Byfield Surgery Plans

Come along and give your support….

The Byfield Patients Participation Group is asking for as many as possible to attend the Daventry District Council Planning Meeting on January 15th.

To find out more about what is intended see this post from last year.

Download this poster and encourage others to support…. PPG Jan 15th Poster

Byfield Surgery Campaign

Please come along to Daventry District Council Planning Committee Meeting to show your support for the planning application for a new Medical Centre and 78 houses. The meeting is at 6:15 pm on Wednesday 15th January 2020, at

Daventry District Council

Council Chambers, Lodge Road, Daventry NN11 4FP

The meeting is held in public which means you can attend but are not permitted to speak, however a show of support in numbers may be vital.

Published by the Byfield Patient Participation Group, representing the following villages:

Byfield, Woodford, West Farndon, Eydon, Moreton Pinkney, Canons Ashby, Culworth, Sulgrave, Lower Thorpe Mandeville, Thorpe Mandeville, Chacombe, Wardington, Edgecote, Chipping Warden, Appletree, Aston Le Walls, Lower Boddington, Upper Boddington, Wormleighton, Priors Hardwick, Priors Marston, Hellidon, Upper Catesby, Staverton, Charwelton, Napton, Upper Shuckburgh, Badby, Fawsley, Newnham, Little Everdon, Preston Capes, Adstone, Farthingstone

3 thoughts on “Byfield Surgery Plans

  1. Roger Gledhill

    It’s essential this goes ahead for the welfare of local residents. We are seeing a decline of NHS facilities with the run down of the Horton. If there is any sense of reason in the DDC they must support this application.

  2. John Williams Post author

    I completely agree and I notice that we still don’t have a date for reopening in the Memorial Hall, when it was supposed to “only” have been closed until October 2019.

  3. Linda Hoy

    A local surgery is vital, yes vital for all its patients, it is unthinkable that we may lose it. This includes the Woodford Halse surgery in memorial hall. How on earth can people with no transport be expected to get medical assistance. It is beyond belief that we may lose our surgery. Lives will be lost and unnecessary suffering caused. Linda Hoy


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