Web Site Security

You may have noticed that your browser shows the Village Signpost as “not secure”.

In the address line of your browser you may see an “!”. Different browsers may show this differently, especially if you access the site from a mobile device.

Do not worry. The Village Signpost is safe to use.

Screen shot of the Not Secure sign for the Signpost

Why Does This Happen?

You receive this warning because the Village Signpost web site does not use a Security “SSL” Certificate. Sites with a security certificate encrypt the data between the site and your browser making them safer to use for applications like shopping or ticket booking. You can recognise such sites by the padlock symbol that appears in your browser address line and by their use of https:// as the first part of their address (the “s” stands for secure).

Screen shot of a secure symbol of a site with an SSL certificate.

The SSL Certificate was introduced to secure things like credit card details or other personal information. We do not collect information apart from as described in our privacy policy but because SSL Certificates are now used so widely, you may be concerned that the Signpost is not safe.

You need not be worried but we want to make sure that everyone has confidence in the security of the site.

What Are We Doing About It?

We are planning to introduce an SSL Certificate on the site shortly. This should not affect your use of the site.

(Thanks to Patricia Darby for drawing our attention to this problem. We are always happy to hear of any difficulties that you are having with the Signpost. You can contact us here: signposteditor@woodfordcummembris-pc.org)


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