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Medical Centre Computers Still Down

No Appointment Bookings Possible

Byfield Medical Centre has published the following URGENT message:-

Byfield Medical CentreThe computers are down at the surgery and they cannot book appointments.

This update was issued at 12:00 Monday lunchtime…

The server is completely broken, the engineer is employing a temporary fix on each computer to get some functionality up and running, the doctors are calling patients as quickly as they can but of course it is now nearly 12.00 midday and they have a large amount of pre-booked calls to get through.

We are trying to re-arrange all face to face appointments.

We are very sorry that there has been an issue beyond our control and are doing the best we can to contact everyone that has been affected.

Phone lines will be open as normal tomorrow to book appointments from 8.00am (as long as nothing else happens overnight!)

Medical Centre & July 19th

Please Continue To Wear Face Masks

Byfield Medical Centre has posted the following asking those attending the surgery to continue to observe Goivernment guidelines after July 19th.

You are still required to wear a face covering (unless exempt) in healthare settings.

july 19 2021 appeal

Saturday is Jab Day

Over 18 Covid Jabs

Byfield Medical Centre just posted the following….

ATTENTION: any adult patients over 18 from Crick, Byfield, Saxon Spires, Long Buckby and Greens Norton and Weedon Surgeries who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid 19 please call Weedon Surgery on 01327 340212 to book an appointment this Saturday 26th June.

Byfield Medical Centre

Byfield Medical Centre : Appointment Changes

New System On Trial From 1/06/2021

The way in which Byfield Medical Centre release available appointments is changing from the 1st June 2021.

Byfield Medical CentreOne of the things that patients have complained about is having to ring at 8.00am to get an appointment for something that is not urgent for that day, causing some patients to have to ring again and again.

The Centre is now structuring their appointment system differently to ensure patients are able to book in advance for things that are not urgent for that day. However, this does not mean that there will be any more appointments available rather the Centre is just changing the way in which they can be booked.

The New System

When you call for an appointment you will be offered an appointment 7 days in advance, if you feel this is too long to wait you can request an appointment 3 days in advance or 1 day in advance. On the day appointments will be for emergencies only – things that have to be dealt with that day. By offering appointments that can be booked in advance it will mean that there will be less on the day appointments available and the Centre requests that you think carefully about requesting these.

Like any new system this may take some getting used to but the Centre hopes that, having listened to patient feedback, this will be a fairer system for all.

There are still have the same number of doctors and nurses and the same number of appointments but they hope that being able to offer appointments bookable in advance you will be able to call throughout the day rather than the mad dash that currently happens at 8.00am each day.

Three Month Trial

The Centre is trialling this for the next 3 months to see if it works better than the current system.

Online Access

We also urge patients to sign up for online access to enable you to order medication online without having to call the surgery, you can also view your test results online.

You can keep up to date with the Medical Centre via their web site.

Are You One Of The Missing 70?

Byfield Medical Centre Is Trying To Contact You.

The Medical Centre has at least 70 patients who have been sent text messages inviting them to book their 1st Covid vaccine, and have also been sent reminders but with no response.

If you are one of the 70 please book your vaccination as soon as possible  OR call the surgery to let them know that you wish to decline.

This will save their time in chasing up unnecessarily and allow them to invite other patients.

Thank you

Byfield Medical Centre – Dispensing

Update on Medications From The Surgery

Byfield Surgery has issued the following notice….

“From Monday 1st March we will go back to medications being available to dispensing patients to collect from the surgery – medications will NO longer be delivered. We are communicating this to patients when they are ordering their medication and have also advised those currently delivering medication to let people know of this change.”

February 8th : Latest on Medical Centre

Updated Planning Documents on DDC Web Site

Byfield Medical Centre and the devlopers proposing houses in Byfield have updated the documents relating to their planning application on the Daventry District Council web site.

Details include the proposed new layout for the Byfield Road / A361 junction, the plans for the medical centre and some drawings of how it would appear and additional proposals on a covenant ensuring the building continues to be used as a medical centre.

Medical Centre

You can view the latest document (dated February 8th 2021) documents by searching for application DA/2017/0826 on the DDC web site.

Any further comments on the application should be sent, including the application reference number above and the home address of the correspondent to Mrs C. Phillips , Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry, Northants NN114FP  ( or email to or via the DDC web site) by 1st March 2021.

A letter received from DDC suggests contacting the Parish Clerk for details of when thisd application is to be discusssed by the Parish Council. Because of the timing of the application it was discussed at Council on Tuesday 9th February 2021 and Council agreed to support the application again.

Have You Told Daventry Your Views?

Four Days To  Save Our Surgery

If yoSOS Logou are a patient of Byfield medical centre over the age of 16 please take the time send a few words to support the planning application for the project to extend the surgery BEFORE MONDAY, JANUARY 25TH 2021.

The Medical centre have been pushing this application to benefit all patients for the last 3 years.

Your Parish Council has already voted unanimously to support this application but individual messages of support make as much difference.

This could be the last chance to show your support in a way that matters.

To register your support, log on to the Daventry District council planning website and search for application number DA/2017/0826 or click on this link. Alternatively, you can email your comments including the application number to Mrs C. Phillips at Daventry District Council or send a letter, which must arrive by 25/01/2021, to Mrs C Phillips, Planning Department, Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry, Nn11 4FP.

You can also email the District Councillor on the Planning Committee with responsibility for Woodford Ward: Rupert Frost

Covid Vaccination

Please Do Not Phone Byfield Medical Centre

Byfield Medical Centre has posted on their Facebook page and web site the following appeal:-


The Medical Centre is currently receiving up to 80 calls a day from patients asking when they will get their vaccine or how can they move up the priority list. We are currently not able to vaccinate patients. Our patients are being vaccinated at Weedon Medical Centre.

Currently the only people being vaccinated are the over 80’s, people in care homes and their carers and front line NHS Staff.

We can not ‘bump’ you up the list, we also CAN NOT tell when you are likely to be vaccinated – sorry we do not know when the vaccine will be available more widely.

Weedon is vaccinating approximately 1,000 patients per week, approximately 200 of those are our patients so you can see this is going to be a slow process until the government either opens a mass vaccination site locally or allows practices to vaccinate their own patients.

Calling the surgery will not, I am sorry to say, get you vaccinated more quickly and is blocking the phone lines.

We understand the frustration and uncertainty and would love to be able to roll out the vaccination programme here. We hope this will be a possibility in the near future.Byfield Medical Centre

Byfield Medical Centre

Updated Planning Application Available

Updated information on the planning application for a new Medical Centre and residential development in Byfield is now available on the Daventry District Council Planning web site.

You can find the details by using the reference: DA/2017/0826 or you may be able to reach it via this link.

The amended application includes the latest transport assessments, provided on 04/01/21.

A copy of the letter from Daventry District Council asking for comments is available here.



Lockdown III & Byfield Medical Centre

New Arrangements For Medication & Appointments

Medical CentreByfield Medical Centre posted the following information relating to the new lockdown regulations on their Facebook page….

We will still be triaging patients by phone and will only call into the surgery those that the clinician feels needs to be seen.

From tomorrow (Wednesday January 6th) all medication will be delivered by our volunteers. You will NOT be able to come to the medical centre to collect this. Deliveries will be like they were in first lockdown during March 2020 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The front door of the medical centre will be closed and there will be a bell to attract the attention of the reception staff who will come and let you in after checking you have an appointment.

As we are sure you are aware the number of COVID cases in our area is rising sharply – please follow government advice and stay safe everyone.


Changes At Byfield Medical Centre

Medication Collection Returns to the Front Door

The Byfield Medical Centre advises that due to the cold weather and the rain they have had we have decided to move medication collection back to the front of the building.

From today (December 29th 2020) both appointments and medication collection will be at the front of the medical centre.

Please wear masks and practice social distancing as there will now be more people coming in and out of the main door.

Xmas 2020 Byfield Medical Centre

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

Byfield Medical Centre will be open as usual from 8.00am – 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, except for the following days when it will be closed:-Medical Centre

  • Friday 25th December,
  • Monday 28th December
  • Monday 4th January

The practice is taking this opportunity to wish their patients a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Don’t forget the Centre’s advice on Covid-19 vaccination.

You can see all the Signpost’s Xmas2020 posts here.

COVID-19 Vaccinations & Byfield Surgery

Tracey Rhymer, Practice Manager at Byfield Medical Centre has sent the following notice regarding the Covid-19 vaccination programme….

Initial Inivtations Being Sent

Invitations to have the vaccine have started to be sent out. The over 80 age group are being targeted first, approximately 150 of Byfield patients will be vaccinated per week.

Vaccinations are taking place at Weedon Medical Centre.

Anyone with a known history of severe allergies will not be invited to have the current vaccine.

Please Do NOT Call For An Appointment

Please do not call Byfield Medical Centre asking to book an appointment, text invitations are being sent to those with mobile phones, for those without a mobile calls are being made to the patients landline. This will be a long process.

Each person being vaccinated will have to have two doses, so there will be two separate appointments.

We are hoping that in the future all GP practices will be allowed to vaccinate their own patients but until then patients will have to go to the nearest centre which is at Weedon.

50 to 64? Flu Vaccine Available

Byfield Medical Centre Notice

Byfield Medical Centre is pleased to be able to say that have had a delivery of flu vaccines to administer to anyone in the 50-64 age group that are not usually eligible.

There will be two evening clinics:

30th November 2020  – 5.30pm to 7.00pm

2nd December 2020  – 5.30pm to 7.00pm

Please call  01327 265841 to book an appointment as soon as possible.

Or, if you are visiting the practice for an appointment and aged 50-64 please ask the clinician you are seeing for a vaccination.

Pregnant ladies (of any age) please call and make an appointment as soon as possible or if you are visiting the midwife here please ask for a vaccination at your appointment.


2020 Flu Vaccination Programme

Don’t Let Flu Leave You Open To Covid-19

Stocks of vaccines to immunise against this year’s variant of flu have started to arrive.

Byfield Surgery will start off by providing Child Nasal flu vaccine at the end of September, then the under 65 vaccines, and then during the 2nd week of October the over 65 vaccines. These vaccines arrive in batches.

Vaccination MAY also be available for the over-50’s age group from mid-November IF there is sufficient vaccine available.

All patients who are eligible will be contacted by text advising that they should call to book, if the patient does not have a mobile phone they will receive a telphone call from the practice. You may alrready have been contacted.

Clinics in will run in the village halls at Byfield, Woodford Halse, Priors Martson and Boddington. You can book for whichever one better suits you. There will be holding an evening clinc and two saturday clinics.


Byfield Surgery Survey

Helping Out An A Level Student

Barnaby Peppiat is completing an A level Geography project on Byfield Medical Centre.

Due to coronavirus, it has been very difficult to collect any primary data, so he would be grateful if you could take the time to complete this short online survey below, which should take no more than five minutes to complete. Collecting this data is very important for the completion of his A level, so he would be thankful for your help.

opens in a new windowByfield Surgery – Geography Project Survey

This survey was originally posted on Facebook. We are sharing it here for those that might not have seen it there.

Please be assured that all data will remain strictly confidential and no names will be required. No data will be shared with any third parties.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Barnaby at:

Thank you in advance for your time.

News from the Save our Surgery Campaign

Byfield Surgery Update

SOS LogoThe Save Our Surgery group are sending out HUGE congratulations to everyone that has donated or helped to fundraise in any way. They are VERY happy to report that they have achieved the first target of £20,000. This is a MASSIVE achievement in 6 months, especially as for 3 of those months we have been in lockdown due to Covid19!


Whats next?

Phase Two!

Between now and the FINAL planning meeting the SOS Group needs to need to raise the profile of Byfield Surgery, the work of the SOS group and its struggle to get past Daventry District Council planning committee to get the much-needed new surgery built.

If you have any ideas to help with this, or know anyone that could help, the SOS Group would like to get in touch. This could be a well-known public figure a member of the press, radio or TV or anyone that can bring pressure to Daventry District Council Planning Committee!

When there is a date for the FINAL planning meeting, we will let you know. The group hope to show as much support for our Doctors as we did earlier this year, if not more.

The SOS Group are the Patients of today trying to secure a Surgery for the Patients of tomorrow.

Face Masks at Byfield Surgery Please..

Byfield Medical Centre have just issued this request….

“Can we please ask that anyone having an appointment at the surgery wears a face covering – this is not yet mandatory from NHS England but is advisory.

“For your own protection we would ask that you wear either a mask or some sort of face covering. Thank you.”

Byfield Surgery Fundraising

It seems that one thing that hasn’t been locked down over the past few weeks is local people’s generosity!

Contributions to the fund to help Byfield Medical Centre provide the information needed by Daventry District Council for their expansion planning application have continued to come in.

Over £15,000

Now contributions through the Go Fund Me page, at various events in the villages and directly to the surgery have reached just over £15,000 – three quarters of the way to the £20,000 target.

Byfield Surgery says thank you for all the support!

SOS Logo


Save Our Surgery Update

Support Group Fund Raising

The Byfield Surgery Support Group is made up of volunteers and patients from the community, formed to spearhead the raising of £20,000 needed to meet the conditions set by Daventry District Council in order to re-submit the planning application for the new surgery.

So far the group has raised in excess of £11,000 through generous donations from residents and patients as well as via their gofundme page.SOS Logo

The surgery, originally built for 4000 patients now has 8300 registered patients and serves the 34 villages listed below. This number is projected to increase.

Supporting this project will help secure the future of local medical services.

The group shall continue to hold fund-raising events led by and supported by the community.

Donations can be made directly by a cheque payable to "Byfield Medical Centre" and sent to Byfield Medical Centre, Church Street, Byfield, nr Daventry, Northants NN11 6XN. Or you can donate using a credit or debit card at GoFundMe.

This is the patients of today, securing the future of the surgery for the patients of tomorrow.

Villages served...

  • Byfield
  • West Farndon
  • Moreton Pinkney
  • Culworth
  • Lower Thorpe Mandeville
  • Chacombe
  • Edgcote
  • Appletree
  • Lower Boddington
  • Wormleighton
  • Priors Hardwick
  • Upper Catesby
  • Charwelton
  • Upper Shuckburgh
  • Fawsley
  • Little Everdon
  • Adstone
  • Woodford Halse
  • Eydon
  • Canons Ashby
  • Sulgrave
  • Thorpe Mandeville
  • Wardington
  • Chipping Warden
  • Aston Le Walls
  • Upper Boddington
  • Priors Marston
  • Hellidon
  • Staverton
  • Napton
  • Badby
  • Newnham
  • Preston Capes
  • Farthingstone

No Need For Abuse

An appeal from Byfield Medical Centre….

“This is a post we did not think we would have to make – could we please ask in these difficult times for our patients to think about what they are doing and saying.

“The staff here are working under enormous pressure and are staying at work risking their health and that of their families to ensure we are able to provide care to those that need it. We are receiving abuse daily from patients and it is not acceptable, we have staff in tears after being abused over the phone or in person, please think about the effect you are having on these people who are here to help you.

“Yes, appointments are being limited; that is not for our benefit but we are following government guidance and triaging patients over the phone and only bringing in those that are deemed to be urgent.

“Medication is now not available until 72 hours after ordering; this is because people are ordering more than they ever have and the dispensary staff are overwhelmed, also stocks are taking longer to be delivered to us. We are also now delivering medication, again to protect you.

“The NHS has a zero tolerance policy which we will be adopting, the team here are working extremely hard in very testing times and as their employer we will do all we can to protect them.”

Prescriptions from Byfield GP Practice


This message is from Tracey Rhymer, Practice Manager at Byfield Medical Centre….

NHS LogoTo try to limit the number of people visiting the practice we are going to start to deliver medications to the villages as follows: –

  • Byfield Good Neighbour scheme will deliver to Byfield Patients,
  • Woodford patients to continue to collect from Popsons,
  • All other villages will have deliveries made by staff members.

You will receive a text the night before your delivery if you are not going to be at home please text back stating this.

If you pay for your prescriptions please have the correct money available.

Prescription Ordering

72 Hour Ordering Please

Byfield Surgery has issued this request…..

Byfield Medical Centre“As I am sure you have seen on the news due to the amount of medications currently being ordered suppliers are running short and deliveries to medical centres are taking longer than usual.

From today instead of medication being available within 48 hours of request we will now be extending this to 72 hours.

“This is beyond our control, our staff are working extremely hard to keep up with the demand from patients please be patient and kind, we are working as hard as we possibly can.”

Medical Centre Planning Application

Latest News from Byfield Parish Council.

The following was posted on the Byfield Parish Council facebook page today …

Update – Revised application for housing estate and Medical Centre

“A collaborative meeting was held between Byfield Parish Council and Byfield Medical Centre yesterday evening, 16th March 2020. The meeting provided us with an update to the revised planning application for the 78 Houses and Medical Centre in relation to the areas where further detail had been requested by Daventry District Council as a result of January’s planning committee meeting.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Tracey Rymer and Dr. Harvey from the Medical Centre, as well as Councillor Jo Gifford, and we’d like to extend our thanks for their collective time and input.

While there were no formal documents or plans made available to be shared with us during the meeting, it was conveyed to us that there are a number of revisions being made to address key concerns, some of which are listed below:

  1. The proposed Medical Centre will be a single-story building.
  2. Changes to the junction at the fiveways does not include traffic lights, although further details are not available at present.
  3. Pedestrian access through the proposed development to Church Street and Knightley Close as a safer alternative to reach the village amenities than having to use the fiveways roundabout crossings.
  4. Heads of Terms to include the Covenant to ensure the use of land and the building remains available for public use in perpetuity, and that the undeveloped land should always stay as open space.

The next steps as we understand them are that once the Highways proposal has been finalised the revised application will go straight to DDC without the need or opportunity for further consultation. DDC will then make their decision.

Anticipated timings are for this to be reviewed in April, subject to Highways and of course to any delays to the process as a result of Coronavirus.”

Byfield Medical Centre : Appointments

From the Byfield Medical Centre’s Facebook feed…


Following guidance around possible cases of COVID-19, all patients will be triaged by a doctor over the phone before any face to face appointments are offered at the practice.

Nurse appointments are being scaled back and things like health checks are being postponed please call to check – 01327 265841.

Byfield Medical Centre Appointments

Online Appointment Booking

Byfield Medical Centre has  temporarily suspended the online appointment booking service following guidance from NHS England.

All appointments must be booked on the phone where you will be asked a series of questions from our reception staff regarding COVID 19 symptoms.

You are still able to order repeat medication online

Byfield Medical Centre Re-opens

Byfield Medical Centre advises that it will re-open at 2:00pm today.

If you need to collect medication the centre is open this afternoon. If you have a medical condition where you feel you need to be seen today please call.

The centre is open again tomorrow as normal please call from 8.00am to book an appointment.

Thank you for your patience

Woodford Branch GP Surgery & COVID-19

Important Information On Woodford Medical Services

The following information has been provided by Byfield Medical Centre, the Patient Participation Group and Woodford cum Membris Parish Council….

The branch GP surgery that was held in the Memorial Hall has been closed since the middle of last year due to IT problems. It will re-open shortly, possibly within the next two weeks or so.

At the same time, an isolation room, to support any local needs for dealing with suspected Corona Virus cases will be set up.

Village groups and individual hall hirers may wish to reconsider their use of the Memorial Hall for meetings as the level of risk for hall users will be higher than it previously was.

(We’ve added a page to collect up posts related to the Covid-19 outbreak. You  can find them here:  COVID-19 News page)

SOS At The Social Club

From the Save Our Surgery Byfield Support Group….

SOS Logo“Thanks to the tremendous support last at the standing room only ‘Save Our Surgery’ public meeting at the Social Club. It was attended by not only Woodford Residents but residents from neighbouring villages.

“A total of £434.70 was donated in the collection buckets and from the sale of the badges.”

SOS Coffee Morning

8th March at the Sports & Community Club

The next event in support of the Save Our Surgery campaign will be a coffee morning at the Sports & Community Club, Byfield Road, on Sunday 8th March from 10:00 to 13:00.

coffee & cakeCome along and give your support. Enjoy a coffee (tea) and cake.

The Byfield Surgery support group, Councillors and members from the surgery will be there and happy to chat and answer any questions regarding the Surgery and its new planning application.

There will be a Tombola, raffle and few games to entertain the children.

Keep in touch at the support group’s Facebook page

If  you can’t come along you can still contribute here: Byfield Medical Centre Appeal Page at

Appeal Event Poster Blank

If you are running an event for the Byfield Surgery appeal, you might like to use the blank poster available here….

Byfield Appeal Poster Template

Just download it to use it in Word or other editor to customise it for your particular event.

And if you want a “thank you” poster….

Byfield Appeal Thank You Poster Template

Thanks from Mark Gillett

Byfield Medical Centre Appeal Tops £2000 So Far.

Mark Gillett posted over at the Go Fund Me page for the Byfield Medical Centre appeal

“A huge thank you to all those who have donated, so far we have raised between us £1800 through Gofundme and over £350 in donations direct to the surgery. Thank you again for your generous support. Mark and all at the surgery.”

It’s a great start but they still have a long way to go to raise the funds to cover the costs of addressing the planning issues raised by DDC. If you would like to add your contribution you can do so online, or at the Surgery.

For online donations click here: GoFundMe Byfield Medical Centre Appeal

Byfield Surgery Appeal

Byfield Medical Centre Needs Financial Help.

The Byfield’s surgery planning application was put in front of the Daventry District Council (DDC) planning committee on Wednesday January 15th 2020. The recommendation before the meeting was to refuse the application but we believe the massive public support that turned up inside and outside the council office’s changed the outcome. After a two and half hour meeting the application was deferred because more information is needed.

SOS LogoSince then, Byfield Surgery has been in contact with DDC and Northamptonshire Highways to get the information required for the application to be put in front of Councillors again. Since the application first went to the planning the Byfield surgery partners have spent over £170,000 trying to get planning permission approved. To get the information required for the planning application to go forward again will cost Byfield Surgery about another £20,000.

If you want to help, a group of concerned residents will be arranging lots of fund raising events and meetings to speak to people face to face. You can donate securely on-line using your credit or debit card at:

Byfield Medical Centre Appeal Page at

or you can leave cash or a cheque made payable to “Byfield Medical Centre” which will go into the trust fund at the Medical Centre. There will also be local fund raising events and activities in the village. If anyone has any ideas on how to help raise funds with an event or other means than please let us know know through the WOW or Signpost. We will be printing flyers and posters to go around all the villages covered by the surgery.

All donations will go purely towards the costs incurred for the re-submission of the Planning Application NOT toward building costs.  Any excess raised will be held in the medical centre trust fund and used for the benefit of patients.

This is the Patients of Today securing the future of our surgery for the Patients of the Future!  

Byfield Medical Centre & The Signpost

Response To Resident’s Concerns.

At last night’s February Parish Council Meeting, the Council was asked to update residents on the progress of the Byfield Medical Centre planning application.

The planning application will be decided on by Daventry District Council, Woodford |Parish Council can only comment on the application and has done so, supporting it. However recognising that Woodford residents have concerns over this, the Council has asked the Signpost to publish all the relevant information and provide as much information as possible.

What We Have Done.

We have added a page to the Signpost entitled Medical Centre Updates. This collects up all the posts related to the medical Centre’s planning application and will also carries a link to the Byfield Medical Centre’s own planning application page  (now live): Planning Application Page.

You can find this new page via the menu at the top of the page…..

Medical Centre Menu Location

DDC Planning Meeting

The planning proposal for a new Byfield Medical Centre was supported by many residents from Woodford, Byfield and other villages attending the planning meeting in Daventry on Wednesday evening. The decision on the proposal has been deferred to a later date.

The BBC has covered it here.

The Daventry Express web site has this article covering the meeting.

The Daily Mail on-line has this article.

DDC post an audio recording of their meetings for those that cannot attend. You can find it here on Youtube. (The first 34 minutes or so consist of the chairman’s introduction and reading the proposal. The remaining discussion continues until 1 hour 51 minutes.)

We also hope to have a statement from the Byfield Surgery Patient Participation Group regarding the next steps shortly.

Surgery Planning Meeting

Daventry Council Offices 6:oopm Wednesday January 15th

Don’t forget the meeting this Wednesday. Come along and show your support.

Save Our Surgery logo Byfield Medical Centre needs to expand. Without the expansion they have said there is a risk that they will close. They have been offered land as part of a development plan for a small estate of 78 houses in Byfield. DDC Planning Officers are recommending rejecting the planning application.

The surgery has asked all those that want to see a new, improved medical centre for all the communities around Byfield to demonstrate their support on Wednesday night at DDC’s offices in Daventry. The meeting starts at 6:15pm. Supporters are gathering at 6:00pm.

Find out more about this here.

The Planned Development Site

Byfield Planned Development Site

Surgery Planning Consent Update

Daventry District Development Control Recommends Refusing Planning Consent

save our surgery logoA letter has been sent to those that commented on the planning application affecting the future of Byfield Surgery saying that the Daventry District Council Development Control Manager is to recommend that the DDC Planning Committee on 15th January refuse the application. No reasons for the recommendation are given in the letter but it refers to the report which is now available below.

A copy of the letter is available here.

A copy of the report to the planning committee with the recommendation is available here.

This makes it all the more important that as many as possible attend to the meeting in order to show local support for the application. Details of the procedure for the meeting are also included in the letter above.


Byfield Surgery Plans

Come along and give your support….

The Byfield Patients Participation Group is asking for as many as possible to attend the Daventry District Council Planning Meeting on January 15th.

To find out more about what is intended see this post from last year.

Download this poster and encourage others to support…. PPG Jan 15th Poster

Byfield Surgery Campaign

Please come along to Daventry District Council Planning Committee Meeting to show your support for the planning application for a new Medical Centre and 78 houses. The meeting is at 6:15 pm on Wednesday 15th January 2020, at

Daventry District Council

Council Chambers, Lodge Road, Daventry NN11 4FP

The meeting is held in public which means you can attend but are not permitted to speak, however a show of support in numbers may be vital.

Published by the Byfield Patient Participation Group, representing the following villages:

Byfield, Woodford, West Farndon, Eydon, Moreton Pinkney, Canons Ashby, Culworth, Sulgrave, Lower Thorpe Mandeville, Thorpe Mandeville, Chacombe, Wardington, Edgecote, Chipping Warden, Appletree, Aston Le Walls, Lower Boddington, Upper Boddington, Wormleighton, Priors Hardwick, Priors Marston, Hellidon, Upper Catesby, Staverton, Charwelton, Napton, Upper Shuckburgh, Badby, Fawsley, Newnham, Little Everdon, Preston Capes, Adstone, Farthingstone

Byfield Medical Centre SOS

DDC Planning Committee : 15/01/2020

The latest information we have is that the plans for the new medical centre in Byfield will be considered at the meeting of Daventry District Council’s Planning Committee on 15th January 2020.

SOS for Byfield SurgeryIf you want to ensure that we go on having access to nearby medical care, you need to support the application. Without it there is a very real risk that the Byfield Medical Centre will close and folk from Woodford and other nearby villages will have to access GP services in Banbury or Daventry. Your local MP and the Parish Council have already expressed their support but the views of local residents carry equal weight in the planning process.

The BEST way to help is by an individual letter expressing your concerns to Mrs C. Philips, Community Team, Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FP or by email: as soon as possible in order to ensure it is considered.

You can find links to the details of the application here.

Byfield Surgery Petitions

GP Medical Care In Woodford and the Surrounding Area

A new, extended, medical centre is part of a planning application for additional houses in Byfield. The application is opposed by Byfield Parish Council but the Medical Centre believes it will have to close if it cannot expand as proposed. It is only possible to fund the new medical centre as part of a new housing development which is making land available for a new centre.

The date for comments on the planning application that will prevent the closure of the Byfield Medical Centre and improve local access to medical services has been extended to Friday 1st November.

Information about the planning application is available here.

Send Your Support

If you want to help ensure that Woodford continues to have a local GP practice you need to support the application. Woodford cum Membris Parish Council has already voted unanimously to do so. The most effective way to show your support for this is by writing to the Daventry District Council planning department as advised in this letter. Individual letters and comments can carry as much weight in the planning process as the Parish Council’s comments. You can comment on-line here by clicking the link “Comment on this application” about halfway down the page.

Our local MP, Chris Heaton Harris has already sent his support, as has the MP for South Northants, Andrea Leadsom.

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There are also petitions available to be signed in:-

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Byfield Medical Centre Planning Application

October 2019 Updates

The planning application in respect of Byfield Medical Centre has been updated with four new documents which can be downloaded below:-

The principal changes detailed in these documents are a reduction in the number of houses proposed from 90 to 78, the inclusion of 10% of properties to be “affordable housing” and a change in access to the development from two entry points (Woodford Road and Church Street) to one (Woodford Road).

Find Out More

These documents are available on the Daventry District Council web site under application number DA/2017/0826. The full set can be accessed by entering the application number on the DDC planning application enquiry page.

The revised application will be considered soon by Daventry District Council and you are asked to provide any comments in writing by 11th October 2019.

The Parish Council will consider this application at the meeting of the Council on Tuesday 8th October. The agenda for that meeting will be published shortly.

A copy of the letter from Daventry District Council to residents detailing the comments process can be found here: DDC Letter 27/09/19.


Byfield Medical Centre Patient Group


If you are a patient with the Byfield Medical Practice you should feel free to contact a member of the participation group on any matters concerning the running of the practice, good or less so. We very much welcome constructive commentary.

The PPG representative closest to Woodford Halse is Peter Deverill who lives in the village and is contactable on 07971 043046.

Equally, please feel invited to join the group as the Practice strives to make itself relevant to everybody’s needs. If you are interested in joining, call Tracey Rymer the Practice Manager on 01327 265841

Byfield Medical Centre Update

Press Release : November 2017

The Medical Centre has issued a press release on it’s recent announcements.

They have also sent a letter to affected local parish councils asking them to support the planning application. A copy of that letter is available here.

The press release is published below…


Byfield Medical Practice has made a Planning Application to Daventry District Council, to build a much-needed new Medical Centre in Byfield. The Application is also for up to 90 new dwellings on the proposed 10.5 acre site, adjacent to the existing out-of-date Medical centre.

The Byfield Surgery, as it was known when constructed 36 years ago, served some 4500 patients. Now, the Medical Practice has approaching 9000 patients drawn from some 41 villages and hamlets over 150 square miles across Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

The Medical Centre is the largest employer in Byfield, but the facilities are inadequate due to lack of space. The proposed new Medical Centre would be able to offer further employment, and provide patients both existing and new, up-to-date medical facilities.

The new housing is a vital element to the scheme, as the landowner will be gifting the land required for the Medical Centre, and contributing to a large part of the cost of construction.

No funds for the new Medical centre will be forthcoming from NHS or public funds. The NHS policy is to create “Super Practices” in towns and cities, rather than in rural areas.

Tracey Rymer, Practice Manager comments: “Our Doctors have decided that we will now have to apply to close our lists to new patients, as we are beyond saturation point. Moreover, due to cramped working conditions, we are unlikely to be able to recruit suitable new staff”

Doctor Adam Bone, Senior Partner added: “General Practice is going through a tough time at the moment and in order to survive we need to offer the best environment to both patients and the staff we hope to bring to work in Byfield; this means a new state-of-the-art medical centre that allows a full range of medical and allied professions to work together under one roof. As for myself I have spent the last four years trying to get this project together so that when I leave Byfield Medical Centre it is in the best possible state to keep looking after its growing patient list. If this does not come off I fear that staff will drift away to villages and towns with better working conditions and the service that is generally applauded locally will disappear for ever.”

Dr. Bone has been with the practice for 20 years, and his retirement comes as a surprise and disappointment to his patients.

John Grindlay, Chairman of the Patient Participation Group, says “Adam Bone, supported by his colleagues, has built up an excellent Practice. The last Care Quality Commission Report in March 2016 rated the Practice as “Good”. It seems that Adam’s departure has been precipitated by the reluctance of a minority of Byfield parishioners and Parish Councillors to support this scheme. Let us hope that Byfield Parish Council puts every effort into making sure this development proceeds as soon as possible, so we have a Medical Centre for at least a further 36 years.”

Byfield Medical Centre News


Dr Adam Bone has formally resigned from his post as Senior Partner at Byfield Medical Centre. He will therefore be leaving Byfield Medical Centre at the end of December 2017.

Dr Bone has worked tirelessly over the last four years trying to secure funding for a new medical centre through the NHS. Unfortunately, local NHS management do not share the view that a new surgery is a priority in this village despite the current building being 60% undersized for its current list size. As a result, Dr Bone’s considerable efforts to secure appropriate funding via the NHS have not been successful.

Given the lack of traditional NHS funding, we looked at a recent initiative in Brixworth where a housing developer paid for a new state of the art medical centre through profits generated from building new homes, Byfield Medical Centre have entered into a similar agreement with a local landowner with the hope of securing adequate funding for a new medical centre with money generated by building up to 90 homes locally.

Despite today’s announcement, Dr Bone remains a passionate and committed supporter of this initiative and keenly hopes that the project will be given the go ahead by Daventry District Council to ensure that the village secures a new medical centre that it both warrants and deserves.

The recent display of unjust opposition to this initiative by the members of Byfield Parish Council together with a minority of parishioners has regretfully precipitated Dr Bone’s decision to leave Byfield Medical Centre and the locality at the end of December.

Byfield Medical Centre : Byfield Parish Council Meeting

Meeting on 24th October

Byfield Parish Council is holding a meeting on Tuesday 24th October at Byfield village hall at 7.30pm to discuss the planning application for up to 90 houses and a new medical centre.

Byfield Medical Centre Site PlanAll Byfield residents are encouraged to attend – but I guess Woodford residents can attend too.

Byfield Surgery : Site Plan

Back in April we posted details of the plans to build a new medical centre in Byfield as part of a new housing development between Woodford Road and Church Street.

Following the consultation in Byfield they have published revised plans designed to address some of the concerns about traffic.

Byfield Medical Centre Site Plan

Details can be found on their Facebook page….


Byfield Medical Centre Development

Byfield Medical Centre is planning to expand. They wish to ensure that they are communicating with all of their patient’s and so have set up a opens in a new windowFacebook page to share their plans for a new medical centre within the village of Byfield.

The practice has the opportunity to develop a large purpose built medical centre on the land behind the current medical centre. An offer has been made to the practice by a local landowner. He wishes to gain planning permission to be build houses, he is offering a parcel of land and finance to build the new medical centre.

The planning application has not yet been approved by Daventry District Council (actually from the DDC web site, it doesn’t look as if it has even gone in yet).

Site Plans

Detailed versions of the plans are opens in a new window available for download here. (Not part of the Signpost)

Building Plan - First Floor Building Plan - Ground Floor Site Location



Site Layout