Charwelton to Hellidon Road

Update on Road Closure – West of A361

County Councillor Robin Brown has provided an update on this road closure which has been in place for some time. It was made necessary due to the structurally unsafe former railway bridge.

Charwelton to Hellidon Road Closed

The current bridge strengthening works [which are the responsibility of developer of the adjacent land] should be completed by the end of February.

At that point County Highways will resurface the road over the bridge for reopening as early as possible in March.

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  1. dave says:

    Re Update on Road Closure – West of A361
    it is quite simple to add 6′ 6″ width barriers either side of the bridge to stop the odd idiot 30 ton trucks and especially the overloaded farm vehicles who seem to think they are entitled to drive anywhere in the countryside. No need for a weigh limit, just width barriers.
    Simple. inexpensive!

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