Updating The Voting Register

West Northants Council Annual Canvass

You can only vote in local and national elections if your name is included on the Electoral Register.

Starting Monday October 25th through to Wednesday November 24th

An annual canvass normally takes place every autumn to update the Electoral Register. The purpose of the canvas is to ascertain

  • Names and addresses of persons who are entitled to be registered but who are currently not
  • and the details of those persons who are registered but are not entitled to be

Vote LogoThe register is the basis for our democracy and the accuracy of the register is extremely important, The electoral register is also used to call people for jury service in England and Wales and as the base for credit referencing and proof of a person’s identity. This information is required by law and occupants could be fined £1000 for not responding.

Canvassers will be out and about during the canvassing period, 9am until 8pm including weekends. All have identification and hi-viz waistcoats. They will not be entering houses, canvassing on door steps only, observing Covid protocol.

You can find out more on the West Northants Council website.

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