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Carl Barton Tells Us About His Role In The Parish

I have been in this role for just under 18 years and have been sponsored by Woodford Halse Parish since 2015. Woodford Halse has a below average crime rate in relation to the population of the village.

PCSO Carl BartonThe PCSO is not a traditional police officer. I do not have the immediate power of arrest although I can detain. I do not carry handcuffs nor do I have a baton or carry pava spray. As a PCSO good communication skills are essential and that also actually helps to keep me safe. By building a rapport with people and treating them with respect, I have found over the years that respect is usually reciprocated.

My role attempts to bring communities together. I cover all aspects of crime prevention and work with the victims of crime. Normally, I would be visiting Woodford Halse Academy, holding regular public surgeries and making house calls to vulnerable people as well as attending community events. Of course, during the pandemic, this has been difficult.

Police officers no longer routinely patrol the village as in the past and therefore this is something that I now undertake. My role also sees me working with both perpetrators and offenders. Building trust with these people gives me a behavioural understanding and allows me to build an intelligence picture around their activities within our community.

My personal commitment ensures that I start and finish from the village as opposed to starting and finishing at the police station. A typical working day for me on a 9-hour shift would be, firstly, to self-brief (approx. taking 1.5 hours) – I check every incident that has been reported in Woodford Halse from when I was last on duty. Some incidents need to be responded to straight away and others are just for my awareness. Incidents such as neighbour disputes can be time consuming as each case needs to be resolved in the appropriate manner. I then check my emails and voicemails to respond to them

The next 5 hours I would normally spend on foot patrol and following up house to house enquires. An example would be if there had been a reported burglary or criminal damage to a property. On a day shift I will do foot patrols in and around the village while visiting businesses and attending the school. Foot patrol is my usual preference as it means I can more easily talk and engage with the community. In the evenings however I would drive a vehicle and centre on the night time economy such as the various food and retail outlets we have in the village. I would also patrol around the businesses we have on the Industrial Estates and visit the hot spot areas looking for ASB.

In summary, I am here to help and support you.

I am contactable by phone on 07557 778004 or email me if you have a concern at carl.barton@northants.pnn.police.uk.



Non-emergency enquiries & concerns: DIAL 101.

On line reporting: Northants Police On-Line Reporting via their Website

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