Register for December’s Vote

The Coming General Election

It looks like there will be a General Election for a new Government on December 12th, 2019.

In order to vote you MUST be registered.

Registration is simple. Once you have registered you are eligible to vote in all elections, national and local, as well as in referenda like the one held for our village plan in 2018.

You can register to vote if you are over 16 but you cannot vote before your eighteenth birthday.

How To Register

You can register to vote for free here.

You can also apply for a postal vote or to have someone else vote on your behalf (proxy vote).

Canvassers working on behalf of Daventry District Council are out and about chasing up the voter registration enquiry forms that were sent to households. They may knock your door in the evenings but they do have ID.

Registration Deadlines (To Be Confirmed)

The deadline to register to vote is likely to be at midnight on Thursday 21 November.

The deadline for new postal vote applications, or changes to existing postal votes, is likely to be 5pm on Friday 22 November.

The deadline for receiving new proxy vote applications (not by post) will be 5pm on Friday 29 November.

The deadline for applying for an emergency proxy vote – if you are suddenly ill for example – is 5pm on polling day.

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