New Trees In The Woods

Please Help Them To Survive

Earlier this year the village was given hundreds of new tree saplings by the Woodland Trust to  help improve the diversity of trees in the Woodland.

young trees in the woodland

Local residents helped to plant these out; young plants protected by plastic sleeves to help make sure they survived and thrived.

Sadly, in some places the plastic sleeves have been stripped off and, in others, saplings uprooted. One area, see below, has had all the new trees uprooted.Where new trees have been uprooted

Maybe it’s animals doing this. Maybe it’s just thoughtlessness. Maybe it’s vandalism.

Please, do anything you can to help these young saplings survive by telling kids how important these saplings are, by challenging anyone you see interfering with saplings or by letting the Woodland Management Committee know if you think vandalism is the cause: email the Management Team.


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