Byfield Road Closed 12/01/20

Parish Council has been informed that part of Byfield Road between Furniss Close and Upton Close will be closed on 12/1/20 to allow for a manhole repair to be undertaken.

We do not have timings available yet.

The closure is marked in red and the diversion in blue on the map below…

Road Closure 12/01/20

2 thoughts on “Byfield Road Closed 12/01/20

  1. Lyn White

    Why is the diversion taking vehicles via Byfield Church or up to Eydon, surely there will be access to Membris Way and Phipps Road?

    1. John Williams Post author

      Yes, it seems silly doesn’t it. I suspect it’s because diversions are always signed along a route that ‘has to be suitable for the type of traffic that would normally use the closed section’ and this is usually interpreted to mean if an A road is closed, only use A roads for the diversion and so on. I saw this terrible example in Dorset with a 41 mile diversion to get around a 20 metre road works!!!!!!

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