Tips are for “essential rubbish” only

.. and ID will be need to be shown

(Full article in the Daventry Express)

Councillor Jason Smithers, county council cabinet member for highways and place has revealed staff will be checking for “essential rubbish only” when the gates at Northamptonshire’s rubbish tips open next week. And residents will need ID to prove they are not “waste tourists” as the local authority braces itself for a rush to the tips.

He said “We are putting countless measures in place such as one-way systems and reducing the number of vehicles allowed in at one time. If it’s not essential then don’t come because we just want essential waste that can cause hazards to health.

“Police will be patrolling approach roads and we have deployed some of our traffic warden officers to help with the queueing outside because we are expecting to be quite busy.

“Only one person will be allowed out of vehicles and the guys there will not be able to physically help by carrying rubbish as they would normally do.”

“We’re going for a sort of business as usual to start with, but if it does become an issue we will close the centres down for an hour or two hours to clear the backlog and if we go to an online booking system then that is something we will relay via our messaging systems and website.

“Nothing is out of bounds, will do whatever it takes to make sure these centres operate safely.”

The Daventry household waste recycling centres will reopen on Monday (May 18) after closing for eight weeks during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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