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Road Closure: Lower Thorpe Mandeville.

HS2 Advise 4 Week Closure From End January 2022.

This will affect those using the “back route” to Banbury via Culworth and taking the road from Culworth via Lower Thorpe Mandeville. There is also a footpath diversion in the area which will remain in place for four years.

Logo for HS2Following on from trial hole survey work which took place in December 2021, HS2 will close Banbury Lane for approximately four weeks to complete a highway crossing.

In the area where our internal access road crosses Banbury Lane, HS2 will create a strengthened surface using concrete, to ensure that the road and any utilities underneath are protected. The site access road will reduce HS2 traffic on local highways by providing an internal route from Greatworth Green Tunnel Compound to construction areas between Lower Thorpe Mandeville and Edgcote.

Banbury Lane will be fully closed, 24 hours a day, from Monday 31 January 2022, with a diversion in place for approximately 4 weeks. HS2 say this is the maximum duration of the closure. HS2 will work to open the road earlier if possible, depending on the progress and extent of reinforcement work required.

A Public Right of Way, footpath BB11, from Magpie Farm to Lower Thorpe Mandeville, will also need to be temporarily diverted to a new entry / exit point onto Banbury Lane. This is to avoid footpath users entering our construction area. The short diversion of footpath BB11 will be in place for a period of approximately 4 years.

Details of the road and footpath closures can be found here.

A361 Road Works : Chipping Warden

Starts 24/01/22 For Six Weeks

As part of their preparatory works, HS2 needs to safely access the construction area next to the A361, Byfield Road, north of Chipping Warden. This will require the construction of a temporary access junction on the east side of the Byfield Road.

In order to complete these works, HS2 needs to introduce traffic management in the form of temporary two-way traffic lights from Monday 24th January, for approximately six weeks. These traffic lights may be in operation for 24 hours a day during the works and some additional weekend working may also take place as required.

HS2 advise allowing more time to complete your journey during this time.

You can find more details of the works here.

Road works map

Road Works : Sidney Road

Information from

Road Works Warning advise that there will be road works taking place in Sidney Road between Saturday 8th January and Wednesday 12th January 2022.

This is related to work being carried out by Anglian Water.

More details can be found on the web site.

Road Closures : Boddington Area

HS2 Works: 6 December to 17 December 2021

There will be road closure in the Boddington and Claydon area as part of HS2’s construction programmes.

Some of these closures will block the route from Boddington to Claydon via Three Shires and Haybridge Wharf.

Logo for HS2There road will be compleletely closed, 24 hours a day throughout this period.

An outline these works with a map of the road affected and diversions can be found in this Works Schedule.


Road Closures : Wormleighton Area

HS2 Works: 27 September to 19 November 2021

There will be road closures in the Wormleighton area as part of HS2’s ecology management programmes.

Some of these closures will block the route from Byfield, through Boddington to Fenny Compton and north to the M40 at Gaydon.

Logo for HS2There will be  daily closures, including some Saturdays, between 27 September and 19 November 2021, during the hours of 09.30am and 3.30pm (Mon – Fri) and 08.00am to 1.00pm (Sat).

This is to allow ecologists to safely observe and where necessary climb roadside trees. We will also be undertaking roadside vegetation clearance as part of the great crested newt mitigation works.

An outline of the dates and times of works and details of which roads will be closed when can be found in this Works Schedule.


Eydon Road Closed 21-22/06/21

Road Works Warning SignAccording to Eydon Road will be closed south of the Dairy Farm / Harley Equestrian access lane between 08:00 on Monday 21st June and 16:00 on Tuesday 22nd June.

This is for roadworks for Gigaclear Ltd. Works Reference: KA005_574530_01.

HS2: Road Closure 7/6/21 to 18/6/21

Culworth Road, Chipping Warden

HS2 advise that Culworth Road, Chipping Warden (the road from the Welsh Road that joins the A361 by the Griffin Inn) will be closed for site clearance works between 8:00am and 4:00pm, June 7th to June 18th.

More details can be found on the HS2 web site.

HS2: Footpath & Road Closures

Chipping Warden & Surrounding Area

With the construction of HS2 across the old airfield at Chipping Warden, HS2 advise that a number of roads and footpaths will be closed during the work.

Appletree Lane (between Appletree and Aston Le Walls), footpaths AA7, AA8 and AE17 will be affected.

Details of the dates of closure and maps can be found in the Notice of Construction Works at the HS2 web site.

path & road closure map


Backroad to Chipping Warden

Road Closed

Logo for HS2HS2 advise that the Culworth Road (the road between Chipping Warden and the Welsh Road) will be closed between 09:30am and 3:30pm on Monday 12th April.

More details here.

Byfield & Phipps Road Closures

22nd March to 23rd May

Northamptonshire Highways have advised us that M V Kelly are intending to carry out a series of works on the Byfield & Phipps Roads for Taylor Wimpey Homes.

On Byfield Road they will be carrying out remedial works to the foul and surface water systems and carriageway resurfacing works.  This will be followed by works on Phipps Road to upgrade the existing foul water system.

Both sets of works will require to be carried out under a road closure and it is intended that they will commence on the 22nd March on Byfield Road for a month followed by Phipps Road for a further month until 23rd May.

The closure and diversions can be viewed here for Byfield Road and here for Phipps Road Phipps Road. (Note: in order to view diversions, they must be enabled by clicking on the data layers icon in the top left of the screen)

map showing Byfield Road diversion

March/April closure of the Byfield Road

HS2 : A43 Closure

Site Investigations & Construction Compound.

HS2 will be carrying out work that will require overnight closures on the A43 between Brackley and Towcester in April.

Logo for HS2To carry out work on the northbound carriageway, HS2 will need to close the A43 between the Northampton Road Brackley roundabout (BP roundabout) and the Syresham Junction, Welsh Road, overnight from 20:00 to 06.00.

The closure will be in place from Tuesday 6th April to Monday 19th April.

There will be no access from the Radstone Road, Whitfield, onto the A43 during these night-time closures and a diversion will be in place.

You can find the full details of the closure with plans and diversion details here.

True Grit?

Gritting – The Winter Service & The Law

What Comunities Can Do – Advice From Northamptonshire Highways

Northamptonshire Highways simply does not have the resources to grit every path in the county and they encourage people ot use the 1500 grit bins across the county.

The salt in these bins is for use on public paths and roads.

If you find a bin that is empty please report it to Street Doctor and it will be refilled.

Grit bins contain a 50/50 mix of sand and salt and hold approximately 0.75 tonnes.

There is a common misconception that the public could be held liable if they use grit from the bins. This is not tre and the Council actively encourages people to use the grit in these bins for public paths and roads or public spaces. The grit is not for use on private paths or driveways.

If an accident did occur, it’s unlikely that you will be sued or held responsible if someone is injured on a path or pavement if you have cleared it carefully.

Don’t be afraid to clear public paths in fear that someone will get injured.

People walking on snow and ice have the responsibility to be careful.

Don’t make pathways more dangerous by causing them to refreeze.

Find Out More

Further information can be found on the Northamptonshire County Council web site

For highways and gritting updates follow @nnhighways on Twitter.

Highways Grit Bin

A361 Road Works January

The web site “Northants Live” is carrying this article about roadworks on the A361 in Charwelton between  January 5th and February 11th 2021.

diversion sign

There will be a two-way traffic signal system ( hours of work will be from 7:30am to 4:30pm.) for the first four weeks and a full road closure for the two weeks after that (hours of work 09:00 – 17:00).

This article has not been confirmed yet either on the Northants County Council web site or the roadworks site or the HS2 web site so there may still be some doubt about it. We’ll update this post if more information becomes available.


Road Works 14-18/12/20

A361 Closed In Byfield 15/12

Road Works Warning SignNorthants County Council advise of a road closure on the A361 in Byfield from the junction with Banbury Lane for a distance of 90m in a northerly direction. Road works are expected between the 14th and 18th of December.

This is to apply high friction surfacing and road markings, install signs and traffic signals and re-locate bus stop.

Works reference: JC03700057885

No information is available on the time of closures but is only showing a diversion for the 15th December.

HS2 & Chipping Warden

Relief Road Works in Winter 2020/21

HS2 has provided an update on their planned work on the Chipping Warden relief road over the winter months.

Currently they expect to open the new road in “early February 2021”.

Details of the phases of work can be seen here:-

1 Chipping Warden AWN Update_Nov 2020_


You can download a copy here: Chipping Warden Relief Road Update November 2020

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HS2 enquiries team on 08081 434 434 or via


HS2 & the Southam to Leamington Road

Closure For Up To 9 Months

For any planning to take this route, HS2 advise that the A425 road between Southam and Leamington will be closed between the junction with Warwick Road (just by Southam) and the B4452 Bascote Road (to Harbury) for a period of up to 9 months from 26th October 2020.

You can find more details and the suggested diversion routes here: HS2 A425 Closure Advice.

(Thanks to Pat Darby for the head up on this…)

HS2 closing the A425

Operation Journey

Campaign for Road Safety In Northants

A new three month road safety campaign which aims to reduce the number of casualties on the county’s roads has been launched.

Last year 42 people were killed and a further 347 seriously injured across the county’s road network – the highest number recorded in eight years.

Led by the Safer Roads and Road Crime teams, with support of their partners in the operation journey logoNorthamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance (NSRA), the campaign will be a mixture of both education and enforcement.

One of the main aims of Operation Journey is to educate people on all aspects of road safety in a bid to reduce the numbers killed and seriously injured in Northamptonshire.

Operation Journey will focus on challenging and changing the behaviour of those who put their own safety, or that of other road users at risk, with special emphasis on the Fatal Four offences – speeding, drink/drug driving, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone at the wheel – which are most commonly linked to death or serious injury on the roads.

In addition to this, Operation Journey aims to deny criminals’ access to the more than 3,000 miles of road network across the county by making Northamptonshire a hostile place to commit crime.

A Call For Public Support

Central Operations Superintendent, Adam Ward, who is also the chair of the NSRA, is calling for the public to get behind the campaign to help save lives and improve road safety.

Supt Ward said: “Every person who dies or is seriously injured on our roads is one too many and we must not forget that behind each statistic is a grieving family or someone coming to terms with a life changing injury.

“We understand this and have been working hard with our partners at the Safer Roads Alliance to try to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in Northamptonshire.

“To improve road safety, we need to change how our roads are used by challenging the behaviour of those who put themselves and others at risk by using our roads irresponsibly and illegally.

“However, with more than 3,000 miles of road network in this county, we cannot do this on our own, and we need support from the public, to help us improve road safety within our local communities and not just on the major routes.

“We need the public’s help to address road safety concerns in our towns and rural communities, to identify those who are using our roads dangerously or to commit crime, and to help remove uninsured vehicles off our roads.”

Northants Strategy For Safer Roads

The launch of Operation Journey is part of a wider strategy to improve road safety, and links several initiatives, including the £1.3 million investment from Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold, to add around 100 new cameras to the automated number plate recognition network across the county.

The cameras will help to support the Force tackle anti-social driving and identify uninsured vehicles – research shows drivers who have no insurance are more likely to be involved in serious road traffic collisions or other types of criminality.

Supt Ward added: “We want to set up best practice across the Force when it comes to road safety, and to ensure we build on the education and enforcement activities beyond December.

“Operation Journey is more than a three month campaign, it is a commitment by the Force to ensure we not only reduce the numbers killed and seriously injured  this year, but for years to come and to make the roads a safer place for all those that use them.”

To keep up-to-date with all the activity under Operation Journey, follow the Force on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or visit

Road Closure 5/10-26/10

Back Road To Daventry

raod closed & diversion signsAccording to signs on the road, the minor road between Newnham and Daventry will be closed at the bridge over Stefen Way for 3 weeks from Monday, 5th October. has the same closure but suggests the road will be open from 13th October, rather than 26th as the signs imply.

Since this is the final bit of the back road from Preston Capes to Daventry it looks like you’ll need to take the A361 or the diversion from Newnham along Poets Way to the A45.




Bikes In The Village

Watch Out For Cyclists on 17/10/2020

On 17th October 202, the Cobbler Classic, a non-competitive cycling event organised by UK Cycling, will be passing through the village between 10:00am and 12:00.

Cobbler Classic LogoCyclists will be starting from Turweston Aerodrome and by the time they reach Woodford they will have covered just over 30 miles of a 75 mile route. The organisers will start participants in groups and you can expect to see bunches of riders at various times during the late morning.

The route will bring cyclists into the village along South Street from Eydon, down High Street and Scrivens Hill and out again along the road to Preston Capes.

If you’re traveling in the countryide around Woodford, this route map (which shows the two routes being used) may be helpful.




Northampton’s Plans For Walking & Cycling

Consultation on the Infrastructure

A consultation has been launched today seeking views on the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Northampton.

The Northampton Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan supports an ambition for Northampton to become a leading centre for active travel, which fully embraces walking and cycling. The document outlines the walking and cycling measures that could be introduced to transform levels of walking and cycling in the town.

We are looking for people’s views on the scope of the document, its approach and whether any changes are needed to the schemes proposed to ensure that they meet the new cycling design guidance LTN 1/20 Cycling Infrastructure Design.

For details of how to comment and to read the document please go to the consultation hub. People have until Friday 23 October 2020 to submit their comments.

OR to ask a question to the project team? Email:

Cycle & wlak ways in Northampton


A361 Closures – 25/08 to 3/09 2020

Resurfacing From Byfield to Chipping Warden

Road Works Warning advises of road closures on the A361 between 25th August and 3rd September.

Resurfacing work will be taking place between Solden Hill and Redhill House between the 25th and August and the 3rd September and from The Twistle to the Welsh Road (Aston Le Walls Crossroads) between 28th August and 3rd September. (Yes, I know these overlap – I’m not sure what they will actually do but it’s what the website says!!!!)

It looks like the road will be closed for some or all of this time. Watch out for yellow boards on the road for information on actual closure times.

More details at



Road Works – 13th to 17th August 2020

Traffic Lights On Byfield Road

Road Works Warning SignAnglian Water advises that road works will be taking place at the junction of Byfield Raoad and the access to Hinton House.

There will be two way traffic control with traffic lights.

More details at



Byfield Road Residents: 19th to 25th August

Access To Some Driveways May Be Blocked

Road Works Warning SignSouthern Gas have advised that road works between 19th and 25th August 2020 will mean access to some residents’ drives will be obstructed and the Membris Way and Fire Station bus stops will be suspended. Residents between the fire station and the edge of the village heading towards Byfield are asked to move vehicles where necessary to prevent them being blocked in.

More details are included in the following letter…

gas road works 20200806

Download a copy of the letter.

Byfield Road Closures – 20th to 31st July 2020

Starts On Monday (UPDATED!)

Don’t forget road closures on the Byfield Road start on Monday. This is for work on the River Cherwell Culvert.

Byfield Road Closed Sign

Northamptonshire Highways is now advising that times and dates for the closure will be as follows….

Twenty four hours a day closure: 20th July  to 24th July

Daytime closure (08:00 to 17:00): 27th July to 31st July.

Access may be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists as well, depending on the work activity.

A letter from Northamptonshire Highways to affected residents shows the road closed between Phipps Road and the bottom of Scrivens Hill (although the work is actually taking place where the road crosses the Cherwell). More recent information on the site indicates the road will only be closed between the entrance to the Sara Field and Scrivens Hill.

ForKings Corner Bus Stop those needing access during the works, Northants Highways say to speak to their people on site and they will allow access. There may be some delays so please allow a bit of extra time.

Anyone with access issues during the works can contact the Northamptonshire Highways site manager, Michael Murray on 07584 340317.

This will also affect the bus service 200 which uses this road.

Stagecoach has posted (see picture right…) on the King’s Corner / Station Road bus stop that it will be closed between 20th and 31st July and that passenger’s should use the stop at Hinton Close. The stop at the foot of Scrivens Hill is closed as well for the same period.

There aren’t any details of service changes on the Stagecoach web site at present but we will update this post if that changes.

We have also been asked if we can provide a clearer version fo the map so here is our attempt. This reflects the road closure advice on (click on the map for a bigger image)

Diversion version 2




Road Works – 20th to 31st July 2020

Closure of Byfield Road

We posted details of the planned road closure of Byfield Road for work on the River Cherwell culvert back on the 18th of June.

road closed and diversion signNorthamptonshire Highways is now advising that times and dates for the closure will be as follows….

Twenty four hours a day closure: 20th July  to 24th July

Daytime closure (08:00 to 17:00): 27th July to 31st July.

Access may be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists as well, depending on the work activity.

A letter from Northamptonshire Highways to adffected residents shows the road closed between Phipps Road and the bottom of Scrivens Hill (although the work is actually taking place where the road crosses the Cherwell) but anyone with access issues during the works can contact the Northampsotnshire Highways site manager, Michael Murray on 07584 340317.


Safer Streets Northamptonshire

Thanks To All That Contributed!

The Safe Streets Northamptonshire initiative thanks those that contributed (there was a link for this site here) and advise that the consultation has now closed.

They had over 1,900 comments and 8,200 agreements which is a fantastic response.

They are now busy collating and analysing all the comments and will be producing a summary consultation document shortly.

They have already started to look at each of the comments receive. Comments have been extremely helpful in informing the development of the Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 Active Travel Fund schemes.

Ideas that have been submitted which are not directly related to social distancing will be used to inform longer-term plans for cycling and walking in Northamptonshire.

They will continue to provide updates via this website.

Road Works – 3rd to 9th July 2020

Closure of Woodford to Byfield Road is showing that Woodford Road in Byfield will be closed between 3rd and 9th July for roadworks on the Byfield side of the Causeway before the A361 junction.

It is not clear in the on.Network post how long the closure will be for and what working hours can be expected but there is a risk that there will be delays through this period.

You can see the details here: Woodford Road Closure

A361 Closures in Wardington

HS2 Road Improvements

Fusion on behalf of HS2 have given Advanced Works Notice of local road closures in Wardington. The works involve widening three bends, installing a puffin crossing (who knew we had puffins in Northamptonshire?), resurfacing and new village entrance signs.

The closure works will begin in mid-July and and is expected to be completed in early August.

There will be continued weekday traffic light lane closures until August.

Overnight full road closures will be between 8:00pm – 6:00am on weekdays as below.

Summary of closure dates:

Dates  Duration  Road Closure   Location
13 July to 16 July 4 Nights A361 Puffin Crossing
17 July and 20 July 2 Nights A361 Puffin Crossing
27 July and 28 July 2 Nights  A361 North Gateway
29 July and 30 July 2 Nights A361 South Gateway
3 August to 6 August 4 Nights Edgcote Road The Hare & Hounds
7 August and 10 August 4 Nights Edgcote Road The Hare & Hounds

Diversion routes will be clearly signed.

More Details

For full details of the closure and work schedule please read the information sheet provided via this link:  Wardington_Road_Closure

Bus News

Hourly Service Returns June 29th.

bus stopGood news on the service 200 bus that runs through the village.

From June 29th the hourly service will return and Stagecoach will be operating a near normal, pre-covid19, timetable (the exception is some changes on Saturdays).

You can download a copy of the June 29th and onwards timetable here:-

Stagecoach Service 200 from June 29th 2020.

Byfield Road Closure July 2020

Advance Notice of Culvert Works.

Northamptonshire County Council Highways is proposing to carry out works on Byfield Road.

The structure of the culvert where the road crosses the River Cherwell, close to the junction with Scrivens Hill. is in need of remedial maintenance. The works being carried out will consist of repairing the scoured brick barrels with concrete and blue engineering bricks. Additional works will include the repair of the cracked headwall, vegetation removal, marker posts and signage reinstated.

These works will require a road closure for the duration of the works.

The estimated start date is mid-late July 2020 and are scheduled to last for 2 weeks. Should you have any queries relating to the project you should contact 01604 883400 quoting 3489- Byfield Road Culvert.

Byfield Road Culvert Plan


Download the plan as a PDF file.



Byfield Road Works A361

In addition to tall the other faffing around on the A361, there will be road closures in Byfield between Judds Garage and Banbury Lane going south.

These are due to take place between the 5th and 18th June though for exactly what times and what days has not been made clear.

More details: One.Network

Bus Services

Service 200 Timetable Unchanged For Now

Stagecoach have posted details of changes to their bus timetables from the 1st June, however the current timetable for service 200 through the village (roughly every two hours, no service Sundays) remains in place for the time being.

Stagecoach have posted the details of new bus timetables here.

The current service 200 timetable can be seen below:-




Download the current 200 timetable here.

Guidance from Stagecoach

10-steps to staying safe when you travel:

 Plan ahead, allow extra time for your journey and try to travel at off-peak times, where possible.

Wear a face covering if you can.

  1. Use contactless to pay or have the correct change.
  2. Buses will have limited capacity. If your bus has a BUS FULL sign please be prepared to wait for the next bus.
  3. Let people off the bus before you get on.
  4. Keep a safe social distance from others, 2m apart where possible – at the bus stop and on board.
  5. Let people off the bus before you get on.
  6. Keep a safe social distance from others, 2m apart where possible – at the bus stop and on board.
  7. Sit in the window seat, leaving the seats in front and behind you empty and don’t sit directly behind the driver.
  8. Only one person can sit on a double seat, unless you’re with a member of your household.
  9. Don’t stand on the bus.
  10. Wash or sanitise your hands before and after your journey.

Monday May 25th

No Buses In The Village

For those who are having trouble not knowing what day it is, next Monday is a Bank Holiday.

#200 busAs a result there will be NO bus 200 running, Stagecoach advise.



Road Works – A361

Just in case anyone is planning to be out on the A361 on May 5th or 6th, expect  it to be closed between the Twistle (south edge of Byfield) and Solden Hill for resurfacing works.

a361 road closure map

A361 Closure : 24-27/04/20?

Road Closed For Chipping Warden Southern Bypass Junction Works

road closed & diversion is showing that the A361 will be closed in Chipping Warden between Appletree Road and Hogg End. The closure will be in operation between 8:00pm on the 24th through to 6:00am on the 27th April 2020.

This is to allow work on the southern junction with the new Chipping Warden bypass.

HOWEVER, the HS2 web site is showing “The A361 road closure planned for this coming weekend has been postponed.” but it doesn’t say which date this refers to. The Signpost is seeking clarification from HS2 but please be aware that the road may be closed.

Road Closures w/c 6th April

A361 & Woodford Road, Byfield

News of two road closures for early next week has been posted on

Road Works Warning SignThe road from Woodford to Byfield will be closed on Monday April 6th (no times given) for tree trimming by Western Power Distribution. Details here: Tree Trimming in Byfield.

The A361 will be closed between Solden Hill House and Red Hill House for resurfacing on Monday April 6th and Tuesday April 7th and between The Twistle to Solden Hill House on Tuesday  7th & Wednesday 8th. Details here: Solden Hill House to Red Hill House Road Closure  & Twistle To Solden Hill House Road Closure.


Chipping Warden Roadworks

HS2 Information Event

Find out more about Chipping Warden road works at a presentation on 12 February

HS2 is holding a presentation evening in Chipping Warden village hall on 12th February, 6;00pm to 7:00pm. This is an opportunity for you to find out more about the road works for the relief road.

At this event you will be able to:

  • talk to our staff about the road works on the relief road
  • ask any questions you have

You can download a flyer with more details here.

Relief Road Map

Charwelton to Hellidon Road

Update on Road Closure – West of A361

County Councillor Robin Brown has provided an update on this road closure which has been in place for some time. It was made necessary due to the structurally unsafe former railway bridge.

Charwelton to Hellidon Road Closed

The current bridge strengthening works [which are the responsibility of developer of the adjacent land] should be completed by the end of February.

At that point County Highways will resurface the road over the bridge for reopening as early as possible in March.

A361 Closure : 24-27/01/20

Road Closed For Chipping Warden Southern Bypass Junction Works

(Thanks to Iain Osborne for spotting this one…) is showing that the A361 will be closed in Chipping Warden between Appletree Road and Hogg End. The closure will be in operation between 8:00pm on the 24th through to 6:00am on the 27th January 2020.

Subsequent weekends will have the same closure times in operation… 28/01/2020 to 02/02/2020, 7/02/2020 to 10/02/2020 and 14/02/2020 to 17/02/2020.

This is to allow work on the southern junction with the new Chipping Warden bypass.

The road will also be closed to the north of the village for the same times on the 21st to 24th February and 28th February to 2nd March.

road closures for chipping warden bypass

Chipping Warden Road Closures Weekends Jan / Feb / March 2020

Byfield Road Closed 12/01/20

Parish Council has been informed that part of Byfield Road between Furniss Close and Upton Close will be closed on 12/1/20 to allow for a manhole repair to be undertaken.

We do not have timings available yet.

The closure is marked in red and the diversion in blue on the map below…

Road Closure 12/01/20

Worth Knowing…

Fix My Street Map

The Fix My Street service allows you to report problems with roads such as potholes, damaged verges and failed traffic lights.

As part of the service FixMyStreet provides a map showing the status of all reported issues.

You can access the map for the Woodford Halse area here.

We’ve added this link to our Local Transport page

and you can connect to the FixMy Street reporting tool either from the map or via our Local Services page.

logo for fix my street

More Road Bother

Preston Capes to Daventry – 18th to 20th December

Watch out if you’re planning Xmas shopping in Daventry and you use the back road from Preston Capes via Newnham.

This road will be closed for waterworks on the days above.

Road Closure Map

Keep up to date on One.Network: Preston Capes Closure and see other recent posts on roadworks here:-

Highway Warden Words…

Concerns Over Byfield Road Diversion

For folk not on Facebook, here is a recent post from Pat Knight, the Parish Highways Warden regarding the problems with the vehicles failing to use the authorised diversion ….

“Representing the Parish Council as Highway Warden I spoke with Northants County Council Highways about the state of Farndon Road and the back road to Byfield being used by the buses while Dolls Hill is closed. A lengthy discussion!!!. A highways inspector will attend and inspect the roads and report back. No time scale given. Do not hold your breath. Sorry there is nothing more positive. There is only so much we can do. I would urge anyone who can to report the holes and broken road edges on Street Doctor. The more complaints the more likely there will be a bit of urgency.”

December Byfield Road Closure

December 2nd to 15th

Road Works Warning SignDon’t forget that Byfield Road will be closed between Membris Way and the Byfield 5 Ways roundabout from Monday December 2nd to Sunday 15th.

You can check on updates at the One Network page here and we will try to update this post with any news on the work as it goes on.


HS2 Drop-In Meetings

Wardington & Chipping Warden Road Works

HS2 are hosting a series of drop-in meetings for folk interested in the road works and road closures taking place around Wardington and Chipping Warden as part of the developments related to HS2.

Dates available are 27/11, 4/12 & 11/12.

Details can be found in this flyer.

HS2 & A361

HS2 locomotiveAs part of HS2’s construction work in your area they have issued an update on progress being made on Chipping Warden relief road and on the work on the Welsh Road.

Chipping Warden Relief Road

As the work progresses you will start to see more activities taking place including:

  • Excavation of drainage ponds
  • Construction of the new highway
  • Installation of new drainage and other associated highways equipment
  • Diversion of existing underground and over ground utilities to enable the new highways to be built

Please see below maps showing locations of where the Chipping Warden works will be, the traffic management measures and the diversion routes:

Full road closures and diversion.

Welsh Road Junction

Regarding the Welsh Road junction in Aston Le Walls.

As the work progresses you will start to see more activities taking place including:

• Construction of the new junction

• Installation of new drainage and other associated highways equipment

There are a number of lane closures and temporary traffic lights planned from September 2019 to March 2020 on the A361, Appletree Rd and Welsh Rd.

Please see the below maps, showing locations of the works, traffic management measures and the diversions:

If you have any questions about the HS2 works, please contact the HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 or email

Eydon Road Works

We’ve had advanced warning of road works on the Eydon Road….

We will update this with any further info when received.

Delays possible – Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: Over disused railway bridge

Works description: Maintenance and repairs to disused railway bridge

Responsibility for works: Northamptonshire County Council

Current status: Advanced planning


HS2 Work in Wardington

Fusion working on behalf of HS2 have issued an Advance Works Notification for road construction works on A361 through Wardington.

Works is expected to start in late October on the A361 though Wardington.

You can download Fusion/HS2’s Advanced Works Notification here.

New Gas Main

Courtesy of Byfield Parish Council…

We have been informed that a new gas main will be installed from Byfield to Woodford Halse. The official notice says this will be starting on 30th September 2019.

This will be from the ‘five ways’ mini roundabouts all the way to the new Woodford housing estate. Traffic management and subsequent road closures will be in place from 30th September.

Recent communication from the contractor (thanks to Steve Bartlett for this) adds the following information:-

“With regards to your enquiry we will have a slight delay in beginning our works on this project. The works will likely start between 07/10 and 14/10 depending on the teams current works. For the majority of the project we will be using temporary traffic signals but will close the Woodford Road from 04/11/19 – 25/11/19. Access will be maintained for residents via Byfield Road but a hard closure will be in place on Woodford Road from the double roundabouts to it’s junction with Fessey Road. We will aim to have the project completed by 02/12/19 but this is very dependent on what is found on site. If we encounter network issues the duration may change.”

Attached is a drawing of the works and a copy of the proposed diversion route during the closure.

Map of proposed works:

Map of proposed diversion:,%20Daventry,%20NN11%206XD.pdf

HS2 Meeting 18th Sept.

Fusion, the Chipping Warden Relief Road contractors for HS2, are hosting a drop-in event at Chipping Warden Village Hall where local residents can ask questions about the works going on in the area.

HS2 locomotiveYou are welcome to drop in any time between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on Wednesday 18th September at Chipping Warden Village Hall, Culworth Road, OX17 1LB

Details available here… HS2 Drop In Event

Road Works 6-10/09/2019

Road Works Warning is showing that the A361 Banbury Road, Byfield, will be subject to delays between 06 September and 10 September 2019

There will be multi-way signals controlling traffic at various points between the Dolls Hill junction with the A361 and the Byfield Co-op.

This is to allow Openreach to install  fibre cable in the BT ducts.

Works reference: BC006TI003MW500285407802

Details here: map

School Street Road Closure

Sewer Replacement 16/08/19

Cappagh Contractors, working for Northamptonshire County Council, are planning to replace a sewer cover outside number 3 School Street in Woodford Halse

To undertake these works safely will the road will be closed for one day on the 16 August 2019 between 09.30 and 15.30.
A plan showing the closure and the diversion can be viewed here  opens in a new window
If you require more information about the works please contact Caroline Bartlett at Northamptonshire Highways on 0208 9474000 option 3.
Plus the following letter has been received residents from Thames Water….

Road Works A361 Byfield

Road Works Warning is showing that the A361 will be closed at the junction with Woodford Road between 29th and 31st July.

It is not clear if this is a full time closure or if traffic will be able to get from the Woodford Road onto the A361 north or south.

Details here:

A361 Crash Appeal

Police officers investigating a fatal road traffic collision on the A361 are appealing for dash cam footage of the area from Monday, July 15, to Tuesday, July 16.

The incident happened outside Daventry just after 12pm on Tuesday, July 16, when a man cycling towards Daventry along Ashby Road was in collision with an LGV. He suffered serious injuries and died at the scene.

The full story here:-

Regatta Road Closure

Friday 28th June

Remember that tonight Station Road will be closed for the Regatta & Street Fayre.

The closure will be in operation between the bottom of Parsons Street and Cherwell Terrace.

The road will be closed from 5:00pm on Friday 28th June 2019 until 9:00pm.

Regatta Street Closed Map

© OpenStreetMap contributors

A361 Relief Road Works

A new contractor has been appointed to take over the work on the Chipping Warden relief road according to this article on the Daventry Express website: Contractor Appointed for HS2 Relief Road.

More details on the work being done in this area can be found here: Edgcote, Wardington Chipping Warden HS2.

HS2 locomotive

Construction Traffic on the A361

Expect Delays As HS2 Deliver Heavy Machinery

HS2 have issued a traffic warning.

HS2 WarningAbnormal loads will be travelling from the M40 junction 11 to the HS2 construction site near Wormleighton. Around twenty construction vehicles loaded on the back of low loaders will be transported slowly to the site under the control of an escort vehicle during mid-May and June.

The route they will use is:-

1. From junction 11 of the M40 north along the A361 through Wardington and Chipping Warden.

2. Turn left onto the Welsh Road passing Aston Le Walls and along the Banbury Road through Lower Boddington.

3. Turn right onto Stoneton Lane followed by an immediate left into our site entrance.

You  can find out more here:  Abnormal Load Movements Warning.

Red Road….

Some folk have expressed concern about work going on along the Red Road.

Kay Coles, Chair of the Parish Council, advises that this is to do with the work on the development of 37 houses either side of the Red Road. The road itself will be unaffected by this development.

Here is a plan of how the development will reinstate the route. This was part of the planning application on the Daventry District Council planning web site where you should look for up to date information against reference number: DA/2018/0370

A Temporary Closure Order was in place which allows the road to be closed up until the end of March 2019. Since the work has not been completed, the developers are required to apply to the Secretary of State for Transport for an extension. (Details of Temporary Road Closures and the related procedures can be found on the Northants County Council web site.

A copy of the closure order (as updated 28th February 2019) and a map showing alternative routes can be downloaded here.

Fix My Street

Northants County Council have launched a new on-line page where you can report problems such as pot-holes, street lighting, pavements, and a whole series of others.

You can also check on problems in your area to see if they have already been reported and see any updates on progress with fixing the problem.

Street light problems in the village (which are owned and maintained by the Parish Council) should still be reported to the Parish Council, which can be done by email giving the street light number from the post and its location, to the Parish Clerk:

The new page is available here:-

Car Parking

Parking Permits for Village Centre

Following the recent public consultation about the parking problems in the Village, the Parish Council is going to offer parking permits to local residents to enable them to park overnight in the Village Centre car park.

The Council needs to make sure that the parking is always available for hall users, so this will be for a trial period initially to see how it works.

Parking permits will be issued for residents to park from 8pm to 8am, Monday to Saturday, and all day on Sunday for private cars only.

The main conditions are:

  • The permit will not guarantee a parking space – hall users will have priority. However, having monitored hall usage over the last few months we know that parking will normally be available from 8pm each evening. On those evenings when the hall is being used for an event parking may not be available until later in the evening. We will notify permit holders so that they can find alternative parking when we think that this may occur.
  • As there are a limited number of parking spaces these will be made available to local residents who have no off-street parking. Residents of Station Road, Castle Road, Percy Road, Sidney Road, Cherwell Terrace and High Street (in this order) will initially be able to apply for a permit.
  • If oversubscribed residents who work for emergency, health or social care services will be given priority.
  • Other residents will be able to apply for a permit as spaces are available.
  • Cars must be road legal. No vans, caravans or motorhomes will be allowed.
    Permit holders must agree to move their vehicle when reasonably requested by an authorised member of the Parish Council.
  • A payment (to cover administration costs, maintenance of the car park, lighting etc) of £10 per quarter will be charged.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to apply for a permit to park overnight in the Village Centre please contact the booking clerk (tel: 01327 204683) or email:


Cuts In Gritting Next Winter Will Hit Woodford

According to an article on the Daventry Express web site, planned cuts to precautionary gritting will mean that the following roads won’t be gritted as a precaution against freezing:

  • Byfield Road
  • Scrivens Hill
  • Church View
  • School Street
  • Station Road
  • Hinton Road

These will be among almost 500 roads in Northamptonshire that will no longer be treated, saving the County Council an estimated £475,000.

Northants County Council have published the detail of their proposals here. Precautionary gritting will continue on the Byfield Road from the junction of Phipps Road to Byfield. Effectively it is the old part of the village that is impacted by these changes; the routes to the shops and the school. NCC will also be removing gritting bins at the foot of Scrivens Hill, Eydon Road and Hinton Road.

Manor Road – Adams Road, Membris Way – Ash Way, Scrivens Hill, Station Road, High Street Church Street, South Street and the Eydon Road will continue to be gritted in “adverse conditions” (i.e. “during daytime hours in advance of a high confidence forecast for snow or when the forecast temperatures are not forecast to rise above zero for 48 hours.”)




Catesby Tunnel Project

In case you’re wondering what the work beside the A361 at Charwelton just north of the Cherwell Bridge is all about, you can find out more in this Daventry Express article.

Or have a look at this short BBC video which explains what they are trying to do. (Thanks to Ady Horner for this link)

The Catesby Tunnel was part of the route Great Central railway line that ran through Woodford Halse. It was almost 3000 yards long and build between 1895 and 1897. It was first used in 1898 and the last train ran through it in 1966.


A361 Closed 12 & 13/02

The A361 will be CLOSED at Chipping Warden between 9:15am and 3:30pm on February 12th and 13th for road patching work.

Details on,

Don’t forget you can always view local roadworks details here on the Signpost.

A361 Closed 25/01

The A361 will be CLOSED between the junction with Stefen Way at Daventry  (although other sources say between Charwelton Road) and the Culworth Road junction at Chipping Warden between 8:00pm on January 25th and 6:00am January 26th for gully cleaning, lining, vegetation cuts, VSF repairs (?) and road patching work.

Details on,

Don’t forget you can always view local roadworks details here on the Signpost.

Witness Appeal

Collision : Barby Lane : 15th September 11:00pm

Northants Police are appealing for witnesses following a single vehicle collision in Barby, near Daventry, on Friday night (15 Sept).

Shortly after 11pm  a black Mercedes, for reasons yet unknown, left the road in Barby Lane and was in collision with the hedgerow and fencing.

The driver, a 30-year-old man from Rugby, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham with serious injuries.

If you saw the crash or if you may have seen the vehicle prior to the collision, call the Drivewatch Hotline on 0800 174615, quoting incident number 616/150917.

Safety Matters

Here’s the Latest Safety News from Northants County Council

This edition of Safety Matters has details of….

  • Free Half-Day Car Kraft Driver Experiences for non-drivers (15 to 25) and drivers (17 – 30)
  • Child Safety Week (5th – 11th June)
  • The Facts on Mobile Phones & Driving
  • What You Need To Know About Kids’ Booster Seats

Download your copy here: opens in a new windowSafety Matters Spring 2017


Byfield Road Condition

Pat Knight, the Parish Highways Warden met with Northamptonshire County Council to discuss the problems withthe road conditions on Byfield Road following the various works carried out over the summer.

He posted this on Facebook to update all……

“Highways update after yesterday’s meeting. NCC Inspector described Byfield Road as atrocious. No surprise there. Urgent meeting being arranged with developers to re instate properly including footpath at junction with Phipps Road. Also to repair the road between Woodford and the water tower that was used as the diversion route. Sidney Road new surface sinkage being addressed. Bus stop at Kings Corner, sinkage also to be sorted. New zebra crossing beacons put in recently are the wrong type and one completely shielded by trees which have TPO on them. NCC will meet with developers to re-site the crossing nearer Phipps Road with correct equipment. Possibility of new footpath between Red Road and industrial estate so children walking to Kitchen Lane only have to cross Byfield Road once. I will keep you updated but please be patient these will all take time. Any road defects or potholes please report direct to Street Doctor as soon as you notice them. Thank you.”