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Estates Committe & Election Cancellations

Please note that with regard to the current & changing Coronavirus circumstances, the Estate Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday 17 March 2020 is postponed. In case of doubt or query regarding any Estate Committee matter Robyn Davison would be pleased to hear from you.

The conduct and scheduling of Parish Council business is being kept under constant review and according to County Association advice, Parish Council policy and legal obligations.

In addition the local elections scheduled for 07 May 2020 have now been postponed until May 2021. The parish of Woodford cum Membris Parish Council is not affected because we have no scheduled election this year but the effect on the composition of the new unitary authority is not yet clear.

Election Candidates 2019

Here is the formal notification of those nominated as candidates for our parliamentary constituency at the forthcoming General Election…..

Statement of Persons Nominated & Notice of Poll for December 12th 2019

The polling stations for the village are numbers 71 and 76 in the list.

December Election

Make Sure You Can Vote

Daventry District Council has issued the following advice regarding next month’s election…

Poll Cards Being Sent Out

DDC LogoPoll cards are being sent to homes throughout the Daventry constituency ahead of next month’s General Election.

The poll cards contain information about how to vote on polling day, including the location of people’s polling stations and the voting hours, which run from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 12 December.

When voting on the day, it is helpful if people take their poll cards with them, but if you do not have it with you, you can still vote.

Daventry District Council verifies and counts the votes for the Daventry Parliamentary Constituency, which includes Daventry District as well as to two wards from the borough of Wellingborough (Earls Barton and West) and the South Northamptonshire district wards of Harpole & Grange, and Heyfords & Bugbrooke.

You Can Still Register

Those who are not yet registered to vote still have time to register in order to have their say in this election. This should be done at the Government’s Register to Vote page by midnight on Tuesday 26 November.

If You Cannot Vote In Person

People who would like to vote by post have until 5pm on Tuesday 26 November to submit their application. Once people have received their postal vote they should mark their vote on the ballot paper and send it back so that it arrives by close of poll, which is 10pm on Thursday 12 December.

Anyone who cannot get to a polling station and wishes to appoint someone to vote on their behalf can apply for a proxy vote up to 5pm on Wednesday 4 December, though if an elector falls ill or is called away on business after this date, they may be able to apply for a proxy vote up to 5pm on 12 December.

Find Out More

For more information about the election, including details of how to apply for a postal or proxy vote and the list of candidates, please visit Daventry Council’s General Election 2019 page.


Notice of 2019 General Election

This is the formal notice of election for the UK Parliamentary Election on Thursday, December 12th 2019.

Notice of Election 12th December 2019

Closing date for nominations is 12:00 midnight Thursday 14th November.

New voter registrations must be received before 12:00 midnight on Tuesday 26th November.

Applications for postal votes must be received by 5:00pm on Wednesday 4th December.

Applications for proxy votes must be received by 5:00pm on Wednesday 4th December.




County Elections

Voting for your County Councillor is how you get to affect the decisions made about Northamptonshire, including the bulk of your Council Tax.

Elections take place on 4th May BUT you must register to vote by 13th April, if you are not already registered.

Don’t miss your chance to vote.

Please display these posters if you want to encourage people to register & vote.

opens in a new windowRegister Poster

opens in a new windowVote Posters


Notice of Elections

Police & Crime Commissioner + District Councillor

Elections will take place on May 5th for the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner and for one District Councillor for Woodford Ward on Daventry District Council.

The following notices ask for nominations for these elections. Nominations must be submitted by 4pm on Thursday 7th April.

opens in a new windowNotice of Election : Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner

opens in a new windowNotice of Election : Woodford Ward District Councillor

District Council Elections

Notice of Election : May 7th

On May 7th, as well as the General Election, we have the chance to vote for a Councillor to serve on Daventry District Council.

Anyone wishing to stand must have their nomination papers in by 4:00pm, Thursday 9th April. Applications for postal votes must be submitted by 21st April. (see the Notice of Election).

Notice of Election UKPGE

Notice Of District Council Election – Woodford


District Council Elections

Vote For Your Daventry District Councillor

opens in a new windowPolling station sign, London. UK general elect...Here is the formal notice of poll for the District Council Elections to take place on Thursday 22nd May with details of the candidates nominated and polling stations:-

opens in a new windowNotice of Poll Woodford District