Santa’s On His Way – Tuesday’s Code

Santa is coming to Woodford Halse, Eydon and Boddington on 7th, 8th and 9th December!

Roads he will be visiting each day below!

You can track Santa on your iPhone (code for Tuesday: IFX-QXY. Turn off your location in the app too!): Life 360 Tracker App

santa collection

Where To See Santa

6pm until 8.30pm each night….

Tuesday 7th: Red Road Estate, Woodford Meadows, Gorse, Manor, Nelson, Townsend, Adams, Top of Byfield Rd, Membris, Central, Tree roads, Anscomb, Pool St.

Wednesday 8th: Byfield Road, Phipps, Flower Roads, Bird Roads, Station Road, Cherwell, Sidney, Castle, Percy, Church, School, High St, South St, Scrivens.

Thursday 9th: Eydon, then Upper and Lower Boddington.

Collecting for the School & Fire Fighters

We will be collecting on the night or you can donate online: Woodford Halse Sanata Collection at Just Giving.

All proceeds from the collection will be split equally between the Friends of Woodford Halse C of E Academy and The Fire Fighters Charity as always.

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