12/19 Estates Committee Minutes

About Meeting Minutes

Apologies for the delay in publishing these minutes which were approved at the June meeting of the Committee (delayed from March due to the Covid-19 outbreak).

Minutes of the meetings of this committee are approved at the next meeting and are then published here. As a result, minutes are always published at least a month after the meeting concerned.

December 2019 Meeting

Although some aspects of these minutes have been superceded by events, they are included for completeness.  The minutes for the December 2019 meeting, as approved at the June meeting, are available here:-

20191217 minutes from estate comte meeting 17 dec 2019

Download the minutes from here:- 17/12/19 Estates Committee Minutes

The meeting included proposed hire charges for 2020. Details of these are included below:-

20191217 minute appendix Venues hire charges 2020 ver 2

Download the hire charges proposal from here:- 2020 Hire Charges Proposal

We have added a new page to the Signpost where Estates Committee meeting agendas and minutes will be found. It can be reached under the Parish Council menu above or via this link.

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