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Neighbourhood Watch works very closely with Northants Fire service and hope that you find the following information useful in making your home safer or helping vulnerable people you may know safer as we head into the colder weather.

Northants Fire Service offers a Home Fire Safety Visit service. Here are some bullet point examples on when this might be useful. If you are in one of these categories or know someone that is, you should consider this service.

  • Concerns around lack of or not working smoke alarms
  • Older residents, living alone
  • Concerns around mobility or sensory impairment which may affect ability to escape in a fire (including dementia)
  • Where residents smoke inside the home and are not mobile
  • Previous fires, or near misses
  • A fire setter living in the home
  • Concerns around electrical safety including overloaded sockets or exposed wires
  • Issues of Hoarding or Clutter.
  • When there are fire safety concerns for a Family needing or accessing Early Help, financial hardship or living in a target area / vulnerable adult receiving or in need or care and support.

How To Use The Service

The online referral form can be found here Fire Partner Agency Referral Form, you can fill that in on behalf of a vulnerable person. The form can be used for all referrals as it provides the Fire Service with all of the necessary information to try and progress the request, but you will need the persons consent to do this.

If a person wants to refer themselves, this can be done on the self-referral form which can be found here Fire Self-Referral Form

Or people can complete their own fire safety check on-line if they do not want anyone to come out and visit them, which can be found here Complete your own Safety Check at Home 

If you need to contact the team for advice, you can email them on 

If a referral is not required at this stage and you would like to pull a picture together of whether any other services are sharing your concerns before deciding the best course of action, then please email and they can check their systems for any records they hold.

Please also see the Home Fire Safety Advice leaflet that you can see below.

Find more fire safety advice at or call us on 01604 797000

In an emergency, get out, stay out and call 999.

Fire Safety Advice Leaflet



Download a copy to save or print.

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