Suspicious Van Update

Sergeant Sam Dobbs passed on this update regarding Operation Stock earlier today….

Northamptonshire Police Logo“Since circulating concerns yesterday about a white Ford Transit van registration ending VXK liveried ‘Plantation Shutters’ in our villages near to the Warwickshire border, I could not have asked for a better response from the public. The vehicle has been sighted and reported in Naseby, Sibbertoft, Arthingworth, and Kilsby and I have had contact from Coventry too. Within the past 30 minutes, it has been seen by local farmers in Naseby who have contained it until the police arrived. PC Spittlehouse has just informed me that he has seized the vehicle at this time, given the circumstances presented to  him. All the sightings have contributed to those circumstances and I thank all those who have responded so positively to the Neighbourhood Alert system. This goes to show how potent it can be when the public is engaged and assists in lawfully making our area hostile to those whose motives are questionable or unexplained. I repeat that the bona-fide firm known as Plantation Shutters and whose details are still liveried on the van, have no connection with this vehicle as they are no longer the owners for some time now.”

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