News About The News

Thanks to John Rose who pointed out a problem on the site.

Apparently the Village News Details page – the one that lists out all the news posts with their content – had stopped working. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. Maybe it is just that there are so many posts now on the site – over 2000 – that the WordPress page coding couldn’t cope with it???

NewspapersAnyway, I’ve solved it by replacing that page with another that only posts ten news items per page with links at the bottom of the page to skip forwards or backwards for more. Hopefully that will stop the problem recurring and you will still be able to browse through news items as you want.

Finding News

So now you can find detailed of news items on this page: News Details. It’s available under the Village News menu item at the top of the page.

One problem. It’s not working perfectly – the “Like This” buttons are duplicated and the “Share This” buttons omitted. I will try to fix that in the coming days.

Village News provides an alternative way to get to posts. It lists the titles and date posted of each item, with a link to the whole item with 40 posts per page.

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