Woodford’s Flood Risk & Plans

Northamptonshire County Council, working with the Parish Council, commissioned a study to highlight the risks of flooding in our community, ways to reduce these risks and to provide a community drainage maintenance plan.  WSP of Bristol undertook the study and presented its findings in September 2018.

This plan is used to guide work done by the Parish Council on maintaining waterways in the community (such as the clearance of the culvert under the old railway bank this year). This is the Flood Alleviation Programme referred to in the Parish Council Strategy.

The plan is being published here in order to make it available to all and has been be added to a Managing Flood Risks page under the Parish Council section of this web site.

The parish already has access to the data from the flood level monitor at the Cherwell Bridge on Station Road. You can view it here or follow it on Twitter to get updates to your own feed instantly.

Howard Burdett is the Parish Councillor who takes the lead on flood risk alleviation for the Council.

View The Plan

WOODFORD-HALSE-Community-Flood-Risk-and-Mitigation-Investigation Sept 2018


You can download the document here (caution, large file: 15.6Mb).

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