COVID-19 Vaccinations & Byfield Surgery

Tracey Rhymer, Practice Manager at Byfield Medical Centre has sent the following notice regarding the Covid-19 vaccination programme….

Initial Inivtations Being Sent

Invitations to have the vaccine have started to be sent out. The over 80 age group are being targeted first, approximately 150 of Byfield patients will be vaccinated per week.

Vaccinations are taking place at Weedon Medical Centre.

Anyone with a known history of severe allergies will not be invited to have the current vaccine.

Please Do NOT Call For An Appointment

Please do not call Byfield Medical Centre asking to book an appointment, text invitations are being sent to those with mobile phones, for those without a mobile calls are being made to the patients landline. This will be a long process.

Each person being vaccinated will have to have two doses, so there will be two separate appointments.

We are hoping that in the future all GP practices will be allowed to vaccinate their own patients but until then patients will have to go to the nearest centre which is at Weedon.

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