Accessibility & The Signpost

Last year we posted about our plans to make sure that the Signpost meets the requirements of the Government’s accessibility targets for public sector web sites. (you can read that post here: Access to the Signpost).

Latest Situation

The regulations come into effect in September this year, so at yesterday’s Parish Council meeting, the Signpost Editor provided a report and recommendations on how work on the Signpost should progress.

The Council accepted this and asked the editor to continue, following the guidance provided by the National Association of Local Councils.

As part of this, the site is required to publish an Accessibility Statement in a format determined by the Regulations. That statement is available here:-

Accessibility Statement

It can also be reached via the top menu under About This Site / Acessibility.

Feedback From Those With Access Needs

We would like to get the views of any local residents that have accessibility needs and have experienced dificulty in finding the information they want on the Signpost.

If you have had problems, why not drop a line to us, saying what has been dificult for you and we will try to make sure that we address issues like yours in the future development of the site.

Contact us here:


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