Signposts to the Signpost-8: Local Support

Help for Health

support groupsThere are many organisations around the country that can help with a range of physical and mental health needs.

We can’t hope to catalogue them all on the Signpost but we like to publicise those we do come across and we keep a page with links to some of them here.

You can also find this page from the home page using the top menu under Local Directory / Local Healthcare scroll down to find the link to “Support Groups”.

Recently we were contacted by Rehab4Addicition and we’re happy to add them to this list.


Rehab 4 Addiction is a UK-based addiction and mental health helpline.

Each year, they help thousands of people experiencing the issues such as alocohol, drug and other substance adddiction and many other mental health issues. Rehab4addiction helps those worried by these problems to identify and access treatment options, including understanding the costs of treatment.

Those worried by their alcohol use with the festive season approaching may find the following page helpful:’s Alcohol Rehab page.

(As always with commercial organisations, the Parish Council does not endorse or recommend any single organisation. Information is provided to help local residents identify organisations that may be able to help them.)

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