well, depending on the work activity.

A letter from Northamptonshire Highways to affected residents shows the road closed between Phipps Road and the bottom of Scrivens Hill (although the work is actually taking place where the road crosses the Cherwell). More recent information on the site indicates the road will only be closed between the entrance to the Sara Field and Scrivens Hill.

ForKings Corner Bus Stop those needing access during the works, Northants Highways say to speak to their people on site and they will allow access. There may be some delays so please allow a bit of extra time.

Anyone with access issues during the works can contact the Northamptonshire Highways site manager, Michael Murray on 07584 340317.

This will also affect the bus service 200 which uses this road.

Stagecoach has posted (see picture right…) on the King’s Corner / Station Road bus stop that it will be closed between 20th and 31st July and that passenger’s should use the stop at Hinton Close. The stop at the foot of Scrivens Hill is closed as well for the same period.

There aren’t any details of service changes on the Stagecoach web site at present but we will update this post if that changes.

We have also been asked if we can provide a clearer version fo the map so here is our attempt. This reflects the road closure advice on (click on the map for a bigger image)

Diversion version 2




Road Works – 20th to 31st July 2020

Closure of Byfield Road

We posted details of the planned road closure of Byfield Road for work on the River Cherwell culvert back on the 18th of June.

road closed and diversion signNorthamptonshire Highways is now advising that times and dates for the closure will be as follows….

Twenty four hours a day closure: 20th July  to 24th July

Daytime closure (08:00 to 17:00): 27th July to 31st July.

Access may be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists as well, depending on the work activity.

A letter from Northamptonshire Highways to adffected residents shows the road closed between Phipps Road and the bottom of Scrivens Hill (although the work is actually taking place where the road crosses the Cherwell) but anyone with access issues during the works can contact the Northampsotnshire Highways site manager, Michael Murray on 07584 340317.


Road Works – 3rd to 9th July 2020

Closure of Woodford to Byfield Road is showing that Woodford Road in Byfield will be closed between 3rd and 9th July for roadworks on the Byfield side of the Causeway before the A361 junction.

It is not clear in the on.Network post how long the closure will be for and what working hours can be expected but there is a risk that there will be delays through this period.

You can see the details here: Woodford Road Closure

A361 Closures in Wardington

HS2 Road Improvements

Fusion on behalf of HS2 have given Advanced Works Notice of local road closures in Wardington. The works involve widening three bends, installing a puffin crossing (who knew we had puffins in Northamptonshire?), resurfacing and new village entrance signs.

The closure works will begin in mid-July and and is expected to be completed in early August.

There will be continued weekday traffic light lane closures until August.

Overnight full road closures will be between 8:00pm – 6:00am on weekdays as below.

Summary of closure dates:

Dates  Duration  Road Closure   Location
13 July to 16 July 4 Nights A361 Puffin Crossing
17 July and 20 July 2 Nights A361 Puffin Crossing
27 July and 28 July 2 Nights  A361 North Gateway
29 July and 30 July 2 Nights A361 South Gateway
3 August to 6 August 4 Nights Edgcote Road The Hare & Hounds
7 August and 10 August 4 Nights Edgcote Road The Hare & Hounds

Diversion routes will be clearly signed.

More Details

For full details of the closure and work schedule please read the information sheet provided via this link:  Wardington_Road_Closure

Byfield Road Works A361

In addition to tall the other faffing around on the A361, there will be road closures in Byfield between Judds Garage and Banbury Lane going south.

These are due to take place between the 5th and 18th June though for exactly what times and what days has not been made clear.

More details: One.Network

Aston Le Walls Road Closure

11/05/2020 to “end of July”

As part of the junction improvement works in Aston Le Walls being carried out by Fusion for HS2, there will be a full road closure of Welsh Road West.

This side of Welsh Road will be closed from week commencing 11 May 2020 until the end of July 2020. Whilst this road is closed a diversion route will be in place.

road closed and dviversion signsHS2 contractor Fusion, through the subcontractor Buckingham Group Construction Ltd (BGCL), will be carrying out the work which will consist of:-

  • Merging the new road layout with the existing road to form a staggered junction.
  • Removal of the present road pavement.
  • Utility diversion works.
  • Landscaping and planting

This will prevent access from the A361 to Aston Le Walls and Lower Boddington along the Welsh Road.

A map of the diversion (via Byfield and Upper Boddington) is available at the HS2 web site.

Road Works – A361

Just in case anyone is planning to be out on the A361 on May 5th or 6th, expect  it to be closed between the Twistle (south edge of Byfield) and Solden Hill for resurfacing works.

a361 road closure map

Road Closures w/c 6th April

A361 & Woodford Road, Byfield

News of two road closures for early next week has been posted on

Road Works Warning SignThe road from Woodford to Byfield will be closed on Monday April 6th (no times given) for tree trimming by Western Power Distribution. Details here: Tree Trimming in Byfield.

The A361 will be closed between Solden Hill House and Red Hill House for resurfacing on Monday April 6th and Tuesday April 7th and between The Twistle to Solden Hill House on Tuesday  7th & Wednesday 8th. Details here: Solden Hill House to Red Hill House Road Closure  & Twistle To Solden Hill House Road Closure.


Tree Pruning Today

On Monday 23rd March there will be some tree pruning on the railway bridge over Hinton Road.

There may be some short hold ups for traffic (assuming there is any!) as we don’t want to drop branches onto folks’ cars!

Please watch out for those helping to control any traffic.

Back Road To Banbury Alert

HS2 Construction Compound Near Thorpe Mandeville.

Those of you that use the Eydon-Culworth-Thorpe Mandeville route to Banbury, please be aware that HS2 Contractors will be establishing a construction compound near the Sulgrave junction off of the back road to Marston St Lawrence and Farthinghoe.

Work is expected to start during “spring 2020”.

There will be additional traffic on nearby roads. The site of the compound is ringed on the map below.

HS2 Construction Compound near Sulgrave


More Details

Details of the work planned can be found in this fact sheet on the HS2 web site.

Cross Country Event

11th March 2020.

Each year. Woodford plays host to the Northamptonshire Schools Cross Country Event with up to 30 schools from across the county taking part.

This year’s event takes place on Wednesday 11th March between 3:00pm and 6:00pm.

runnersInevitably, with coaches delivering and collecting children, there may be traffic congestion around the bottom of Scrivens Hill and its junction with Byfield Road and Woodford Hill. PCSO Carl Barton will be in attendance but if you can avoid the area then it will ease any problems that do arise.

Edward Newton, Headteacher at Woodford Halse C.E. Primary Academy has passed on his thanks for everyone’s patience with the event.

Update on A361 Road Closure

This letter has been received by Chipping Warden Parish Council detailing the dates on which Stagecoach expect delays to the 200 bus service, This will obviously affect us too.

Stagecoah Letter 200 ServiceThis is a change from what was previously posted, we’ll be checking the One.Network roadworks site for confirmation.

Woodford Parish Council has also had the same letter. Obviously there is a lot of doubt about the dates and what is going to be done but we will try to keep you updated.

Chipping Warden Roadworks

HS2 Information Event

Find out more about Chipping Warden road works at a presentation on 12 February

HS2 is holding a presentation evening in Chipping Warden village hall on 12th February, 6;00pm to 7:00pm. This is an opportunity for you to find out more about the road works for the relief road.

At this event you will be able to:

  • talk to our staff about the road works on the relief road
  • ask any questions you have

You can download a flyer with more details here.

Relief Road Map

Charwelton to Hellidon Road

Update on Road Closure – West of A361

County Councillor Robin Brown has provided an update on this road closure which has been in place for some time. It was made necessary due to the structurally unsafe former railway bridge.

Charwelton to Hellidon Road Closed

The current bridge strengthening works [which are the responsibility of developer of the adjacent land] should be completed by the end of February.

At that point County Highways will resurface the road over the bridge for reopening as early as possible in March.

Water Works In Castle Road

Anglian Water have provided the following update…

anglian water logoWe’re carrying out essential work affecting roads in your area.

For full details, please

Name: Roadworks – Castle Road, Woodford Halse
Status: In Progress
Estimated Start Date: 02/01/2020
Estimated Completion Date: 08/01/2020

Byfield Road Closed 12/01/20

Parish Council has been informed that part of Byfield Road between Furniss Close and Upton Close will be closed on 12/1/20 to allow for a manhole repair to be undertaken.

We do not have timings available yet.

The closure is marked in red and the diversion in blue on the map below…

Road Closure 12/01/20

More Road Bother

Preston Capes to Daventry – 18th to 20th December

Watch out if you’re planning Xmas shopping in Daventry and you use the back road from Preston Capes via Newnham.

This road will be closed for waterworks on the days above.

Road Closure Map

Keep up to date on One.Network: Preston Capes Closure and see other recent posts on roadworks here:-

Don’t Ignore Road Closed Signs!

Danger of Exposed Gas Pipes

A message from PCSO Carl Barton:

Several motorists have been moving the road closed signs on Woodford Road in Byfield and driving through to Woodford Halse.

There are live exposed gas pipes on the road.   This is extremely dangerous.

road cosed & diversion sign

Highway Warden Words…

Concerns Over Byfield Road Diversion

For folk not on Facebook, here is a recent post from Pat Knight, the Parish Highways Warden regarding the problems with the vehicles failing to use the authorised diversion ….

“Representing the Parish Council as Highway Warden I spoke with Northants County Council Highways about the state of Farndon Road and the back road to Byfield being used by the buses while Dolls Hill is closed. A lengthy discussion!!!. A highways inspector will attend and inspect the roads and report back. No time scale given. Do not hold your breath. Sorry there is nothing more positive. There is only so much we can do. I would urge anyone who can to report the holes and broken road edges on Street Doctor. The more complaints the more likely there will be a bit of urgency.”

Police Appeal : 29/11/19

M1 Junction 18 : Midnight : Friday 29 November 2019

Collision investigators are appealing to trace anyone with information after a pedestrian died while attempting to cross the M1 in Northamptonshire.

At around 23.55 hours on Friday, November 29, a man crossed the southbound carriageway of the motorway close to the DIRFT terminal at junction 18.

Northamptonshire Police LogoHe then climbed over the central reservation and crossed three lanes of the northbound carriageway before he was in collision with a grey Volkswagen Polo, which then pulled over.

The man was then struck by further vehicles, none of which stopped, and died at the scene.

Any motorists who may have been in collision with the man are urged to contact Northamptonshire Police, and anyone who saw the man crossing the M1 on either carriageway is also asked to get in touch, especially if they have dashcam footage.

Anyone who witnessed this incident or has information about it should call the Drivewatch Hotline on 0800 174615, regarding incident 705 of November 29, 2019.

200 Bus Service 3/12/19

According to a separate update the 16:20 200 service from Banbury and the 17:20 from Daventry will not operate for the duration of the road works. We’ve updated the original post on the diversions and bus stops to reflect this.

Tweet Image Service 200

December Byfield Road Closure

December 2nd to 15th

Road Works Warning SignDon’t forget that Byfield Road will be closed between Membris Way and the Byfield 5 Ways roundabout from Monday December 2nd to Sunday 15th.

You can check on updates at the One Network page here and we will try to update this post with any news on the work as it goes on.


200 Bus Diversion

Roadworks on Byfield Road

Here’s an update on the way the Byfield Road roadworks will affect bus service 200 between 2nd and 15th December 2019 when the Byfield Road will be closed…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 3rd December 2019

During the works:

  • the 16:20 200 service from Banbury will not operate
  • the 17:20 from Daventry will not operate.

Stagecoach apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Byfield Road, in Woodford Halse, will be closed for roadworks from Monday 2nd December 2019 until Sunday 15th December 2019

During these works, the 200 service will be on diversion from Byfield, via Church Street and Farndon Road, to Hinton Green and Phipps Road in Woodford Halse. It will use the same route, in reverse,  when returning from Woodford Halse.

The following stops will not be served during these works:-

  • The stops at Dolls Hill, in Byfield, on Woodford Road. ( both sides of the road)
  • Membris Way and The Fire Station, on Byfield Road, in Woodford Halse. (both sides of the road)

A Temporary Stop will be in use , on Church Street, Byfield, for passengers that use Dolls Hill, or board in Byfield for Daventry and do not wish to travel around Woodford Halse first.

Passengers using Membris Way and The Fire Station should use the stop on Phipps Road as an alternative


HS2 Drop-In Meetings

Wardington & Chipping Warden Road Works

HS2 are hosting a series of drop-in meetings for folk interested in the road works and road closures taking place around Wardington and Chipping Warden as part of the developments related to HS2.

Dates available are 27/11, 4/12 & 11/12.

Details can be found in this flyer.

Road Accident

There are reports on Facebook of a major road accident near the dip on the Byfield Road, between Woodford and Byfield. It appears to involve multiple vehicles. The Air Ambulance has been attending and police and ambulance are reported to be on the scene.

It is probably worth avoiding the road this evening although it has apparently now been reopened.

HS2 & A361

HS2 locomotiveAs part of HS2’s construction work in your area they have issued an update on progress being made on Chipping Warden relief road and on the work on the Welsh Road.

Chipping Warden Relief Road

As the work progresses you will start to see more activities taking place including:

  • Excavation of drainage ponds
  • Construction of the new highway
  • Installation of new drainage and other associated highways equipment
  • Diversion of existing underground and over ground utilities to enable the new highways to be built

Please see below maps showing locations of where the Chipping Warden works will be, the traffic management measures and the diversion routes:

Full road closures and diversion.

Welsh Road Junction

Regarding the Welsh Road junction in Aston Le Walls.

As the work progresses you will start to see more activities taking place including:

• Construction of the new junction

• Installation of new drainage and other associated highways equipment

There are a number of lane closures and temporary traffic lights planned from September 2019 to March 2020 on the A361, Appletree Rd and Welsh Rd.

Please see the below maps, showing locations of the works, traffic management measures and the diversions:

If you have any questions about the HS2 works, please contact the HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 or email

Eydon Road Works

We’ve had advanced warning of road works on the Eydon Road….

We will update this with any further info when received.

Delays possible – Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: Over disused railway bridge

Works description: Maintenance and repairs to disused railway bridge

Responsibility for works: Northamptonshire County Council

Current status: Advanced planning


HS2 Work in Wardington

Fusion working on behalf of HS2 have issued an Advance Works Notification for road construction works on A361 through Wardington.

Works is expected to start in late October on the A361 though Wardington.

You can download Fusion/HS2’s Advanced Works Notification here.

New Gas Main

Courtesy of Byfield Parish Council…

We have been informed that a new gas main will be installed from Byfield to Woodford Halse. The official notice says this will be starting on 30th September 2019.

This will be from the ‘five ways’ mini roundabouts all the way to the new Woodford housing estate. Traffic management and subsequent road closures will be in place from 30th September.

Recent communication from the contractor (thanks to Steve Bartlett for this) adds the following information:-

“With regards to your enquiry we will have a slight delay in beginning our works on this project. The works will likely start between 07/10 and 14/10 depending on the teams current works. For the majority of the project we will be using temporary traffic signals but will close the Woodford Road from 04/11/19 – 25/11/19. Access will be maintained for residents via Byfield Road but a hard closure will be in place on Woodford Road from the double roundabouts to it’s junction with Fessey Road. We will aim to have the project completed by 02/12/19 but this is very dependent on what is found on site. If we encounter network issues the duration may change.”

Attached is a drawing of the works and a copy of the proposed diversion route during the closure.

Map of proposed works:

Map of proposed diversion:,%20Daventry,%20NN11%206XD.pdf

HS2 Meeting 18th Sept.

Fusion, the Chipping Warden Relief Road contractors for HS2, are hosting a drop-in event at Chipping Warden Village Hall where local residents can ask questions about the works going on in the area.

HS2 locomotiveYou are welcome to drop in any time between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on Wednesday 18th September at Chipping Warden Village Hall, Culworth Road, OX17 1LB

Details available here… HS2 Drop In Event

Road Works 6-10/09/2019

Road Works Warning is showing that the A361 Banbury Road, Byfield, will be subject to delays between 06 September and 10 September 2019

There will be multi-way signals controlling traffic at various points between the Dolls Hill junction with the A361 and the Byfield Co-op.

This is to allow Openreach to install  fibre cable in the BT ducts.

Works reference: BC006TI003MW500285407802

Details here: map

School Street Road Closure

Sewer Replacement 16/08/19

Cappagh Contractors, working for Northamptonshire County Council, are planning to replace a sewer cover outside number 3 School Street in Woodford Halse

To undertake these works safely will the road will be closed for one day on the 16 August 2019 between 09.30 and 15.30.
A plan showing the closure and the diversion can be viewed here  opens in a new window
If you require more information about the works please contact Caroline Bartlett at Northamptonshire Highways on 0208 9474000 option 3.
Plus the following letter has been received residents from Thames Water….

Road Works A361 Byfield

Road Works Warning is showing that the A361 will be closed at the junction with Woodford Road between 29th and 31st July.

It is not clear if this is a full time closure or if traffic will be able to get from the Woodford Road onto the A361 north or south.

Details here:

A361 Road Works July 5-7

Traffic Lights South of Byfield

There is news of some planned road works between the 5th and 7th July 2019 on the A361.

Road Works Warning SignAccording to the web site, there will be work carried out by OpenReach, south of Byfield near the junction of The Twistle with the A361.

There will be two way traffic signals in place, so some delays can be expected.

The timing of any works was not provided.

A361 Relief Road Works

A new contractor has been appointed to take over the work on the Chipping Warden relief road according to this article on the Daventry Express website: Contractor Appointed for HS2 Relief Road.

More details on the work being done in this area can be found here: Edgcote, Wardington Chipping Warden HS2.

HS2 locomotive

Trees & Parking

A message from the Parish Council….

“Please, will people parking cars on the Byfield Road make sure that cars are not parked on the grass area opposite Wheelright Way and Thatcher Drive. Parking on the grass has prevented  Scotts, the Council’s contractors, from mowing the grass and there is a risk to the trees, which have Tree Protection Orders.

Please make sure that vehicles are parked on the roadway or on drives.”

Trees & Parking on the Byfield Road

Cycle Εvents

Ovo Tour of Britain Logo

Last year the Women’s Tour cycle race visited Woodford. If you were bitten by the bug and want to see more you’ll have to travel a bit further afield this year. (Equally these will be two good days not to head up across country to the M40 northbound….)

OVO Women's Tour Logo

Both the Men’s Tour and the Women’s tour have stages this year staring in Warwick and finishing with a climb up to the top of Burton Dasset Country Park.

Find Out More

Details available via the links below:-

Women’s Tour : Warwick to Burton Dassett : 13th June 2019

Tour of Britain : Warwick to Burton Dassett : 13th September 2019

A361 Road Works

Traffic Lights South of Byfield

There is news of some planned road works tomorrow (31st May) on the A361.

According to the web site, there will be work going on to install chevron signs, south of Byfield before the junction of The Twistle with the A361.

There will be two way traffic signals in place, so some delays can be expected. The timing of any works was not provided.

Construction Traffic on the A361

Expect Delays As HS2 Deliver Heavy Machinery

HS2 have issued a traffic warning.

HS2 WarningAbnormal loads will be travelling from the M40 junction 11 to the HS2 construction site near Wormleighton. Around twenty construction vehicles loaded on the back of low loaders will be transported slowly to the site under the control of an escort vehicle during mid-May and June.

The route they will use is:-

1. From junction 11 of the M40 north along the A361 through Wardington and Chipping Warden.

2. Turn left onto the Welsh Road passing Aston Le Walls and along the Banbury Road through Lower Boddington.

3. Turn right onto Stoneton Lane followed by an immediate left into our site entrance.

You  can find out more here:  Abnormal Load Movements Warning.

Fix My Street

Northants County Council have launched a new on-line page where you can report problems such as pot-holes, street lighting, pavements, and a whole series of others.

You can also check on problems in your area to see if they have already been reported and see any updates on progress with fixing the problem.

Street light problems in the village (which are owned and maintained by the Parish Council) should still be reported to the Parish Council, which can be done by email giving the street light number from the post and its location, to the Parish Clerk:

The new page is available here:-

A361 Closure : Dolls Hill

Byfield : 15th March – 18th March

Northamptonshire Highways have given us more information on access arrangements at the bottom of Dolls Hill during the closure of the A361.

The closure will run from the 15th to the 18th March and the A361 road will be closed on a 24 hours per day basis.

Access to the A361 from Dolls Hill (Woodford Road) will be affected.

Northamptonshire Highways have added the following details: “There will be access to Boddington Road and Woodford Road during Friday night but during both Saturday day and night, the closure will go as far as the Woodford Road junction on to the roundabout and during Sunday day and night, both of the double roundabouts will be closed.”

Details are provided in this letter which shows the relevant diversions on the A361.

You can keep in touch with these works here:

A361 Closure : Update

Byfield : 15th March – 18th March

Following on from our earlier post, we have had an update regarding the road closure on the A361.

Northants County Council has confirmed that the road will be closed through Byfield (and not as previously said north of the village), from the Twistle to Charwelton Road.

The closure will run from the 15th to the 18th March and the road will be closed on a 24 hours per day basis.

Access to the A361 from Dolls Hill (Woodford Road) will be affected. Northamptonshire Highways have added the following details: “There will be access to Boddington Road and Woodford Road during Friday night but during both Saturday day and night, the closure will go as far as the Woodford Road junction on to the roundabout and during Sunday day and night, both of the double roundabouts will be closed. ”

Details are provided in this letter which shows the relevant diversions on the A361.

You can keep in touch with these works here:

A361 Closure

Byfield : 4th March – 22nd March advises that Northants County Council will be closing the A361 for road works at various times between the Charwelton Parish Boundary and Church Street Byfield (i.e. between Byfield & Daventry) during the 4th to 22nd March, 2019. There are no details yet of exactly where and for how long these closures will take place.

You can keep in touch with these works here:

Please note: the pin on the is in the wrong place for where they say the works will be.

Station Road Bridge

Work On The Trees On The Skew Bridge

Traffic Controls : Week Commencing 4th March

In the week commencing Monday, 4 March 2019 (all week), tree surgeons will be removing trees from around the old railway (Skew) bridge in Station Road, particularly on the Woodland side.  The trees & their roots pose a threat to the infrastructure of the bridge & therefore public safety in the area.  Traffic control will be in temporary place where tree felling may affect road users. This is most likely to be on Wednesday & Thursday of the week.

If anyone has any questions, please contract the Chairman of the Great Central Woodland, Paul Blackwell whose email address is

Car Parking

Parking Permits for Village Centre

Following the recent public consultation about the parking problems in the Village, the Parish Council is going to offer parking permits to local residents to enable them to park overnight in the Village Centre car park.

The Council needs to make sure that the parking is always available for hall users, so this will be for a trial period initially to see how it works.

Parking permits will be issued for residents to park from 8pm to 8am, Monday to Saturday, and all day on Sunday for private cars only.

The main conditions are:

  • The permit will not guarantee a parking space – hall users will have priority. However, having monitored hall usage over the last few months we know that parking will normally be available from 8pm each evening. On those evenings when the hall is being used for an event parking may not be available until later in the evening. We will notify permit holders so that they can find alternative parking when we think that this may occur.
  • As there are a limited number of parking spaces these will be made available to local residents who have no off-street parking. Residents of Station Road, Castle Road, Percy Road, Sidney Road, Cherwell Terrace and High Street (in this order) will initially be able to apply for a permit.
  • If oversubscribed residents who work for emergency, health or social care services will be given priority.
  • Other residents will be able to apply for a permit as spaces are available.
  • Cars must be road legal. No vans, caravans or motorhomes will be allowed.
    Permit holders must agree to move their vehicle when reasonably requested by an authorised member of the Parish Council.
  • A payment (to cover administration costs, maintenance of the car park, lighting etc) of £10 per quarter will be charged.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to apply for a permit to park overnight in the Village Centre please contact the booking clerk (tel: 01327 204683) or email:

Take Care!

Pat Knight, the Parish highways warden asked for the following warning to be passed on….

“Please be extra careful. Freezing rain. Footpaths and roads – all surfaces lethal!

“For more information on gritting, go to opens in a new, go to G in the A to Z menu and click on “gritting”. There are then two headings:- “Gritting the County’s Roads” and “Grit Bins”. If you click on them the grit bin locations are listed and the policy for road salting and the routes are explained.

“They have reduced the winter service to save costs. The best advice is to assume that the majority of roads will not have been gritted and drive accordingly. Footpaths have never been treated.

“The salt out of grit bins it is for road and public pavement use only. If you notice that it is getting low please contact me (Pat Knigh : Parish Highway Warden) or the County Council and the County will replenish it. It’s not an ideal situation I know. Please don’t shoot the messenger I am just the link for highways issues between the Parish and the County!”

Road Works Alert

Byfield Road 25th – 29th January

According to There will be temporary traffic lights on Byfield Road 25th to 29th January, folks this will be near the Great Central Way junction and involve two way traffic control. Work being done for BT.

True Grit

Northamptonshire County Council has sent us a list of roads that will be gritted by the Council’s lorries during this winter

(Please note: Parish Council does not control or influence this; we are only the  messengers.)

“Precautionary Gritting”

The following roads in the Parish which will be gritted when the temperature drops to 0.5C:-

Byfield Road to junction with Phipps Road

Phipps Road

Hinton Road

Farndon Road

Barnetts Hill

“Adverse Weather Gritting”

These roads which will be gritted in addition to the above when the temperature is expected to remain below zero for 48 hours, or if snow is confidently predicted:-

Remainder of Byfield Road

Scrivens Hill

School Street

Church Street

Station Road

Parsons Street

South Street

Eydon Road

Adams Road

Membris Way

Please drive to the road conditions whether or not gritting has been carried out.

(No, High Street is not on the list!  Yes, The Parish Council knows that the bottom of High Street is steep and is dangerous in icy conditions. Yes, The Parish Council knows the school is situated on High Street and children could be at risk.)

The following map may help. Red routes are precautionary, green routes are for adverse gritting. The complete county map can be downloaded as a PDF (you will need to zoom in to make sense of it) from here:- Northants Gritting Map.

High Street Water Works

Anglian Water are planning road works in High Street between 4th and 6th December.

This may cause obstruction for school traffic.

Details updated on Digbat:

Watch Out For Horses

An appeal to road users to all use the roads safely together. 

One of Woodford’s horse riders has passed on this appeal….

Over the last few months horse riders have experienced an increasing number of near misses with other road users going around the village. Horse riders prefer not to be on the roads but they have to often just to get from the limited bridleways to the stables. Both children and adults hack out around the village on a regular basis and would like to return home safely after an enjoyable hack.

Most road users in the village pass horse riders with care, and the riding community is grateful to them. Those who hack out their horses only want to enjoy their time and get themselves and their horse home safely, and also want the same for all other road users.

When using roads around the village, follow the Highway Code when passing horses. (Rules 214 & 215 for motorists and cyclists, rules 50-55 for horse riders)

Horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles. Be particularly careful of horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles especially when overtaking. Always pass wide and slowly. Horse riders are often children, so take extra care and remember riders may ride in double file when escorting a young or inexperienced horse or rider. Look out for horse riders’ and horse drivers’ signals and heed a request to slow down or stop. Take great care and treat all horses as a potential hazard; they can be unpredictable, despite the efforts of their rider/driver.

The Horse & Road Safety Awareness campaign suggests passing with 2m clearance and no more than 15mph passing speed. That may not be easy on narrow roads, of course. If in doubt and the road is narrow slow down and wait until the rider waves you through.

Cyclists and runners need to pass horse riders safely too. A bicycle or runner approaching from behind a horse may not be heard. It’s polite to shout to say you are there.

Horse riders are asked to make an effort to wear hi-vis clothing so that those driving have as much time to see them as possible so they can react in a respectful and safe manner.

Thank you for reading,

CarKraft for Young Drivers

Northamptonshire Police and County Council are pleased to announce another year of the award winning CarKraft events for 2018.

If you have a youngster 15+ who wants to get a taster for driving in a safe environment with a DSA approved instructor


You have someone aged 17 to 30 who has passed their test and wants to improve their driving skills,

then CarKraft may be of interest.

It’s a completely free event and our next one is held at Silverstone Circuit at the Porsche Experience Centre on Saturday the 1st of September 2018. Places for the event book quickly.

For more information, to book or register an interest for future events, please visit our website.

Roadworks Changes

For the last year we have carried a map on the Signpost showing local roadworks.

Sadly, Google are now starting to charge for this service. Since we try to run the Signpost at as low a cost as possible we will not be able to continue to show the roadworks map on this site.

The information is still available but in order to view it you have to do so at

A link to the site now replaces the map on our Roadworks page.


It’s The Tour de Woodford

14th June Women’s Tour on the Byfield Road

On 14th June, the OVO Women’s Tour – the UK’s premier cycle road race for women – passes through Woodford Halse.

The international women’s peloton comes to the UK for the fifth running of the OVO Women’s Tour.

The 14th June is the Tour’s second stage which sees the riders starting from Rushden and covering a 145km route through Wolverton, Silverstone, Sulgrave, Weedon Bec, Daventry, Byfield Woodford Halse, Preston Capes and back to Daventry for the finish.

You can watch the teams passing along the Byfield Road, heading towards Preston Capes, between 13:45 and 14:15.

For more details see this flyer.

A361 Road Closure

A361 CLOSED between Chipping Warden & Wardington: 3rd-7th June 2018

The road is being closed for surface dressing. The area affected is shown on the map below…

Don’t forget there is a map of local roadworks here.

Who’s Digging Holes?

Archaeological Surveys in Chipping Warden

As part of the preparation for the HS2 rail link which will run under the A361 near Chipping Warden, a company called Fusion are scheduled to carry out trial trenching works, looking for possible archaeological remains, in Chipping Warden. This document  – “Advanced Works Notification” – provides information regarding the works and also includes location maps of the site (To the right of the A361 as you head towards Chipping Warden).

(reposted from with acknowledgements, thanks to June Irani for the link)

Street Party Ahead..

Sidney Road will be CLOSED on Saturday 19th May 218 between 1000-1700 for a street party to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

The map shows the closed area (red) and the diversion route (in blue).

Road Works

Byfield Road & Dolls Hill Junction Dates.

We have received details from the contractors on the road works to be carried out to solve the problems on the Byfield Road and to re-surface the junction at the foot of Dolls Hill.

Details (including diversion routes and planned signage / traffic controls) can be found in this letter: opens in a new windowLetter from M V Kelly.

There are two phases of work:-

  • Phase 1 – A361 / Woodford Road / Church St Junction starts 20th March 2017 and should last approximately 5-6 Weeks.
  • Phase 2 – Byfield Road – Road Closure starts week commencing 1st May 2017 should last approximately 2 Weeks.

You can also see the details of road works on this website: opens in a new

Latest on Highways

Highways Update from Pat Knight.

Here’s an update after last night’s Parish Council Meeting from Pat Knight, the village highways warden…

“Firstly I apologise for the length of the message, please take the time to read it. Secondly DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER!! I am the link between the parish and the county and can only put your complaints forward. I have no power over budgets and cannot determine what the county council (who are responible for road maintenance) do or do not do. I can only keep on at them until some resolution is forthcoming, or not in some cases.

“The new zebra crossing is staying where it is, the planning consent was granted for the location and cannot be changed. As a personal view it seems odd the developer can ignore some of the planning consent details yet comply with others !! That is my personal opinion. However it will need extra work as a safety audit would not pass it as fit for purpose due to lighting and positioning of the beacons.

“The developers will be resurfacing the Byfield Road from the junction with Phipps Road to the junction with Gorse Road from 13th March and it will take 8 weeks. I have today informed the county highways about the cross country at the school on 15th March and about the extra traffic coming into the village, and they are contacting the developers to postpone the start date for the work for a few days. We will see.

“Re the safer route to school, the county looked at extending the footpath from Grants Hill Way to the industrial estate but have rejected the option as the bank would need to be re graded and there may be high voltage cables underground which would need moving. The expense could not be met. They asked the developer to contribute but they declined.!!.

“I have attempted to get a site meeting with the safer route to school officer to discuss options but despite three e mails he has failed to respond. I have today made my feelings known to the county in no uncertain terms about the lack of response and I expect a reply very soon. There are options and as soon as I know anything I will keep you informed. I am sorry I cannot be more positive but that is the situation. I will continue to badger and pressure the higher powers on your behalf. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

Mud On Our Roads

Kay Coles, Chairman of Woodford cum Membris Parish Council, has asked to pass on this message….

“A number of residents have contacted me about mud spreading from the development off Byfield Road. I have spoken to Taylor Wimpey regarding the dreadful state of the roads, resulting from their traffic. They have agreed to increase the frequency of road sweeping to help improve things and will extend the area covered to go from the end of the houses (in the Byfield direction) and back as far as the factory units. Hopefully this will reduce the mud problems.” 

Road Works

If you like to take the back road to Daventry from Preston Capes through Newnham, please note the road will be closed in Preston Capes between 8:00am and 3:00pm on 21st Feb to 3rd March.

Details on opens in a new

Cross Country


The Annual County Cross Country Event will take place at Woodford’s school on Wednesday 15th March 2017 from 3:45pm – 6:00pm.

This popular event has grown over the years and is a major event in many school’s calendars across the County and Woodford Halse Primary Academy is very proud to be the host.

Obviously, they try and keep disruption to the village to a minimum, and would therefore appreciate any offers of parking for coaches whilst the event is taking place.

Please call 01327 265900 and talk to Sonia Haynes if you can help or have any questions or concerns.

Many thanks for your support.

Roadworks, Feb 6-8

Northamptonshire Highways need to carry out urgent carriageway repairs to the following roads.  In order to carry out this work,  the roads are closed as follows:-

Eydon Road, Woodford Halse – one day on the 6th Feb 2017 between 08.30 and 13.00 and the plan can be viewed here

Preston Road, Woodford Halse – two days from the 7th Feb 2017 between 08.30 and 15.00 and the plan can be viewed here

NOTE: The lay-by at the bottom of Scrivens Hill will also be closed as part of these works from Feb 6th for 5 days..

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