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Fire Safety Advice

From Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch works very closely with Northants Fire service and hope that you find the following information useful in making your home safer or helping vulnerable people you may know safer as we head into the colder weather.

Northants Fire Service offers a Home Fire Safety Visit service. Here are some bullet point examples on when this might be useful. If you are in one of these categories or know someone that is, you should consider this service.

  • Concerns around lack of or not working smoke alarms
  • Older residents, living alone
  • Concerns around mobility or sensory impairment which may affect ability to escape in a fire (including dementia)
  • Where residents smoke inside the home and are not mobile
  • Previous fires, or near misses
  • A fire setter living in the home
  • Concerns around electrical safety including overloaded sockets or exposed wires
  • Issues of Hoarding or Clutter.
  • When there are fire safety concerns for a Family needing or accessing Early Help, financial hardship or living in a target area / vulnerable adult receiving or in need or care and support.

How To Use The Service

The online referral form can be found here Fire Partner Agency Referral Form, you can fill that in on behalf of a vulnerable person. The form can be used for all referrals as it provides the Fire Service with all of the necessary information to try and progress the request, but you will need the persons consent to do this.

If a person wants to refer themselves, this can be done on the self-referral form which can be found here Fire Self-Referral Form

Or people can complete their own fire safety check on-line if they do not want anyone to come out and visit them, which can be found here Complete your own Safety Check at Home 

If you need to contact the team for advice, you can email them on 

If a referral is not required at this stage and you would like to pull a picture together of whether any other services are sharing your concerns before deciding the best course of action, then please email and they can check their systems for any records they hold.

Please also see the Home Fire Safety Advice leaflet that you can see below.

Find more fire safety advice at or call us on 01604 797000

In an emergency, get out, stay out and call 999.

Fire Safety Advice Leaflet



Download a copy to save or print.

Cherwell Water Levels

opens in a new windowGaugeMap provides public access to live data from automated water level gauges throughout the UK.

This includes the water level gauge that measures the height of the River Cherwell at the bridge on Hinton Road. This is the furthest upstream monitoring of the Cherwell.

To provide an easy way to access this data, we have added a page on flood risk to the Signpost. You can get to this via the menu above under Village News.

This is the information provided:-

The gauge shows the current water level and gives you the option to follow it on Twitter so that you can get immediate updates to your phone.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is NOT provided by the Parish Council. The Council is not liable for any eventuality as a result of the use of this information or for its non-availability.

Fire Station

On Saturday 13th October 2018, Woodford Halse Fire Station will be holding a recruitment day together with introductory Heart Start sessions. The event will run from 11am until 3pm.

Heart Start sessions start from  11.30,12.30, 1.30  and 2.30.

The sessions are in conjunction with the community defibrillator  which was supported by the WI’s fund raising. The defibrillator will be located at Woodford Halse Fire Station on the Byfield Road. Once this is installed, we will have a defibrillator at both ends of the village. (There is already one outside the Memorial Hall on Station Road.)

The event is also a recruitment day for the fie service. It will be a good opportunity to talk about and explore, the role of the on-call fire fighter within Woodford Halse Village.

Risk of Flooding?

Photo credit: Kay Fennell

The Parish Council is taking part in the Flood Resilience Project being run by Northamptonshire County Council to help reduce the risk of flooding and damage to homes in the village.

You can find out about the results of the flood risk survey for the village at a meeting taking place on September 26th, 6:00 to 7:00 pm in the Farndon Room at the Village Centre.

Learn more on this poster.

Worried About Flooding?

Northants CC Launches New Flood Online Toolkit

Northamptonshire County Council has been developing a new online toolkit to assist communities, individuals, land owners and businesses with improving county-wide flood resilience.

The Northamptonshire County Council Flood Toolkit is now officially live and can be accessed through the following web address – opens in a new

The Flood Toolkit allows you to: –

  • Find out if they are at risk of flooding using the interactive Flood Risk Map.
  • Discover who is responsible for flooding outside their home or on the roads and how to contact them.
  • Learn how to protect their property from flood water through engaging images.
  • Locate funding sources for flood related projects using the Funding Mechanism Tool.
  • See how much rain has fallen in their local area through the Rain Gauge Widget.
  • Educate children through the Flood Aware Schools Pack.

You can utilise this free resource and share this with your neighbours.

The NCC Flood and Water Management Team hope that you find the Flood Toolkit useful, engaging and enjoyable!

Northamptonshire County Council, Flood and Water Management Team, Room 271, County Hall, NN1 1DN


Webpage: opens in a new

Anglian Water Latest

From their web site this morning…

“If you’re still having a problem with low pressure or no water this morning please call us on 0800 145 145 so we can check it out.

Traffic control will also remain on site until the repair to the road is completed. This should be by the end of the day Friday 6th February.

Again we’re really sorry for any inconvenience we’ve caused by this interruption.”

opens in a new


More Water (or Less…)

Update via Gary Denby….

Received from Anglian Water via email to Parish Councillors (Wed 4 Feb 18:00) – the interruption may continue overnight:

“Dear Councillor,

I wanted to contact you and make you aware of a burst water main in Woodford Halse.

Our technicians are on-site and have been able to shut off the water main to prevent any flooding. However, this has resulted in a number of customers’ supplies being interrupted.

We are currently arranging for water tankers to be dispatched, which will be used to top-up the water network. Bottled water has also been delivered to vulnerable customers in the area.

Whilst we are doing all we can to restore customers’ supplies quickly, as a precaution we are advising people to prepare for the possibility that this interruption may continue overnight.

Please be assured that we are doing all we can to resolve this matter and I will keep you updated throughout the repair.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Hayton

Manager, Public Affairs
Anglian Water Services Ltd.”

Water Update….

Latest From Anglian Water at 16:00

“We’re really sorry that some customers in Woodford Halse may have very low water pressure or no water at all.

We’ve got a burst main in your area that we’re working hard to get fixed, so that we can get your supply back to normal as soon as possible.

We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

When the water is back it may look a little cloudy or discoloured, just run your tap for a couple of minutes and it should clear – if it doesn’t give us a call so that we can check it out – 03457 145 145.

Again, we’re really sorry we’ve inconvenienced you and thanks for your patience.

Job Number: 51113698”


From the Anglian Water web site… No Water or Low Pressure

Photo credit: Kay Fennell

Photo credit: Kay Fennell

The following was posted this afternoon on the Anglian Water Website.

“We’re really sorry but some customers in Woodford Halse may have very low water pressure or no water at all.

We’re working hard to determine the cause and we’ll get your supply back to normal as soon as possible.

We’ll update this message when anything changes.

Again, we’re really sorry we’ve inconvenienced you and thanks for your patience.”

As of ten minutes ago (3:00pm) contractors were on site at the problem: a burst main at the footy of Scrivens Hill. Anglian Water have been phoning residents to advise them of the problem and saying they hope to fix things by 7:00pm.

Here;s a link to the latest on the Anglian Water website:-

opens in a new

Learn To Save A Life

Free Course Could Help You Keep A Heart Attack Victim Alive

opens in a new windowBritish Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Northants Fire & Rescue are teaming up with the British Heart Foundation to deliver Community Heart Start a free way for you to learn the essential skills that could help save someone’s life.

Learn more here:-  Heart Start


Water Main – Updated

A burst water main has been affecting Byfield Road but Anglian Water say it is now fixed.

If you are still having trouble their contact details are in this  opens in a new windowAnglian Water update.


Flood Advice from NCC

County Council Emergency Flood Information

Northamptonshire’s Emergency Planning team have received a Yellow Flood Guidance Statement to continue until at least Saturday.

They have put together an information page on the Northampton County Council website to help residents find current flood warnings, to report a flood, and to prepare for flooding.

You can find it here: Flood Advice Page 

You can also connect with them on Twitter:

  • @mycountycouncil – Northamptonshire County Council central account
  • @NorthantsEPTeam – Northamptonshire Emergency Planning Team

And here’s a video to help spread the safety message: opens in a new windowKeep Out of Floodwater!

Flood Report Published

Investigation Highlights Need For Better Co-operation

Following the floods that occurred in Woodford Halse on 21st November 2012 a report was commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council under its duties as the Lead Local Flood Authority.

The completed Flood Investigation Report has been now published on the County Council’s Flood and Water Management web pages at: Northants Flood Investigations with the specific report available here.

Section 4.6 of the report provides guidelines for “riparian landowners” (those owning properties alongside a watercourse) which will be helpful to those with properties beside the River Cherwell or one of the streams that feed into it.  Section 4.7 provides guidance for other residents, including the following which, if your property is at risk of flooding, you may find helpful:-

For its part, in response, the Parish Council arranged for the Hinton Road and Upton Close culverts to be monitored & cleared of debris. They also arranged clearing the stream & banks of debris & vegetation from the Hinton Road culvert to Larch Close.


The Bees Knees…

After last week’s bee scare there have been a few folk looking for a bee keeper via the Woodford Halse Community page.

opens in a new windowEnglish: This is an image of a bee swarm. I ma...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It sounds like it would be a good idea to pull together a pest control page for the Signpost but in the mean time here is a link to the opens in a new windowNorthamptonshire Bee Keepers Association list of Swarm Coordinators. They offer a swarm retrieval service but please note this comment from their web site….

“Swarm Co-ordinators and Collectors are VOLUNTEERS. They may be at work or otherwise busy and will not always be available to respond immediately. The service is to remove swarms of honey bees from accessible places. The beekeeper may be willing to tackle wasp nests and bumblebee nests or give advice – but the beekeeper’s interest is primarily in honey bees.”