Woodland Update

A couple of bits of news from the Woodland team….

Response To Storms Ciara & Dennis.

Following the severe winds between the dates of 07 & 22 February 2020 (including storms Ciara & Dennis) the Woodland team carried out inspections to assess damage.

The storms have caused a number of trees to fall and / or snap (particularly some pines & “frail” older trees).

Inspections have occurred on a regular basis and fallen trees & branches have been cleared from paths (by Paul Blackwell with assistance from Councillor Pat Knight).  We estimate around a dozen trees or large branches affected paths throughout the Woodland.

A further 2 damaged trees have been professionally felled (by Gullivers Tree Solutions) and some small fallen trees blocking the entrance to the Woodland from Kitchen Lane have also been cleared.

Some New Oaks

It’s not all bad news for the trees in the Woodland. Wendy Silverwood kindly donated some young oak saplings to the Woodland. These have now been planted in the Woodland as part of our plan to increase the number of native broad leaf species in the woods.

Station Road New RampStation Road Ramp

As a result of funding made available by the Parish Council, the Woodland team has been able to carry out work to re-profile the path up the bank from Station Road. (see picture)

The resurfacing and lower gradient should make access easier, especially to the Memorial Glade, and the surface should be less muddy in wet weather.

Work was done to conserve the pillar at the end of the bridge retaining wall. The cap stone for the pillar has also been put back in position.



2 thoughts on “Woodland Update

  1. Stuart Hall

    Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU! This used to be a green and pleasant area – full of wildlife and beautiful trees and shrubs. Even though a “brown field” site upon former railway land, it USED to look natural and mature. It USED to be so attractive. What you have done is to totally ruin this woodland! It now looks ugly beyond imagination. You have destroyed the site along with the trees that you have needlessly felled. Please, please, please cease your senseless interference with this site and – perhaps – in ten years it will once again be a local amenity and haven for wildlife. There are relatively few woodlands in the area and so this one does not need your mindless vandalism.

    1. John Williams Post author

      Sorry you feel this way but the work on the woodlands was made necessary by 20 years of neglect that meant trees could not grow properly because of overcrowding. This wasn’t a natural woodland and leaving it alone would never make it so. It was planted (originally as a commercial enterprise) with a density of trees and varieties that need management. You call it “vandalism” but the woodland management team have taken the best advice from the Forestry Commission and others, first to remove diseased and dangerous trees and then to allow others to grow as healthier trees. In the long term that will produce a better environment for both plants and wildlife, and a better amenity for the village.


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