Summer 2019 Woodland Work

Tree Felling Will Be Restarting Next Week

We have just been told that our felling contractors, Powell Forestry, expect to be returning to work in the Great Central Woodland next week.

Work will include:-

Clearance of previously felled timber.

Creating another “ride” through the woodland : a break intended to allow remaining trees to grow more strongly.

Thinning trees on the bank adjacent to the Cinder Path and Pig Path.

We do not have exact dates and times yet but we will post details as soon as we do.

Please take care if you are in the woodland; follow warning signs and the directions of our contractors.

Please warn children that it is NOT SAFE for them to play in the woodland during felling operations.

Felled timber is the property of the contractors and is helping to save the village the costs of the felling. Felled timber should not be taken from the Woodland.

Forestry Work Warning Sign

Why is this being done?

Great Central Woodland LogoThis is all part of the work we need to do to manage the Woodland. We are removing some trees so that the others can grow better. The tracks in the woodland are also being widened. This process, called ‟thinning” is part of the long-term Management Plan agreed with the Forestry Commission.

How Has This Been Planned?

This is part of the largest forestry project carried out in the Woodland for twenty years. It involves the removal of around 600 tonnes of timber. The costs of the work are being covered by sale of the timber, which is also returning cash to the Parish’s accounts for the benefit of the village. It will put the Woodland on a sound footing for the next ten years.

All work carried out in the Woodland is done under a Management Plan that has been agreed with the Forestry Commission. The Plan was developed and approved by the Woodland Management Committee. The Commission has provided a felling license that allows this work to be carried out.  For information a copy of the license is available here: Great Central Woodland Felling License.  It refers to “Part 1” this can be found in the Management Plan available here.

What Will The Impact of This Work Be?

Unfortunately, during this work, there will be some inconvenience to those living nearby and to users of the Woodland.

The Woodland Management Committee is working with the contractors to minimise any problems but wishes to apologise for any inconvenience resulting from these essential works.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Woodland Work

  1. A Clarke

    Surely this is right in the middle of the nesting season and couldn’t be timed any worse. I understood that any work was going to be carried out at a time that would have minimal effect on any wildlife?

    1. John Williams Post author

      That has certainly been the aim but apparently this timing has been down to the contractors. I will pass your comments on to the Management Committee.


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