Mobile Menus

When we changed the Signpost to its current look, the menu system on mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets etc.) changed to displaying all the menu items in one long list hidden behind a menu button.

This didn’t seem very convenient as to find a particular item you needed to scroll down the screen and could easily miss the item being looked for.

A New Mobile Menu System

To solve this, we’ve installed a new menu system for mobile devices.

Now you should see a green bar at the top of the site with the text “Tap for Site Menu” (left picture below).

Tap the icon and you will get a scrollable menu on the left (see right picture below) which should be a bit easier to use.

The menu on your desktop PC or iBook should be unchanged.

Problems? Questions?

Let us know if you find this difficult to use or have any questions:

How It Looks

mobile menu

Mobile menu 2

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