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Northants Police & Crime Commissioner logoThe Office of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has just published their latest newsletter with details of plans for increased local policing (and increased funding requirements).

You can read the newsletter here  or download a copy. (links to external site)

Alert on Courier Fraud

There has been a spate of Courier Frauds across the County, with suspects purporting to be Police Officers, asking for money or credit cards for ”safekeeping / forensic examination” from vulnerable people.

The Police will never call to seek any payment.

Protect Yourself – What can you do ?

  • DON’T give any money or card details to any person at your front door , or calls/texts/emails you receive.
  • DON’T Let them into your property
  • DO call the Police immediately on 999 if the person is saying they are a Police Officer or other person saying they are an official of a company and asking for money.
  • DO make a note, of their lapel number, the registration of any vehicle that they are using, or if a call or text the telephone number. AND Report to Action Fraud


  • DON’T give your personal details to any person that calls you saying that they are your provider or Bank and want to take you through security. HANG UP
  • DON’T use the call back number they give you – Use a number that you know, on your card/statement.
  • MAKE sure the call from the incoming caller is fully disconnected, before you make any further outgoing calls, if not wait at least 10 minutes or until it has.
  • SPEAK to you providers contact centre or visit a local branch and tell them what has happened.
  • REPORT the incident to ACTION FRAUD – Reporting Fraud and Cyber Crime

courier fraud alert

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