Woodland Work

Improving Station Road Access

One of the projects that the Woodland Management Team has been keen to get done is to improve the sloped access up the Bank at the Station Road entrance.

The aim is to reduce the slope in order to make it easier to get to the Memorial Glade and across to the Co-op.

Work is currently going on to change the route of the path up the bank to make the slope gentler.

Please watch out for digging work at the Station Road end of the path.

While this is happening there is a short diversion to the path but this is steeper than the current path – you may prefer to go around by the road until the work is complete.

Station Road Access Work



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2 Responses to Woodland Work

  1. John Williams says:

    The aim is to make a zig-zag across that will make it less.

  2. Charles Herald says:

    The incline is the main problem but I don’t see an answer. For that

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