All The Good Neighbours

I’m sure everyone in Woodford knows about the excellent work done by our local Woodford Halse Good Neighbours scheme, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, but did you know this scheme is also available across the county?

Northamptonshire Good Neighbour Schemes

If you’ve got friends in other parts of Northamptonshire, this brochure gives a list of all the schemes that are up and running so you can help them find their local scheme. OR, if you know somone that would be interested in seetting up a scheme in an area not yet covered, this leaflet has the details of how they can find out more.

Good Neighbours Leaflet- All current schemes (1)

Download the Good Neighbour fact sheet here.

Or you can scan this QR code with your phone* to visit the Good Neighbour map of local schemes:-

Good Neighbour Sceme Map QR Code

*Your phone may need a QR Code Reader app to use this but many modern phones can simply scan the code using this camera.

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