02/21 Woods Committee & PC Agendas

The upcoming Woodland Management Committee will preceded by a Parish Council meeting to consider the proposed grant from HS2 to cover the creation of a safer route to school using a path in the Woodland alongside Byfield Road.  Parish Council will meet at 7:00pm, the Woodland Management meeting will take place immediately afterwardes at 7:30pm.

Here is the agenda for the two meetings on Wednesday 24thFebruary 2021.

Meeting By Video-Conference

Zoom LogoThis meeting will be be held electronically using the Zoom Video Conferencing & Meeting service. Members of the public can also follow the meeting but need to connect to the Zoom service (free of charge). If you wish to listen to the meeting you should contact Councillor Blackwell before the day of the meeting for details of what you need to do on: paulblackwell@woodfordcummembris-pc.org


The Parish Council agenda is on page 1, the Woodland Management agenda is on page 2.


20210224 special full council and central woodland committee agendum


Download the agenda here:-    Parish Council & Woodland Management Meeting Agendas 24/02/2021

Parish Council meetings are open to the public. All are welcome to listen in.

About Your Woodland Management Team

The Great Central Woodland Management Team was set up by the Parish Council to manage the woodland on behalf of the village. Meetings usually take place on the last Wednesday of each month. Details of the Woodland and links to the work of the Woodland Management Team can be found here. Agendas and minutes of meetings and the latest Woodland news  are here.

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