Woodland Sensory Garden Plans

Community Space On The Bank

One of the aims of the Great Central Woodland Management team is to make the woodland an asset for all in the village. Sensory Gardens can be calming, therapeutic spaces that stimulate the senses of all, as a way of connecting better with nature by appealing to the senses of sound, smell, taste, sight and touch.

As mentioned in the Management Team’s February meeting, the Woodford Halse Kindness Group is hoping to create a sensory garden in the Woodland. They have now started to put their thoughts together on how the garden might be created.Kindness Group logo

The Parish Council is making an area of land available next to the Co-op-Station Road path as this can be made wheelchair accessible.

Here are their first thoughts on the layout of the garden with some notes on the work that the group thinks will be needed to create it.

Sensory Garden Plan

How You Can Help

The Kindness Group are looking for support from the community to help create the garden. They need:-

  • Volunteers to help build it/ plant it.
  • Volunteers to help to recruit support and apply for grants.
  • Donations of money or materials.
  • Sponsors to fund a small section.
  • People/Families/Groups/Businesses to design and plant a small section.

If you can help in any way please contact Geri Rowe email: gerirowe@woodfordcummembris-pc.org


2 thoughts on “Woodland Sensory Garden Plans

  1. Christine Anne Wilson

    J Parker Bulbs sent me an email about one they are doing with Manchester Mind which might be useful.to look up.


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