Railway Bridge

Brick Work Needed

Bridge pillarAs part of the work being done to improve the Station Road access to the Woodland, digging has uncovered the base of a plinth (see photo right) that once held a stone cap as part of the retaining wall for the railway bridge.

The brickwork has been buried for over 50 years and is in a pretty sorry state.

The Woodland Management team is looking for a bricklayer who could repair the pillar by resetting the bricks and re-pointing as needed. It looks like about five courses of brickwork are affected. Our contractor will replace the capstone. Ideally we need this work done during this week before the rest of work can be done on the slope of the path.

The aim is to try to re-create the pillar as the twin of the one on the opposite side of the road, re-using the cap stone that was also buried in the rubble of the old embankment. (see below)

existing pillar on south side of station road Here’s a couple of more shots of the pillar and the capstone. If you think that you could do something about this or know of a bricklayer / builder that could, please contact Paul Blackwell on email at paulblackwell@woodfordcummembris-pc.org or by phone on 07872 860540.

pillar in a sorry state

original capstone

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