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The following was posted on the Byfield Parish Council facebook page today …

Update – Revised application for housing estate and Medical Centre

“A collaborative meeting was held between Byfield Parish Council and Byfield Medical Centre yesterday evening, 16th March 2020. The meeting provided us with an update to the revised planning application for the 78 Houses and Medical Centre in relation to the areas where further detail had been requested by Daventry District Council as a result of January’s planning committee meeting.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Tracey Rymer and Dr. Harvey from the Medical Centre, as well as Councillor Jo Gifford, and we’d like to extend our thanks for their collective time and input.

While there were no formal documents or plans made available to be shared with us during the meeting, it was conveyed to us that there are a number of revisions being made to address key concerns, some of which are listed below:

  1. The proposed Medical Centre will be a single-story building.
  2. Changes to the junction at the fiveways does not include traffic lights, although further details are not available at present.
  3. Pedestrian access through the proposed development to Church Street and Knightley Close as a safer alternative to reach the village amenities than having to use the fiveways roundabout crossings.
  4. Heads of Terms to include the Covenant to ensure the use of land and the building remains available for public use in perpetuity, and that the undeveloped land should always stay as open space.

The next steps as we understand them are that once the Highways proposal has been finalised the revised application will go straight to DDC without the need or opportunity for further consultation. DDC will then make their decision.

Anticipated timings are for this to be reviewed in April, subject to Highways and of course to any delays to the process as a result of Coronavirus.”

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