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New Signpost Facility

We’ve been working on the search facility that allows readers to find content on the Signpost because it didn’t seem to be working correctly.

Small Magnifying GlassWe’ve changed the way the search function on the front page and at the side of pages works. Now it should show any page or post (news item) containing the words entered in the search box. If you search for two or more words the search function will display items that contain either. So, if you search for “parish council” the search engine will show all the pages and posts containing “parish” and all those containing “council” as well as those containing “parish council”.  The front page and side bar search shows only the most recent 50 search items.

If you want more control over your searches, we have added a Search page. You can find it from this link or via the menu at the top under “About This Site”.

The search page allows you to search either in the Signposts’s pages, news items or in the various media files stored on the site. Searches on this page may show up to 500 items as a result. The most recent items are shown first.

We may make a fully customisable search option available at some point in the future if we can work out how to do it. 🙂

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