Neighbourhood Plan : The Village Envelope

With all the debate going on about the possible planning application for housing on Pool Farm, I thought it would be  useful to post this. This is the area contained in the village neigbourhood plan known as the “village confines”. Inside this development MAY be permitted if it fits in with the plan and the requirements of the Conservation Areas in Hinton and Woodford (broadly the areas marked in red and pink – they were amended slightly when the Conservation Areas were adopted).

What Does the Plan Say

The Neighbourhood Plan says the following about development outside of that black line (excuse the jargon):-

“New housing development outside of the village confines for Woodford Halse and Hinton as defined in the Policies Map (Figure 2) will only be supported when it is in line with West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Policy R1 or it meets a local need identified through an up to date local housing needs survey. When such a need has been identified such proposals should be:

        1. For affordable housing in response to the local identified need;
        2. Be well related to the existing built form of the village; and
        3. be proposed on a site that has good accessibility to existing facilities and

New affordable housing outside the village confines will be managed in order
that it remains affordable as defined in the NPPF.”

The Village Confines

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village confines

View The Village Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan was voted for in a village referendum in May 2018following a series of consultations and with the support of District Council (then the planning authority).

86% were in favourt of the plan.

You can view the village plan here:- Neighbourhood Development Plan.

You can also view the details of the two village conservation areas.

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