Woodford Halse School Works

Ed Newton, the Head Teacher at Woodford Halse Primary Academy has just posted the following on Facebook. We are reposting it here for those of you that aren’t Facebook users, especially if you are in High Street or Scrivens Hill….

Building Work May Cause Some Inconvenience

woodford halse primary school“We are pleased to announce that our fabulous primary school is having some more work done to help ensure it adds many more years to the existing 154 years of being here in the village. The school is, over the coming three months, having extensive work done on the heating and electrics throughout the school to bring it up to modern standards and be more efficient.

Over the next three months this does mean we may have a slight increase in deliveries of equipment and skips to the school site. We have briefed the contractors on our expectations and hope this slight increase in traffic will not affect school, our neighbours and village life too much.

“We have reminded our own school community to park safely around the village, particularly at school drop off and pick up times and hope we can all use common sense to keep each other safe.

“I hope you are all safe and looking out for one and other and hope we can soon invite visitors back to our site to show off all the fabulous work that is going on.

“Many thanks for your time and understanding.”

Mr Ed Newton

Headteacher, Woodford Halse Primary Academy

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