Signposts to the Signpost-6: Local History

Local History

History SignpostWoodford Halse has an interesting history stretching back to before Roman times.

There are many ways to find out about our village’s history.

We’ve collected up some stories and pictures from the village’s history on this page (find it under the top menu “Now & Then“)

You can see a map of how the village looked in around 1900, download a short history of the village and find out about Woodford Halse and the railway that ran through the heart of the village until the 1960’s.

Learning More About Our History

You can find out more about the village’s history in the Local History section of the Community Library, or you can find more photographs and historic detail at the Woodford Halse Archive Trust. There is also a History Society in the village which focuses on wider areas of histroic interest.

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful. You can find then under the menu “About This Site“.

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2 thoughts on “Signposts to the Signpost-6: Local History

  1. Mr. Clive Boardman

    Re. the railway photographs in ‘Now & Then’, the shot of fireman Ron Newby and, as the caption seems to imply, driver Tom Pavey on the footplate of the Black 5, the fireman with the knotted handkerchief on his head is definitely Ron Newby but the other gentleman looking out of the cab is not Tom Pavey, who would by this time have been in the top Link and very close to retirement. The other gentleman is probably about the same age as Ron Newby and dressed in civilian clothes with collar and tie, possibly a member of the public ‘cabbing’ the locomotive on this last day of services.

    1. John Williams Post author

      Thanks, Clive. The caption is as I had it from the person that supplied the photo but I certainly agree he looks less like a driver, so you may be right. Perhaps someone knows the details for sure?


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