Conservation Area Meeting

Drop-In Session

If you didn’t get the chance to go along to the drop in session about the proposed Conservation Area in Woodford and Hinton in the Old School Cafe yesterday, here is a short summary of what happens next:-

  1. Daventry District Council will finish the consultation process. This has to be completed by 5:00pm on Monday December 9th. If you have any comments to make on the proposals you can still do so up to that time using the comments form on the DDC web site.
  2. After the consultation is closed, DDC staff will prepare a report noting any suggested changes to the Conservation Area. This will be published as a “Statement of Consultation” and presented to Council sometime in the New Year.
  3. If the Council decide to adopt the proposal the final version will be published and will come into force. This will not be affected by the plans for unitary authorities in Northamptonshire.

This is your last chance to comment. Once this consultation closes the proposals will be finalised without further consultation. There is no public vote on the plan as there was for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Read The Proposals

You can find out more with links to the DDC documents and feedback form in this post on the Signpost.

The Areas Affected

Details of the areas and what the plan means for residents are contained in the Conservation Area plan but this map shows the extent of the area covered by the changes.

Woodford & Hinton Conservation Areas



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